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EveryJoe’s publisher, Alexander Macris, spoke with actor and conservative Adam Baldwin on #GamerGate, Thomas Sowell, political philosophy, and his next project, Ranger!

Adam Baldwin - GamerGate
Source: WENN

EveryJoe: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me today. I really appreciate it. Though I never would have expected a crisis in game journalism to end up leading to an interview with you!

Adam Baldwin: Well, this controversy has been going on for years in the regular press, so it doesn’t surprise me that it’s going on in game journalism now as well.

EveryJoe: Let’s talk about the controversy. You were the creator of the #GamerGate hashtag, which is now the most-discussed topic in video games on Twitter. How did you come up with #GamerGate?

Adam: I just put a hashtag on a tweet when I saw a couple of videos. I had no intention of creating a hashtag movement or anything like that. I just thought of it as Watergate Jr. I’m not really the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to gamer journalism or even games in general. But the people that took up the mantle have been experiencing social justice warfare, and they’re sick of it, and they’re speaking up. And obviously the social justice warriors are angry and lashing back.

EveryJoe: How do you feel about the direction of the GamerGate movement that you helped create? Is it moving in the right direction? Is it a positive force?

Adam: I think any sunlight shed on journalistic ethics is positive. In any large movement there are going to be jerks, and you have to put that out as a disclaimer with anything you talk about. There’s always going to be some jerks! But the jerks aren’t the driving forces of what GamerGate is all about.

GamerGate all would have been over within a day or two had the game journalists just said “You know what? You’re right. We’re going to change our policies.” At your Escapist Magazine, you guys did that, you had some introspection — “we need to set up some policies so people know where we are coming from” — and that’s a good thing. It gives the others, Gamasutra and Kotaku and the other ones that refused to do it, an example. If they had just done that, it would have been over immediately.

EveryJoe: Why didn’t they? Why didn’t the other sites do that?

Adam: In the educational programs, in elementary schools, in colleges, they teach a curriculum of being “change agents.” They teach you to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” So you get these game journalists, journalists in general, who want to change the world by invoking social justice, which really just means “have the government be bigger, take more money from people, and institute fairness quotas”— or whatever the hell they define fairness as that day! But that’s what they’re doing, and they’re caught out, and they don’t like it. They don’t like sunlight.

EveryJoe: So you would say GamerGate is absolutely part of a larger struggle going on, between those pursuing this kind of agenda and increasing statism, and those trying to shed light on what’s happening?

Adam: Yes, absolutely. It’s been fascinating to watch how quickly gamers caught onto it. I think they may have been already subconsciously or moderately consciously aware of the rhetoric and the jargon of the social justice platform agenda, but this has brought it to light. They’re very quick learners, gamers are. And because they want to win the game — and Twitter is a word game, it’s “Words with Frenemies” — they’re going to do their best to win the word game. The way you learn that is you learn the jargon. It’s great that it’s out there. Gamers have spread the information far and wide. They may not have been necessarily aware of it before, but they are now, and they always will be from now on.

EveryJoe: I recently saw a tweet came down my stream: “Ever since GamerGate started, I’ve been forced to completely reconsider what it means to be a left-leaning liberal.” So it’s causing second thoughts.

Adam: Yeah, second thoughts are best! There was a famous former Marxist who met with Ronald Reagan. Reagan shook his hand and said to him, “You know, I had second thoughts before you did.”

EveryJoe: Right. Reagan himself was a liberal earlier in his career.

Adam: I was too, until I started reading more. It was just because my parents were McGovern voters. I was a young “brain-dead liberal” as [David] Mamet called it… I call it being a default liberal. Fortunately my parents were teachers, and they made me curious, and I just started reading more, and I was able to challenge my own way of thinking.

EveryJoe: Any particular books that shifted you?

Adam: The two best books I could recommend are not easy reads. Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles is one. The other book, David Horowitz’s, is an essay compilation, called Left Illusions. That’s also a great one. And anything by Victor Davis Hanson is terrific.

EveryJoe: Conflict of Visions is an amazing book. I read that. Shortly thereafter I read Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature, where he talks about all of the accumulated scientific evidence for human nature. It just feeds right back into the argument that Thomas Sowell is making — that there are constraints on human nature, and that with politics being the art of the possible, one has to be conservative about what you can accomplish.

Adam: Yes. Man is not perfectible. But I think that the anti-GamerGaters believe that man is perfectible— but perfectible only to the degree that he agrees with their politics. “If you disagree with my political platform, then you hate women, or you’re a homophobe, or you’re a…” fill in the blank from any anti-GamerGate cliché. That’s their game. They want to shut up dissent. I stand against that.

EveryJoe: Right. And you have. You’ve been fairly active politically for a while. On Twitter you described yourself as a “constitutional conservative.” Can you elaborate on that?

Adam: Well, I believe that the US Constitution is probably the most moderate of political documents. It’s right there in the center of humanity, right where individual freedom lies — so if I’m a constitutional conservative then I’m a political moderate.

EveryJoe: Moderate or not, conservatives like you seem to get demonized a lot, especially in entertainment. Have you ever felt that heat yourself in your career?

Adam: It’s been negligible. You know the doctrine “not evil, just wrong”? That’s how my friends and I approach it. We disagree with each other, we argue about stuff, but we don’t sling mud. In Hollywood people are smart. The most creative, most talented people, those who rise to the top — they are smart people and they tend to be more libertarian. Obviously there are some outspoken liberals in Hollywood, but there are some outspoken conservatives as well. You don’t hear them as much because the conservative nature is “put your head down, keep grinding and let the chips fall.” They’re not trying to change the world, they’re not eager to change, they just want to — as William F Buckley said — “stand athwart history yelling ‘Stop!’”

Now I do get some people who say “I’ll never watch Firefly again, because you’re a conservative, Adam.” I see that on Twitter almost daily, and I just have to laugh, “Well then, who are you hurting with that?” But of course it really means “Adam, shut up!”

EveryJoe: Right. I’ve heard people say the same thing about Ender’s Game. They won’t read the book because they don’t like Orson Scott Card’s politics.

Adam: Yeah, the “tolerant crowd” is not really that tolerant. They’re only tolerant if you agree with them, because they’re determined to save the world and recreate it in their own image, and if you stand in the way, then you must be destroyed. That’s why they employ so many ad hominem attacks, just to destroy your personality or your personhood. It’s almost like a cult religion.

EveryJoe: Thomas Sowell talks about that a little bit actually. He says the conservatives end up viewing the left wing as naïve, but the left wing ends up viewing the conservatives as evil.

Adam: That’s correct. Whereas I say “not evil, just wrong.” Although there are limits to that, too. If the government gets too big then it does become evil. It becomes an unstoppable force. I think it was in Heaven On Earth, by Josh Muravchik, where he quotes — I forget who — basically, “Socialism: If you build it, they will leave.”

EveryJoe: Therefore it must build an Iron Curtain to keep them in.

Adam: Right!

EveryJoe: Does it worry you to be called evil by the game journalist community?

Adam: Honestly, no. The gaming community didn’t make me, and it can’t break me. It’s kind of an advantage for me that I’m only tangentially part of the gaming community. I’ve done some voice work, but I’m not reliant on it. So the threats, the doxing, all that stuff, that doesn’t scare me. “These punks don’t scare me!”

EveryJoe: So you don’t think their reach is as large as they think it is at the end of the day?

Adam: No, they are in an echo chamber. It’s kind of hilarious to watch it. Frankly, I’ve suffered these attacks before, and it was really taxing. But these guys, they’re not as clever as they think they are. The true political guys in Washington who I’ve dueled with on Twitter are way smarter. The game press, they don’t compare… Come on guys, step up your game!

EveryJoe: John C. Wright called such folks “an embarrassment to the forces of evil.”

Adam: (laughs) They are. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I know left wing jargon when I see it.

EveryJoe: Says the man who’s quoting Thomas Sowell’s Conflict of Visions. But all right. I’ll accept your false humility.

Adam: I didn’t write it, I just read it.

EveryJoe: Yeah. Speaking of which have you ever thought about writing a book or entering politics directly?

Adam: No, no, no. God no! I wouldn’t want to take the pay cut!

EveryJoe: (laughs) Ok. So what should we expect to see from you next then?

Adam: I can give you a brief glimpse of a project that I’m working on called Ranger. Nathan Edmondson and I have created this. It’s a cool, dark, drama, an action-adventure through the jungles of alien planets.

EveryJoe: Is it a graphic novel or a series?

Adam: We intend it to be a series of graphic novels. Where it goes, at this point we don’t know, but that’s our intent. It’s finished, the coloring is done, the lettering is done, and we just have to print it up and send it out. Dark Horse, at this point, seems to be on board; they love the project. Who knows what this will turn into?

EveryJoe: That is a question I ask myself every day. Thanks for spending so much time with us, Adam. Anything you want to close with?

Adam: Just that I believe that gamers are programmed to win, and I’m glad they’re winning this word game, this war of words. Keep it up!

EveryJoe thanks Mr. Baldwin for speaking with us!

Get a glimpse of Ranger in the video below…

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  • http://eclectickle.wordpress.com/ Angelo Barovier

    Not a fan of Adam’s politics or, more specifically, the tone of expression of those politics but I can’t imagine marginalizing his work simply because of it. Adam Baldwin is an ornery cuss (who isn’t above antagonism and reductiveness) but his presence on Twitter does spur some fascinating discussions.

    He’s right about one thing: echo chambers suck.

    • mikey

      I totally agree.

    • Brit Bong

      I don’t agree with a number of his stances, but I love the way in which he makes his points and the fact he won’t demonize you for disagreeing with him. “Not evil, just wrong”, as he says.

    • Matty

      I don’t really know his stance other than “conservative”, which doesn’t tell me a whole lot.

    • Bastion

      He said some key phrases in this article: Constitutional conservative, political moderate, libertarian.

      He’s not a talking-point robot “Tea Partier”, he’s a Libertarian (and, seemingly, not like some of the “kookier” ones).

      Actually, he sounds similar to my leanings, which I call Republitarian, and define as: 50% fiscal conservative, 50% social liberal, and 100% non-interventionist. That’s 200% American! ;-)

      And when I say “social liberal”, that’s not the “save the world” kind of liberal he talks about: I mean it in the Libertarian sort of way: people should be free to pursue their own happiness, free of government intervention, and free from societal repression (i.e. civil rights) — and if it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s none of your damn business (i.e. don’t attach your mysticism morals to civil matters).

    • Dm Gray

      I’d agree with your analysis, and I’d label myself a pragmatic socialist.
      We might not be able to save the world, or change human nature (and socialism may propose to try the former, but doesn’t espouse the latter)
      I like Baldwin, and I like his “wrong but not evil” way of thinking, even if I believe he’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater. “wrong not evil” indeed ^^

      Now, some of the nastier right wing/conservative types DO use “left” “leftism” and similar as insults and to label people as evil.
      I think they are exactly the same kinds of people as the SJW, they just find themselves on a different part of the political spectrum.

      Left-libertarians can fall within the umbrella of both Marxism and socialism (as well as outside of both) and plenty of conservative/right wing ideologies LOVE big government.

      I think what I appreciate most is #gamergate is SO broad and diverse it contained *genuine* political enemies… all under one roof on the same side.
      That is how “politics” should work.
      Party lines be damned. When we agree, we should work together on what we agree on.

  • Nunya Bidness

    Funny to hear him downplay his intelligence. If you’ve followed his Twitter debates you know the man’s as bright as they come and more than a match for the libtrolls.

    • 97E

      “more than a match for the libtrolls” isn’t really saying much. But yes, he is very intelligent. I have a friend in Hollyweird who knows the guy as well as some other conservative actors like Gary Sinise.

      I keep telling him that I am going to visit him sometime soon and that I want to meet some of his friends.

    • http://www.appleoutsider.de/ AppleOutsider.de – Sebastian P

      I am having a real hard time following you – I read his feed around the time he defended the owners of Chick-Fil-A and started arguing with him on Twitter. Right around the point where he in no uncertain terms told me that god hath given Americans their rights, to do whatever they want, I left the discussio.

      Because that, my friend, is the very definition of bigotry. To call upon the “creator” in the constitution having given you the right to pursue your happiness in making the life of others miserable.

      I don’t know if that is your definition of “intelligence”. It’s the very core of GamerGate. Screw the categorical imperative, how dare the media call us priviliged white males misogynists etc.

      As a white male it makes me sick. Sure, those gaming magazines need some ethical standards, but Baldwin calling them on there shenanigans is the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Hal Gailey

      1. That is NOT the definition of bigotry

      2. Whether you say they’re from “God”, you follow the NAP, or came to it through some other logical philosophy, the point being made is that rights are innate to the individual. (Constitutionally, as most people seem to miss, we are granted NO RIGHTS the government is merely informed WHICH RIGHTS, we all gold naturally, it should never seek to limit or infringe) And those rights dictate what is and is not a moral action. No matter how you may feel, every person is free to live their life and exercise their rights however they see fit up until their exercise breaches the rights of another.

      As for GamerGate, I’m not sure why anyone was surprised gaming journalism was just about as bent as every other form of modern journalism, and while its very necessary to work towards change, the moral way to enact change is to vote with your money and patronage, not try to use violence by proxy to see the status quo mirror your opinion over someone else’s

    • http://www.appleoutsider.de/ AppleOutsider.de – Sebastian P

      You’rd right on both points. It’s bigoted to prevent the constitution like that, not the definition of bigotry.

      Bigotry is a state of mind where a person strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc.

      We regret the error.

  • Guest


  • http://www.writingabouttech.com/ Silellak

    Adam Baldwin: “What hard evidence is there that Obama doesn’t want ebola in America?”

    *sighs, throws up hands, and walks away*

    Source: https://twitter.com/AdamBaldwin/status/518293964571418624

    • Jess

      That was in direct response to Devin Faraci asking what hard evidence there was that Adam doesn’t jack goats off into his mouth. ._.

      Edit: And Leigh Alexander agreeing with him, she’s THAT mature and professional. :3

      I now present to you the exhibit A to your exhibit B: https://twitter.com/radiatastories/status/518484592009830401

    • Brian Mardiney

      Yikes…context matters people!

    • Jake Kale

      See, this kind of shit is exactly the problem – cherry picking quotes without context. It’s fucking underhanded, and you damn well know it! Signed, a wet liberal atheist.

    • Matty

      It’s one of the core tactics of intellectually bankrupt activists

    • Guy

      And then we have the further reply below with a time stamp to further establish context. Delicious irony

    • Jake Kale

      Fair enough, I’ll own that. I should’ve checked, and yes, that was a bloody stupid tweet. Faraci and Alexander have no high ground there, however.

    • BlakeA5

      They kind of do, though. Baldwin spread political fearmongering, and they mocked him for it. Really not remotely the same.

      Also, it’s tired. It’s Glenn Beck circa 2009. If even someone as moronic as Glenn Beck can be taught (by the same type of mockery, by the way–”Did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990?”), why is someone supposedly intelligent like Baldwin descending to it?

    • Jake Kale

      I wasn’t referring to these tweets specifically. More Faraci’s “Gamers are worse than ISIS” comments and Alexander’s “I destroyed a woman’s career” and “hood rat” remarks.

    • BlakeA5

      Ah, thanks; I wasn’t aware of those. That sounds pretty foul all right.

    • IneffectualOrdnance

      I’m all for context; and the time-stamps indicate that Faraci’s tweet was in response.


    • Jess

      I stand corrected! I still think Faraci and friends are morons, nonetheless.

    • http://eclectickle.wordpress.com/ Angelo Barovier

      You may want to correct your comment, too.

    • Jess

      So the comment string makes no sense? :/

    • http://eclectickle.wordpress.com/ Angelo Barovier

      You can edit it just fine with the errata within it or with an explanation of what was there and why it was removed.

      It’s your call but personally I’d take every step to reduce the chance of misinformation instead of relying on people to read through the entire thread. People are lazy, distracted, or inattentive often enough. Some are even malicious enough to do something like screencap your comment, creatively crop out what followed, and present it as ‘evidence’ somewhere on Tumblr.

      IMO, reduction of potential misinformation is a more important than comment string integrity.

    • Jess

      True enough.

  • tyler42

    I consider myself a “liberal” but I’m also a gamer and #gamergate has given me pause to reconsider my politics.

    Corruption in the gaming media had been suspected for years; there was the Kane and Lynch fiasco in 2007, several examples of “payola” and kickbacks, and there was clear collusion between journalists, developers and publishers. None of that truly got enough traction to start a revolt.

    But the event that blew the powder keg started about two years ago. These journalists started pushing a social agenda. “Sex in games is bad and gamers should feel bad for enjoying them”. There was this preachy, condescending rhetoric; e.g. if you didn’t start buying games that also appealed to women, it meant you were a bad person.

    So when it was discovered these same condescending journalists had been receiving sexual favours from female developers and female publishers *for years* in exchange for favourable reviews, favourable comments, and favourable awards, the powder keg finally exploded.

    That’s the bit that gave me pause for thought. If the inevitable outcome of supporting social equality is what we’ve now seen from the gaming press, well it honestly makes me think I’ve been wrong all this time.

    I haven’t quite turned conservative yet. But I’m going to distance myself from anyone who wants to pervert games to suit their social agendas. #gamergate has shown they can be morally bereft scumbags when it suits them.

    PS: thank you Mr Baldwin. I don’t agree with your politics, but I reckon you’re an OK dude and you’ve done great things.

    • Felix Ray

      >>So when it was discovered these same condescending journalists had been
      receiving sexual favours from female developers and female publishers
      *for years* in exchange for favourable reviews, favourable comments, and
      favourable awards, the powder keg finally exploded.

      Isn’t this just speculation and rumor? Link to proof, please.

    • SiliconNooB

      Three cheers for based Baldwin!

    • Chuck Finley

      tyler42 – don’t let others define what it means to be “liberal”. To me liberal is open-minded, caring, compassionate, and support people being able to make their own decisions in life whether that’s getting an abortion or getting gay married – regardless of whether you personally believe in those things. As a liberal, I watch porn, I play violent video games, and back in the day I used to enjoy Married With Children even though Al and Peg kind of treated each other like crap. Anyways point is – being liberal does not mean being politically correct or in any way supporting censorship – and just because others do it and claim to be liberal doesn’t make them right. There is nothing wrong with social equality and I see it as a positive goal – it’s just that we need to go about achieving it the right way, in a well thought out way, and not one that is based on lies or trying to harm others. Besides, I’ve seen what the conservative philosophy does to people – the fear, intolerance, and hatred it breeds – preying on people’s religious beliefs and patriotism – I could never be like that, and I don’t think you want to be either. Adam’s a great actor, but like others have said – he’s a bit of a dick.

    • tyler42

      Sorry, after that hideous response from Jon Stone there’s little doubt in my mind that fear, intolerance and hatred are traits that aren’t limited to conservatives. If that’s a liberal, I don’t want to be liberal.

    • Chuck Finley

      well if your beliefs can be that easily changed – by the actions of just a few in a vocal minority who “claim” to be liberal – then you probably are not a liberal. you COULD take liberal back and show them what it means to be liberal – or you could be a cowardly conservative and run away – your choice. fuck Jon Stone why do you care what he says?

    • BlakeA5

      That’s your idea of a “hideous response”? And you read fear, intolerance and hatred into it? My god, you’ve got a thin skin, and not much of a moral compass.

    • thegodemperor

      This is true.

    • Jon Stone

      So essentially, you considered yourself a liberal as long as that meant you got to be a self-righteous good guy about things you have nothing to do with, but as soon as being a liberal meant a little self-examination and taking of responsibility, you considered defecting to “I’m all right, Jack” conservative territory.

      It’s been stressed so many times, but no one is saying “Sex in games is bad”, no one has said playing games with misogyny in them makes you a bad person, and no one has been ‘receiving sexual favours’ in exchange for reviews – that last one is the crudest kind of harmful exaggeration. All that’s happened is that an increasing number of people in games journalism have worked out that it’s a good thing to join the rest of the world in calling out and examining tropes that demean women, and to ask for greater diversity in the art form they cover.

      No one has said you have to stop playing Whore Killer 2000 and pick up Quiet Lesbian Melodrama 2 – you’ve just decided that because a bunch of games critics say that they actually quite like Quiet Lesbian Melodrama 2 and actually find Whore Killer 2000 quite repugnant, they’ve somehow betrayed you and your interests and deserve to be punished.

      I’d take a look at your own moral position if I were you. The only people I see calling for censorship are Gamergate. They essentially want to get people fired and to destroy entire sites (which they don’t even read) just because people are writing opinions they disagree with.

    • tyler42

      Lol, I aligned myself with liberal ideals when I thought it meant equality in both opportunity and treatment regardless of sex, race or religion.

      I distance myself from those some ideals now because I realise it leads to authoritarianism and vindictive behaviour.

      As you have so perfectly demonstrated.

    • http://eclectickle.wordpress.com/ Angelo Barovier

      Pray tell, where is the perfect demonstration of (1) authoritarianism and (2) vindictiveness?

      Please cite passages and expound on content or context as necessary, to demonstrate these two qualities in Jon Stone’s post, in order to help me see where those assessments apply.

      As well, I’d love to see more about the ‘condescending journalists’ who pushed an agenda while receiving sexual favours, if you have that on-hand. I’m just trying to understand the situation further.

    • Jon Stone

      See, it sounds to me like you live in a world where “equality in both opportunity and treatment” means you personally not having to bother thinking about anything as long as you feel safe and in the right, and “authoritarianism and vindictive behaviour” means you personally (or by association) being criticised for having a lazy and unjustifiable attitude.

      You talk the liberal talk, but you don’t walk the walk.

    • thegodemperor

      That is what true liberalism is about (and no, true liberalism never leads to Authoritarianism…), don’t let idiots who CLAIM to be liberals, but really aren’t (Because they are ignorant or whatnot) skew your ideals of the word.

      It’s like how the Soviet Union or China claimed to be communist, they were in NO WAY communist by any real definition of what is communism. They didn’t meet Marx’ ideals of communism at all. They were totalitarianism using the term “communism” to hide this. The same as Mussolini or Hitler claiming to be Socialists and for the people when really they were fascists. People lie about what they are all the time to deceive others to their personal cause under the label of a cause a group can get behind.

    • http://eclectickle.wordpress.com/ Angelo Barovier

      “So essentially, you considered yourself a liberal as long as that meant you got to be a self-righteous good guy about things you have nothing to do with, but as soon as being a liberal meant a little self-examination and taking of responsibility, you considered defecting to “I’m all right, Jack” conservative territory.”

      Isn’t this a bit presumptive in terms of motive? People are often complex and can hold opinions or ideals which don’t fit neatly into popular definitions (like ‘liberal’). The interpretation isn’t even framed as a question but a pronouncement of fact.

      Not that I disagree overall, but the quote section does seem a bit of a guess, no matter how educated, which comes across as prejudicial, IMO.

    • gigan

      Eh. Honestly, the “destruction” of sites is more or less because they decided to remain corrupt even when we showered them with conflicts of interests. What do you do when you see corruption? You either shut your mouth in the name of free speech, or you do something about it.

      It’s like Adam himself said. It’s one thing to have an OPINION that you disagree with, and it’s another to have an opinion based on lies and falsehoods, and cling to them even when they’re proven to be wrong.

      Person 1: You don’t need to drink water to survive.
      Person 2: Yes, you do, that’s a fact.
      Person 1: Well that’s just my opinion man.

  • Jess

    Anti-#Gamergate rely on “You are an x-ist and/or your political leaning is y, your argument is invalid”.

    Nice try, but no. :)

    • BlakeA5

      That’s not even sort of what they “rely on.”


  • Kyle W

    Perhaps they’re not as smart as the mainstream, but they seem to have a reach way beyond what one would expect. Not only do they have most of the games media controlled (banning & deleting all contrary views), but they have deleted over 25,000 comments on Reddit, as well as tightly controlling discussion there, have managed to create a highly biased Wikipedia article, caused all #Gamergate discussion on 4chan to be forbidden! (That alone is a huge thing) They have also created a number of bots to block a great deal of Twitter traffic, DDoS’d the Escapist a few weeks ago, caused a number of website’s pages to disappear, Doxxed & hacked a great many private accounts, including someone trying to steal $700 from my bank account. They are very busy little bees, that’s for sure.

  • Topgeartony

    Don’t always agree with Adam and I’m not a right as I’d like to think. But he struck many chords with this. Awesome. Also props to Archon for being incredibly based throughout this.

  • Red Lagoon

    Looking forward to your new movie Adam!!!

  • 37 Pieces Of Ric Flair

    The cryboyby cult has found its leader, I guess.

  • thegodemperor

    Adam’s all “liberal bashing” speaks volumes of me of what the propaganda machines have done to shape his mindset on these things… or his ignorance (and many people’s ignorance) of what a liberal really is. For fun facts (aka the actual definition of liberalism):

    “Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas such as free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free trade, and private property”

    “Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality.”

    Pretty fucking good thing right there, if you ask me. Too many have equated liberals to those who want to shut down discussion because of some bs world view and they claim they are liberals (but really aren’t) or because they think of them as “takers.” Again, using the logic/terminology of the propaganda machines we pretend to be news outlets. Why would they spread this propaganda? Corporations. They are all corporations. True liberalism hinders a corporations ability to make profit off the backs of people. They don’t like that and so they slander it.

  • Mr Speth

    Hilarious that a person who is ostensibly campaigning for ethics in video game journalism is handed this softball-ass interview.

  • SLCSteph

    Halt for a moment…I see a few problems with those who consider themselves to be the good guys of gamergate…first off, one is that this isn’t about the scary view of women we have today, but rather, it’s a purely liberal agenda geared at forcefully controlling content. Since when did calling out dangerous misogyny mean your freedoms were at risk? In fact, it’s the other way around. Throughout the history of women, anytime they asked for people to enlighten themselves to the idea that women were deserving of rights and human acknowledgment, men were painting it as the end of freedom and civilization. So I’d like to know how pointing out the massive number of misogynistic content in games is really a threat to your freedom and not a “hey, you can do better” right to speech.
    Secondly, the gist I get from male gamers who are trolling, or support the trolls, is that women have just come onto the gaming scene…that they are just now coming into the boy’s club and trying to mess it all up. As a female, like most who game today, I grew up playing my brother’s games. It was not socially noticed that girls liked gaming even though they were always playing “their brother’s game”. Most of us played, saw some sexism, but just dealt with it. Now we’re adults, we still game, and we can now say, “you know what? If you want to make more money try considering us, we like more than you ever realized”. I LIVED and still LIVE the misogyny in games. You’re right, I DON’T buy those games…but even in games I do buy that are largely female friendly, they too contain imbalanced and often exploitative examples of women even if they’re not providing the ability to tie women to train tracks for an achievement. If you can’t tell I will never buy a Rockstar game. Games ARE raising our kids now and kids are sponge heads these days…they absorb these fake worlds in media and I haven’t heard any women say “ban this, make that illegal”…I hear them saying, “dads, brothers, friends…do you see what you’re supporting? Do you see what you’re absorbing?” It’s a wake up call. Adam Baldwin has hijacked this into a political push to preserve freedom…that is always the rally cry when women become self-aware and expect better from their peers.

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