Why You Need to Watch The Walking Dead This Season

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Did you see The Walking Dead‘s premiere last weekend? If not, you need to check it out immediately (and you may want to stop reading in order to avoid spoilers!). It feels like all of the character definition from last season was worth it (I personally liked it but some fans missed seeing more action) and has been building up to this very moment.

The episode, aptly titled, “No Sanctuary,” did not stop. It just kept going and going and just when you felt like you needed to pause to catch your breath, they kicked it up a notch. It was so good. It was smooth, it was clever, it was clear and it was vindicating all at the same time.

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Screengrab)
Source: AMC TV

Things were predictably horrible for Rick and the gang at Terminus but, to viewers delight, they found a way to survive – with some outside help, of course. I’m sure you will share my enthusiasm for seeing that cult leader, Gareth, get overthrown. This was particularly true after having to endure the torturous scene where the group waited in the slaughterhouse for their turn to be sliced up and gutted like pigs. With Glenn on the chopping block, fans were, no doubt, wondering if he was going to be the next shocking departure.

Fortunately, Carol spotted the gang getting roughed up in the yard and planned an attack on the compound. After being so hastily exiled by Rick, it was so good to see Carol being fearless and downright badass. She orchestrated a prison break by causing a gas tank to explode and then fought her way through the walkers. When the smoke cleared and the group were safely in the woods, Daryl spots Carol for the first time and their reunion was pretty emotional. The scene extends to Carol leading Rick, Carl and the others to a cabin where they find Tyreese and baby Judith. It’s really amazing to see everyone together again (except for Beth).

Hopefully, you watched until after the credits when a very familiar face was spotted in the woods. Yes, we see the elusive (and sometimes very crazy) Morgan Jones being discreet as he scopes out the territory. I always loved his character and I really wanted him to stick with Rick when he appeared in the very first episode of the show. It would be nice to have another strong survivor in the group and I’m really interested in hearing what he’s seen while he lived through the zombie apocalypse on his own.

Are you watching The Walking Dead this season?  What did you think of the premiere?

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