Amazing Moment Quarterback Throws 42-Yard Touchdown to Himself

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I’ve never heard of North Greenville University or Mars Hill University, but these two teams were on the field when on of the most amazing plays of the college football season took place.

Nelson Hughes, the quarterback for NGU, threw a pass but it was deflected near the line of scrimmage. That’s when the magic started.

With the ball in the air, Hughes catches it. After hesitating for a couple moments, he takes off running down field. Fourty-two yards later, the QB is celebrating a 42-yard reception AND a 42-yard TD throw.

If Hughes was on your fantasy football team, you were really, really happy with that play.

But, that said, if you play fantasy football in a league that involves these two schools, you probably need to reevaluate your life.

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  • pebwrites

    N Greenville is Greenville, SC. Mars Hill is in western NC

  • R S

    A Cinderella story would be if this kid gets picked up by an NFL team and actually does something there.

  • BuffoonDaddy

    He didn’t catch a 42 yard pass. He ran 42 yards after the catch. Headline is misleading to the point of being a lie.

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