17 Things Worse Than Being Alone on New Year’s Eve

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    Yeah, being all by yourself on New Year’s Eve blows. It can be lonely and a little sad. And it’s almost a sure bet that you’re not getting laid. But you know what? There are things that suck a lot worse than being alone one New Year’s Eve. Here are 17 of them.

    Being a Sony exec 

    Some things suck worse than others. Right now, being one of the assholes at Sony who sent emails ragging on A-list celebs really sucks. I’d much rather be alone on New Year’s Eve than take a direct dagger stare hit from Angelina Jolie. If looks could kill…

    Angelina Jolie - Amy Pascal
    Source: Imgur

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      • Bordeaux Vixen

        Do people jerk and drive? I mean, I understand wanting to hit it, but while driving?!!

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