Brother and Sister in Georgia Arrested After Banging

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    Outside of a church in Georgia, Christopher Buckner and Timothy Savoy slept with each other. Why is this a notable event? This loving duo are brother and sister. After police stumbled upon the couple, they were locked up and charged with crimes relating to incest.

    (Look below for 9 pictures of these naughty siblings.)

    Timothy Savoy and Christopher Buckner admitted that they watched The Notebook together — and then things got hot and heavy. Not only did they sleep together, they did the deed three times!

    He’s from the city of Jackson, while she’s from Guyton. Let’s hope that they learn to stay away from each other now. Not only is it gross, it’s illegal. Yes, even in the South.

    And let this be a lesson to others: Never watch The Notebook with siblings.

    Without further ado, here are the images mentioned above. Hit the right arrow in order to see everything:

    Christopher Buckner

    Timothy Savoy

    Headphones on


    Tongue out

    At the park


    Mug shot




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      • Samantha Lynn

        They already look inbred so it must run in the family.

      • Mike

        I would love to bang this girl. Not even kidding.

      • Dave Mills

        Barrrrrrrrrfffff ! The charges are “For Crimes Against Nature”…

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