9 Types of Amateur Guitarists Rated by How Annoying They Are

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The guitar is an amazing instrument; there’s no question about that. The problem is the people who play it. Sure there are many talented guitarists out there, but when it comes to amateurs there’s just as much of a chance of them being irritating untalented assholes as there is of them being good at their craft. Let’s take a look.

The Acoustic Only
Acoustic-only dudes have just one goal in mind: playing like John Mayer to get girls while swaying in corn fields in front of a bonfire. Get a job, hippie. Get a job.

Rating: 6 out of 10 Stairways to Heaven

Acoustic only guitarist
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  • Creighton

    My roommate is the kind of guy who takes his guitar EVERYWHERE and can only play a handful of songs. So fuckin’ annoying. Get a new hobby dude.

  • Belle

    Frickin’ hipsters

  • Bills

    There’s nothing worse than bland hipster music.

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