10 Holiday Gifts for the Girl Who’s Not Your Girlfriend Yet

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Style Undressed - Holiday Gifts for Her

The holidays are a really complicated time – especially when you are in a yet-to-be-defined relationship. Blow off gift time, and your almost girlfriend may soon become the girl who just deleted you from her contact list. But when selecting a gift, you want to be careful. You want to show you are paying attention and know her – but aren’t being too personal too quickly.

You need to play to her personality and interests, but not look like you’ve been stalking her social media for months. In short, you need the perfect gift that says you are thoughtful, but not thinking too much. Easy, right?

Here are some holiday gift ideas that will make it so much simpler.

One-of-a-kind wine

Does she love wine? Do you love to hang with her when she’s tipsy? Obviously, on both counts. Club W offers one-of-a-kind wines catered specifically to an individual’s tastes. To create a tailored gift with little effort, simply choose a monthly amount of quality wine ($50 per month) and craft a personalized note – Club W’s expert sommeliers take care of the rest. Once recipients answer a “palate profile” questionnaire (with questions like “how do you take your coffee?” and “do you prefer mushrooms over berries?”), Club W recommends bottles that best suit their taste from an ever-changing selection of curated wines.

Source: Club W


Whether she's your running buddy or study partner, finding a gift for the girl who isn't your girlfriend (yet) is bound to be a delicate balancing act. Luckily, there are products like Decibullz that offer just the casual thoughtfulness that will make her think of you every time she cranks up her favorite playlist. The Decibullz Contour is a custom-molded earphone system, that means it form-fits to her ears through a simple at-home DIY system, and sleek packaging offers a touch of both class and cool as soon as she opens it up. The earphones come in a selection of 8 colors so you can match it to her unique personality and style. (Which, if you want her to be your girlfriend eventually, you should have some idea of, no?)

Source: Decibullz

Travel accessories

Whether she’s on the road, on a plane, relaxing at a hotel or stranded at an airport this holiday season, bringing a little piece of comfort to help her rest can go a long way. Tempur-Pedic's TEMPUR-Travel Collection - which features the molded TEMPUR material that maintains shape for correct support - includes a material mattress overlay (perfect for hotel stays or overnights at the in-laws during the holidays), travel-size neck pillow, TEMPUR-cushioned sleep mask, travel pillow and more. These items make a great gift for anyone who travels a ton and values rest and relaxation wherever she may be. (And she may be thinking about you while she’s getting said rest, so mission accomplished).

Source: Tempur-Pedic

Decadent chocolate

Fact: Girls love chocolate. Fact: Ladies love Mark Wahlberg Fact: Women are enthralled by all that those quirky Food Network shows have to offer (it's like Pinterest on the television). So what do these three things have to do with the perfect gift for the girl who is not your girlfriend yet? Enter the Signature Chocolate Turtles (9-Pack - $16.50; Turtle Basket - $45.50) from Phillips Chocolates in Boston, MA. Made by hand, one at a time with an 89-year-old secret family caramel recipe, these turtles are no joke. These turtles are the "go-to" sweet holiday indulgence Mark Wahlberg gives to the women in his family each year. He actually calls Phillips directly to place his order!

Phillips Chocolate was recently featured on the Food Network show "Candy Craze," where host Jeff Mauro took a cross country road trip searching for the nation's best candy!

Source: Phillips Chocolates

Something special for her bar

If your girl is into fashion, DISARONNO and fashion house Versace have teamed up to launch the DISARONNO wears VERSACE bottle. The fashion house takes its inspiration for the bottle from the famed Versace Home Collection print, Tresor de la Mer. Glamorous and decadent, this beautiful bottle is a great for the fashion-lover’s bar cabinet. This partnership is not just fashionable but philanthropic too. Proceeds will support the charity ‘Fashion 4 Development,’ a global campaign sponsored by the United Nations, using fashion to tackle issues in Africa.

Source: ReserveBar

Phone case

Show her that you finally paid attention to the designer you keep talking about with Belkin and Target’s exclusive Dana Tanamachi printed phone cases. For only $24.99 for an iPhone 5/5s/6 case, it’s affordable and stylish!

Source: Target

Cool luggage

If she’s been dragging around some sadly battered luggage, it may be time for an upgrade. Lipault of Paris’s foldable collection is feather-light and incredibly easy to maneuver.  Each bag also folds into its own little 4-inch case for quick and convenient storage under a bed or in a closet, safe and sound until her next adventure, we hope with you.

Source: Amazon

Pet portrait

How about a sketch of her pet? At GiveaMasterpiece.com, you can score a pet portrait (or any portrait for that matter). Simply upload a photo, pick an art style (sketch, watercolor, oil) and a medium (print, framed, canvas) and the artists do the rest. It’s personal, but not too far too fast. And if she's got a pet, this is the way to her heart!

Source: Shutterstock

Her connection

Everyone appreciates the gift of technology, but often the sticker shock spells more commitment than we want to give. Virgin Mobile Custom is a completely custom phone plan that you adjust anytime you want with sliders in an easy-to-use mobile app. Pick your talk, text and data allotment as you want. Only communicate with her through Facebook? That’s ok, you can pick the cheapest calling plan ($7) and add in unlimited Facebook for $5, and she can surf Facebook all day with no additional costs. Similarly, if you only communicate text, pick a plan that’s just got that. And if you break up, you can use the Virgin Mobile App from another phone to change the plan remotely.

Source: Shutterstock

Pretty panties

Send her the thrill of a pre-planned spontaneous hookup. Enclosed is a concierge panty service that delivers a pair of ultra luxurious, high-end knickers straight to your lady friend’s door every month. Perhaps girlfriend status would warrant a longer subscription, say six or twelve months - whereas a non-girlfriend (yet) would warrant a one month ($50) or three month ($140 total). A decadent gift for her, it's a monthly treat that's sure to make her feel pampered (and sexy, of course). Enclosed incorporates both popular and emerging brands (such as Maison Close, Eberjey and L'Agent by Agent Provocateur), and each pair arrives in a box filled with seasonal flower petals, adding to this unique and luxe experience. Panties range in style from sweet and delicate to more edge/kinky/daring, and everything else in between.

Source: Enclosed

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