Twitter Reactions to Alleged Photos of Model Ali Michael

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    The latest person to shoot to stardom after after apparently getting hacked is Ali Michael. The 24-year-old model allegedly had a number of pictures get leaked on 4chan after someone got into her iCloud account. As of right now, she hasn’t confirmed or denied that it’s her — so keep that in mind.

    In the gallery below, dedicated (and new) fans of Ali Michael react to seeing these nude photos that are allegedly of her. When this scandal blows over, let’s hope this actually helps her career — if it is Ali, of course. I think that it would, hypothetically.

    The long list of celebrities that were allegedly hacked includes Jennifer Lawrence, Becca Tobin and Kate Upton — so it’s not a small honor for Ali Michael to be on the list.

    Ali Michael - A Work of Art

    Ali or Al?

    Ali Michael Hacked Photos

    Ali Michael Photos Leaked

    Ali Michael Nude Photos Leaked

    Ali Michael - Hacking Victim?

    Model Ali Michael

    Sexy Model Ali Michael

    Hacking Scandal - Ali Michael

    Ali Michael Nude Photos Allegedly Hacked



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