Ultimate Hypocrite Bashes Kim K

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While a female being grossed out about Kim Kardashian taking off her clothes and attempting to break the internet is understandable, Jasmine Lennard would be wise to not throw stones in her glass house. You see, this woman bashed Kim K yet has pictures on the internet that show her in compromising situations.

Don’t believe me? Check out the images of her naked in the gallery below. I think she looks wonderful and she has a right to take it all off, but it also makes her an undeniable hypocrite when voicing her displeasure on another female doing the same thing.

Honestly, Jasmine Lennard just comes across as a jealous girl who is mad that she didn’t get as famous as Kim K when she shows off her goods. Too bad, girl. But no reason to be a hater.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for — hit the right arrow to view everything:

Jasmine Lennard











(source: twitter.com)

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