What Was the Cause of Death of this Successful Model?

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While you’ve undoubtedly heard about the tragic death of Katerina Netolicka, who was found dead in her bathtub, there continues to be a lot of question marks regarding what caused her death. Plenty of speculation remains about the death of this model from the Czech Republic but few answers as of yet.

(Look below for 9 pictures of the nude variety below. As you will see, she was a beautiful young woman.)

The leading rumor right now is suicide. She was said to be depressed and may have even talked about killing herself in the past.

Another rumor is that she may have been murdered. The fact that her dogs were also found dead seem to make this scenario at least somewhat plausible.

The other rumor being discussed regarding her cause of death is natural causes. Friends of Katerina Netolicka have even stated that she may have had a stroke.

Whatever the case may be, we send condolences to her loved ones.

Here is the footage discussed above — click on the right arrow to see the whole album. Be warned that some of the images show her naked or close to it:

Katerina Netolicka











(source: imgur.com)

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