5 New Year’s Eve Traditions We Need to Get Rid Of

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New Year’s Eve is pretty cool if you think about it; it wraps up a chapter of our lives and prepares us for the next one. But the pressure to have super amounts of extreme fun is ridiculous. And the traditions we’re expected to take part in don’t make it any easier. Let’s get rid of these NYE traditions. Who’s with me?

Watching the ball drop
Fuck the ball, fuck Times Square and fuck watching it all happen on New Year’s Eve. Surely there are better things to do than watch people who are pretending not to be miserable because they can’t drink or go to the bathroom but have to act happy for the cameras until a giant environmentally hazardous ball lowers itself into January. Maybe we should just get an atomic clock and do the countdown ourselves.

New Year's Eve Ball Drop
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  • Bordeaux Vixen

    fuck th ball! it’s SO SERIOUSLY boring.

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