Forget Kim K: Each of These 31 Girls Have a Better Butt

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    While everyone has been obsessed with Kim Kardashian and her gigantic backside since she managed to break the internet, the truth of the matter is that there are girls out there who have butts that are better. Yes, Kim K is gifted in that department, but she’s not at the head of her class.

    I guarantee that you’ll agree with me after you see in the pictures in this gallery. By the end, you won’t even remember who Kim K is and how she broke the internet. Sorry, Kanye.

    Click the right to see our rankings of the best 31 butts in the world:

    31. Svetlana Sholka

    30. Bruna Lima

    29. Laura Gordon

    28. Maria Leanna

    27. Gracyanne Barbosa

    26. Sandra Valencia

    25. Laura Michelle

    24. Paige Hathaway

    23. Ola Alessa Sztaba

    22. Marissa Rivero

    21. Ruby Sayed

    20. Svetlana Bilyalova

    19. Carol Seleme

    18. Eva Andressa

    17. Mel Fronckowiak

    16. Prudence Moe

    15. Ashley Martelle

    14. Jayde Nicole

    13. Jessica Rafalowski

    12. Steph Pacca

    11. Sunamys Villalba

    10. Dolly Castro

    9. Brittany Perille

    8. Michelle Lewin

    7. Dai Macedo

    6. Nicole Mejia

    5. Hafii Amira

    4. Linda Durbesson

    3. Katy Hearn

    2. Jen Selter

    Click here to see naked pics of Jen Selter.

    1. Caitlin Rice

    Click here to see nude pictures of Caitlin Rice.




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      • Notyomomaslova

        Better than Kim K (the Dumpster Whore of media obsession) really is saying little. Perhaps Kim Whore is better than Momma June (Honey Boo’s cum guzzling mother) but not by much!

      • Messiah Bolical

        wow not a curve in sight

        • Dragonetta

          Or a woman of color…

        • Ninjarkh

          Well, 21 isn’t exactly white

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        I didn’t see 31 better than Kim conservative guess would be 5 equal or better than Kim

      • slipperySanta

        Not hard to be better than Kim Fatassian…Fatassian’s ass is about as ugly as I have ever seen. Honestly makes me turn my head away whenever I see it.

        • Leonardo Ray McEvans

          Your gay

        • mikejones

          it’s “you’re” not “your”

        • Black Pantha

          he’s still gay tho

      • overtherainbow

        Too small.

      • disqus_Pv56xiKRFa

        Kim Kardashian has no ass, I’m sorry. She has what we call a lard butt.

        • jess


      • Toostrong

        Really,that’s it? Jen selter is waaaaay overrated. There’s only about three on here that are good. Everyone else is alright.

        • swagchef

          Her butt is not in proportion to her body, AT ALL. She reminds me of an ant

      • Mark Andrew Edwards

        I like everything I’m seeing here. Well done!

      • Hellok

        Too small to compete

      • jude

        All these ladies have awesome assholes, for pooping and love making

      • jude

        I would be happy to lick their dirty buttholes, after they poop

      • nxmn-

        kims butt is gross. huge butts are gross. fake butts are gross. some nice ones here.

        • Leonardo Ray McEvans

          Small penises are afraid of big butts

      • Akash

        Take 1 minute to free sign up in
        and enjoy new experience of connecting with new people

      • aesthesia

        Do people actually believe that the butt they saw on the cover of that stupid magazine was her real butt?
        I’m seeing a lot of obvious photo manipulation in these photos as well.

      • IcePick Slim

        I got women on my block wit bettah @$$es than Kim K & all 31 here on dis list!!! ;-)

        • Jim Gose


        • Black Pantha

          fuck your blue line faggot

        • ZzXx

          You must live in paradise.

      • IcePick Slim

        Where’s Serena Williams>>

        • Gbomo

          Thank you. Might I add that the shocking thing about this list is the lack of Black women. I think there were two Afro Latina ladies and that was about it?? What kind of selection process was this!!!

        • Caerlokop

          It is called a racist selection process.

        • Edward Kenway

          Ya’ll love playing the race card.

        • Zizzle

          Word. 100% natural, no silicone by-products or cement.

        • Dingo

          only steroids!

        • Zizzle

          Nope. Steroids don’t do that, God does.

        • Zizzle

          I’m sure you’ve heard by now who was actually taking steroids. HAHA! You losers never win.

      • Sam B

        Not a single black woman? What a fucking joke.

      • jess

        Didnt finish waste of my time= Kim K

      • Zizzle

        Meh. Most of ‘em look as fake as Kim’s and are photoshopped to hell.

      • maxgraphiks

        a lot of “rubber a$$” I pass…

      • M. Higgs

        A list about nice asses without a single black women present. Seriously!?! It’s amazing how subconsciously Eurocentric people are whenever beauty standards are examined.

      • DarkKnight

        Why all white girls? And their butts are small…. Same tricks in getting us to believe what y’all tell us is Beautiful

        • swagchef

          I don’t think the author did it on purpose. He’s been conditioned by mass media to believe only those pictures are beautiful. We should take pity

        • actionmanrandell

          no he hasn’t been conditioned by mass media for one mass conditioning via media has been scientifically proven to be impossible for 2 there is nothing attractive of a flabby ass which is what kim K has

      • GR_DochHund

        14: Not bad.jpg

      • Dantana J

        This is wack. I checked out the top 10 and they are all “Beckys” now that white girls are in the ‘butt business’ is that to say they are now the standard of a good butt. Hell to the no. Black, Latina, Anglo Saxon should all get a fair shot. Please don’t discriminate on the buttocks

      • Dar

        Butt implants galore.

      • Black Pantha


      • RushHabFan

        Yuck. Glad some guys like lard asses, which every one of these butts will be by 50. athletic slim, tight asses has so much more staying power.
        Jennifer Lawrance, Sandra Bullock, Angelina, or in the old days Farrah, those are asses to die for.

      • Marquis Lee

        Only competitors are #1 & #22….. No one can touch Ms. Bruna V. (Pic below)

      • The sodomite slayer

        Too skinny. Not attractive at all.

      • ZzXx

        Nicole Mejia = best ass ever

      • S F

        How do you have a list of best butts and not have one black woman?? This list is flawed.

      • Dan

        Where the heck is Serena Williams on this list? She should be #1 – no doubt. A lot of these women have fake butts but I don’t see too many black women that need to siliconize their butts.

      • stonedog23

        No. 20 shouldn’t be on anyone’s ass list. I thought I was going to see some phat asses. There’s probably 3 phat asses and a bunch of just shapely ones.

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