Is This 41-Year-Old the Girlfriend of Michael Phelps?

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A curvaceous woman named Taylor Lianne Chandler has quite the story to tell. The 41-year-old from Washington DC claims to be the girlfriend of Michael Phelps. She said they met on Tinder and have had a physical relationship since their first date.

As you can see in the naked footage below, Taylor Lianne Chandler is quite good looking. You wouldn’t immediately guess that she was actually born a male. But that’s the truth that she recently revealed to the world.

Unfortunately for her, her secret past will probably end whatever relationship she had with the Olympic hero. If they were indeed dating, it’s likely to be a thing of the past. Phelps, 29, is trying to get clean after a second DUI and you can bet that his handlers will try to surround him with less controversial individuals. That means she will have to go — no matter how good she looks naked.

Anyways, here are the images I mentioned above. Hit the right arrow to see them all!

Taylor Lianne Chandler
















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  • Julius Qureshi

    she wasn’t born ‘male.’ She was born as an intersex individual, meaning the gender is ambiguous. She was born with both male and female genitalia, but opted for surgery to fully make her female. She altered what semblance she had of a penis and kept her vagina. She can get pregnant. No one born ‘male’ can get pregnant.

    The internet, where any d-bag can post w/e the hell they want without doing proper research… gotta love it.

    • dmv

      Hey Julius, Know how I know you’re gay?

    • Stu Pidschidt

      cause he has had your dick in his mouth?

    • Nats_Mom00

      By her own admission, she cannot get pregnant. She has no ovaries.

    • Brent

      She can get pregnant via In Vitro.

    • Stu Pidschidt

      wow, why don’t you go suck her dick a little more, faggot

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