Are You Kidding Me? That Would Never Happen in Real Life

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Fiction is not real-life; we know this and we know this well. But sometimes fictional characters are just so predictably ridiculous in the unrealistic way they live their lives or the way events play out that it completely takes us out of the experience. Here are some of the most unrealistic things fictional characters do.

Married to Their Jobs
Is it just me or is it true that when work is over people want to get the fuck out of there? Well, not so much on TV. Characters are either slackers that can’t hold a job or they work day and night and have no life whatsoever outside of work because they choose not to.

Biggest offenders: ER, CSI

CSI Miami
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  • AussieCryptoCurrency

    Or the annual “locked in a room with the person they don’t get along with”, the annual “remember when X did Y? “.
    Also, lawyers, cops, CSI, Big Bang Theory brains…. None ever have paperwork.

  • Robert Dean

    I don’t see what’s wrong with someone sacrificing themselves. Complaining that it’s overdone is one thing, but people can be equally selfless as selfish.

  • ScooterGirl

    How about they almost always face death with dignity and courage, particularly when they’re given a fatal disease? There’s always a brief “why me?” period followed by the inevitable acceptance when in real life it’s usually “why me?” right up until the very end.

  • Jay Dub

    You hit the button on TWD (my favorite show) and pretty much every apocalyptic movie! Everyone is not as dirty as they should be. The “don’t speak up” happens in real life. I saw the price of a very small/1 bedroom apartment on my second-ever NYC visit in Manhattan; it was double our mortgage!

  • Marigen Beltran

    I used to watch CSI Miami, and the characters did have lives but it was rarely shown…dont remember seeing their homes much either. What little was shown was because it had something to do with the story.

  • David

    The Doctor gets over companions to quickly. That’s what I don’t like about Doctor Who. Spoilers: He didn’t even remember Madame de Pompadeour, the woman he fell in love with in a matter of minutes. Also, in real life, companions would probably die on the first trip

    • Bob Redmund Bro

      Not really, especially not Rose or Amy. As with the others, well, I personally thought he held in his emotions or mourned off screen, since there’s usually long breaks in between companions.

  • ObJoeB

    Monica’s & Rachel’s apartment was originally Monica’s grandmother’s apartment and she moved down to Florida like every other old new yorker does. Monica stayed in the apartment, subletting it from her. That was covered early in the series.

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