Wrong Way Driving Drunk Lady Arrested Wearing Only Bra

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Let’s give credit to Breyana Gallagher for getting her money’s worth. This 22-year-old had never been in trouble with the law before. But this past weekend, she was involved in an epic situation that still has cops in Fife, Washington talking.

(Look for sizzling pictures of her below!)

Authorities believe that she got drunk Friday night and then made the bad decision to drive. Breyana Gallagher proceeded to blow red lights, swerve from lane to lane and then she started driving the wrong way down the highway.

Thankfully, the cops were able to yank her out of her car before she killed anyone. But the hits kept coming: When they removed her from the car, they found that she was completely naked other than her bra. Wowzers.

Let’s be thankful that nobody got hurt and let’s hope that she learns her lesson.

Here are the images that were mentioned above — hit the right arrow to see all fourteen:

Breyana Gallagher
















(source: facebook.com)

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  • Bordeaux Vixen

    Breyana never should have been driving that night, that much is clear. But this article treats this very serious issue with a jocular attitude and that is just as unacceptable. Realistically, you’ve made a criminal young girl into a sexual object, turning drunk driving into a sexy endeavor that might get you famous.

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