DDOS Attack on #GamerGate Wiki

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It all started when an angry ex-boyfriend of independent game developer Zoe Quinn decided to slam her on the internet. Among his many allegations was the accusation that Quinn slept with a gaming journalist at Kotaku who provided publicity and favorable coverage for her game Depression Quest. From there, things exploded into what will forever be known as #GamerGate. It was no longer just a Zoe Quinn controversy. With talks of collusion and cronyism in gaming journalism and misogyny and bigotry in the gaming community, it became a controversy that was affecting the entire industry.

From trolling and flame wars to hacking and alleged death threats, #GamerGate has been the hottest topic in gaming for the past few weeks. Reddit, 4chan, Twitter and just about every gaming community has been ablaze with #GamerGate. While more than a few gaming sites have claimed gamers are “over” or “dead,” The Escapist published a strong piece with a different viewpoint about The State of Gaming that’s definitely worth reading.

Some people came to Quinn’s defense, including game designer Phil Fish. The result? His site allegedly got hacked and he got doxxed — exposing all his personal data including his Social Security number. Fish decided to leave the industry, and so have several others.

Also among those sites that have gotten hacked or attacked is the #GamerGate Wiki.

When #GamerGate broke, a MediaWiki was created to help centralize information, document the scandal and “expose” gaming journalism. Around 12:00 a.m. on September 11, there was a coordinated, persistent DDoS attack launched with the registration of nearly a thousand bot accounts. Fortunately with some quick action, the wiki was locked down before anything serious could happen. Unfortunately because MediaWiki doesn’t have the tools for mass account deletion, registration (and edits) on the wiki remain shut down until the owner has an opportunity to remove the spam accounts by hand (or create a script to do it).

It’s worth mentioning that the owner of the wiki was also the user in IRC who was misquoted by Zoe Quinn and accused of bringing in ‘Alec Baldwin’ (she apparently confused him with Adam Baldwin, who has retweeted screenshots of the bot registrations).

So, who launched that attack on the #GamerGate Wiki? Was it really the opposition or was it just another legion of trolls trying to stir up more trouble. At this point, no one knows but what we do know is it seems #GamerGate is far from over.

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