How Doxxers Are Making the UVA Situation Even Worse

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The much talked about Rolling Stone article detailing rape at a University of Virginia frat house has fallen apart. Unfortunately, online investigators have joined the action and have concluded that a woman named Jackie Coakley is the UVA student behind the story.

The Jackie in the Rolling Stone write-up appears to be a victim of a heinous crime. However, Ms. Coakley is now being called a liar, a criminal and worse by those witch hunters who are ready with their tar and their feathers.

The name first appeared on Twitter where it has since been tweeted and retweeted thousands of times. Her alleged identity has also hit other popular publications, so it’s impossible to undo what has been done to this woman.

But, before this woman is convicted by the internet mob, let’s take a step back and realize the ramifications of the doxxing and why it’s such a bad idea in this situation.

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  • sobxdude

    Well, shouldn’t have lied in the first place. She did, causing this whole snowball effect. Believe what you want, though it really sounds like you are clinging to any little glimmer. Instead of trying to justify her story, maybe you should ask yourself why its so important that you believe in her.

    She maliciously made accusations that are not correct. She deserves jail, And LOTS of psychiatric help.

  • Vox

    “Doxxers” aren’t making a bad situation worse. False accusations of rape are making a bad situation worse.

    Isn’t swearing falsely on a police affidavit that a violent crime has taken place itself a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia? Why hasn’t this crazy lying cunt been arrested and charged? She’s the one who lied and changed her story multiple times. She’s the one who created the bad situation and made it worse.

    Fuck her, and fuck all the beta-male “feminist” white-knight enablers running to her defense. Fuck them all. Fuck them all in the ass. Fuck them all in the ass with a rusty chainsaw.

    But here, let me give you responses to all nine of your asinine “reasons.”

    >9. Why’d the cunt change her story if it was true?
    >8. There was a great opportunity for… what, exactly? For an unhinged spoiled-brat womanchild to make false accusations and ruin a man’s life? Too bad she got caught in a lie. I have no sympathy.
    >7. The false accusations she made affected more than just one person too. Grownups know that choices have consequences.
    >6. “If she was lying this becomes a criminal matter.” You don’t say. When’s the last time a woman was brought up on charges for making a false rape accusation? You go look it up. I’ll wait.
    >5. “Alleged rapists?” “Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Please see #6.
    >4. The story has now changed? Yeah. It was previously a crazy little girl telling lies. Now it’s about the fact that choices have consequences. That’s a story I think more crazy little girls need to hear before they make false accusations of rape and ruin someone else’s life.
    >3. If we as a society are going to eliminate false accusations of rape, we need to create consequences for the stupid cunts who choose to make false accusations of rape.
    >2. False rape accusations are an act of violation too, Sparky. Actions have consequences.
    >1. What if the accused are innocent? If there’s even a 0.0001% chance that this crazy cunt who changed her story multiple times is lying, those odds are still too high when her false accusations can have life-destroying consequences for her victims.

  • Joseph Corlett

    What if this is the wrong fraternity? What if the Rolling Stone reporters are completely off base? Even if there is only a 0.0001% chance of being wrong, those odds are too large when this could have such life-ruining consequences.

  • Jake Lenihan

    Does the author of this post have any idea what he is even writing???

    “However, Ms. Coakley is now being called a liar, a criminal and worse by those witch hunters who are ready with their tar and their feathers.”

    You realize that the accused UVA fraternity’s house was vandalized by the lynch mob incited by this girl’s completely fabricated accusation, right? Their entire membership had to vacate their house as a result of her lies. She deserves no sympathy.

  • Mike Pilgrim

    Why isn’t she in jail for filing false charges.

  • Grumpy Old Fart

    “Doxxing Jackie Coakley impacts dozens of people on a personal level.”

    As does falsely accusing an entire fraternity.

    “Rape is an act of violation. Exposing someone who doesn’t want their name in the public eye is also an act of violation.”

    So is falsely accusing someone of a crime, particularly of rape. Even other criminals are contemptuous of rapists.

    And Mr. Gulliver seems to be much more concerned about the welfare of someone who deliberately set out to destroy an entire fraternity full of innocents rasther than those who were the *actual* victims of wrongdoing here.

    Curious, that.

  • Hewood Jablomi

    Okay, I’m here to tell everyone that Noah Gulliver is a child molester. Committing the sickest and most vile sexual acts you can imagine. He also goes to animal shelters where he picks up strays and then takes them home and does sadistic, lurid things to them before he eventually kills them. He also spray painted racial slurs on the side of a black church and did the same with swastikas on a Jewish synagogue. Now, it really doesn’t matter if Noah actually did any of the above, somewhere, someone has done some of these things in the past, and I think we can all agree that each thing is bad. and i think that we can all agree that the more we know about these things, the more we can start a dialogue (don’t you just love that word?) about how terrible a thing each of these things are and how terrible people who do them are. And the fact that Noah Gulliver is a child molesting, puppy-killing racist should be confronted for his heinous crimes and attacked in any way possible. This is a HUGE problem in America today and has no place in our society. The vile, filth like Noah should hounded to the ends of the Earth, placed on an ice flow and set adrift like the monster in Frankenstein. WHAT!!! OH?? HUMMMM…I just learned that Noah really doesn’t molest children; but he has to be guilty of ; OH WAIT….okay, okay, it has been shown that Noah iws actually allergic to dogs and cats and has never visited an animal shelter. But that doesn’t excuse; JUST A SECOND… I just learned that Noah has an alibi for the vandalism, and friends swear that he isn’t coordinated enough to write with a spray can. BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS!!!! Its important that we stop child molesters, even though Noah isn’t one. And its important that we stop animal cruelty, even if Noah doesn’t do it. And hate crimes happen in the US everyday, even though the gas propellent makes Noah dizzy. And one more thing; I AM IN NO WAY TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MAKING UP A WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS ABOUT NOAH AND GOING PUBLIC WITH THESE ACCUSATIONS! I mean, if I am somehow held to be responsible for making things up and stretching the truth a tiny bit, then how can victims of these crimes ever come forward and tell their story without fear of stigmatization? Any backlash against me would surely result in an increase in these crimes. i can’t possibly be held responsible. Thank you for reading; when you come to build a statue of me for my service to society, can I be riding a horse?

  • Chuck

    Seriously? A .00001% chance of being wrong is too great for these kinds of life changing consequences?

    You do realize the same could be said for rape allegations… don’t you? We prosecute and name rapists because of the damage they do.

    False rape accusers should be treated no differently, because of the damage THEY do.

  • Insanity

    You have got to be kidding. After learning all we have about this case, you seriously still think she got raped? Wow, you must live in the fantasy land of liberal progressives.

  • Insanity

    Whoever wrote this is as pathetic as they come.

  • Regressive Goosesteppers

    What a pathetic, disgusting, hypocritical article, especially now that we know beyond all doubt that Jackie Coakley is a sick, demented person who made up the entire thing.

    Just think. If you and people like you weren’t shameless, reactionary hypocrites who applied this “let’s wait and see” mentality you have towards the accused as you do to Jackie’s lies, you’d know that no rape ever took plave, and that “Haven”, the accused rapist, DOESN’T EVEN EXIST AND WAS ALL A LIE CREATED BY A PATHETIC WOMAN DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION.

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