10 Gifs That Prove Leaf Piles are the Best Things About Fall

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    Summer vacations and oppressive heat are over, and certain women’s endless droning on and on about pumpkin spice lattes has begun. Welcome, fall. There are many upsides to fall, including piles of leaves. So enjoy these fantastic GIFs and remember: a pile of leaves is a very valuable thing.

    Such much joy…

    Fall leaves
    Source: Tumblr

    This gorilla playing in the leaves makes me feel like I’m doing the opposite of living my life to the fullest.

    Gorilla playing in leaves
    Source: Gifrific

    Not all leave piles are meant for running, frolicking, rolling or burying. Sometimes, just being chill is the way to go.

    Dog in red leaves
    Source: Imgur

    Boys roll in piles of leaves. Men jump off roofs into them.

    Jumping off roof into leaves
    Source: MemeCenter



    Sometimes, a dude dives into a pile of leaves and fails. Ouch!

    Man hurts his manhood on tree
    Source: Mashable

    Other times, it works out.

    Man jumps into leaves
    Source: Dustin Hall Photography

    Man’s best friend really loves leaves.

    Husky in leaves
    Source: Tumblr

    Cats like leaves, too.

    Cat in leaves
    Source: I Waste So Much Time

    You can jump into a pile of leaves, or you can swing into them like a boss.

    Swinging into leaves
    Source: Imgur

    The key to enjoying a pile of leaves is enthusiasm.

    Kid jumping into leaves
    Source: Now HereThis

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