Was Aussie Hottie Teresa Palmer Also Hacked?

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Aussie actress and model Teresa Palmer is just one of the many, many celebrities that were apparently victim to an iCloud hacking when alleged nude photos of Palmer were published on 4chan. The 30 photos appeared to be of the 28-year-old blue-eyed beauty along with her ex Scott Speedman. Palmer is currently married to Mark Webber and the couple have a baby son who was born in February.

Be sure to check out the Twitter reactions to the alleged nude picture of Palmer in the gallery below.

Teresa Palmer is also the new face for Paspaley pearls. Take a look at the new videoeditorial for the company below. She looks beautiful, though a lot like Kristen Stewart now that she has darker hair.


We haven’t yet been able to confirm that the hacked images that were posted on 4chan are of Teresa Palmer. However, they do very much look like her. She looks amazing and has nothing to feel embarrassed about. Other celebrities involved in this scandal include Jennifer Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Click on the right arrow to check out the entire gallery of reactions to the photos.

Teresa Palmer - Hacked?

Teresa Palmer Photos Leaked?

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer Nude Photos

4chan Posts Hacked Photos

Teresa Palmer Nudes Released

Teresa Palmer - Celebrities Hacked

Australian Model-Actress Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer Looks Like Kristen Stewart


(source: Twitter)

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