Here’s a Good Example of Why All Teachers Should Learn Judo

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As you will see in this video, today’s world calls for teachers to know how to defend themselves. If this teacher didn’t know judo, he would have been in trouble. Thankfully, due to his training in martial arts, he was able to quickly and safely put an end to this brouhaha.

The stupidest part of the tape is the end when the onlookers are questioning why the teacher slammed the out of control student to the floor. Did they miss her beating on him? Did they not realize she wasn’t calming down at all?

This teacher’s use of judo was perfect. He first tried to calm her down by other means but when it was clear she wasn’t going to simmer, he got her in a hold that made sure she wasn’t going to hurt him, herself or anyone else.

Well done, teach.

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