Police Accidentally Kill “Cops” Crewman During Shootout

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    A sound engineer for Cops identified as Bryce Dion was killed during an incident that took place in Omaha, Nebraska. Police officers responded to a fast food restaurant where they thought they found a dangerous criminal with a gun. Tragically, when the officers opened fire on suspect, at least one bullet accidentally strike the crewman for the television show.

    (Don’t miss the 9 pictures of him in the gallery below!)

    A couple hours later, authorities admitted that it was a case of friendly fire. Moreover, the suspect was actually carrying a fake gun. All around, this was simply a terrible accident.

    While many are debating how it happened, let’s take a moment to send our condolences to Bryce Dion’s loved ones. Regardless of the circumstances, this is a sad story. Originally from Lawrence, Massachusetts, he had recently been living in Santa Monica, California.

    As a fan of Cops, I hope that this doesn’t cause the show to be canceled or drastically altered. A few more safety precautions are okay but the realness of the footage is why the show is worth watching — so let’s hope that isn’t messed with.

    Here are the aforementioned images. To see the entire album, hit the right arrow:

    Bryce Dion

    Filming Cops

    At work






    With family


    (source: facebook.com)

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