Insane Scene Where Texas A&M Coach TWICE Attacks Other Team

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Mike Richardson was a linebacker for Texas A&M during his freshman season after being a star high school recruit. Unfortunately, his career ended prematurely due to a neck injury. However, yesterday he was back in the news after dishing out two impressive hits against West Virginia. One problem: he’s now an assistant coach for for the Aggies. As we all know, coaches aren’t supposed to attack players on the other team.

First up, it was Andrew Buie. Mike Richardson delivered a fierce elbow to his face.


Next, it was Daryl Worley. This time, the Texas A&M coach straight up threw a punch to the back of the player’s head.

As you’d expect, TAMU ended up taking the coach off the field. In fact, he was sent home at halftime.

Should he be fired? On one hand, you’d think it’d be a no-brainer that he should lose the job due to the completely inappropriate nature of the incident.

However, on the other hand, football coaches need to be intense and a little bit crazy. If Mike Richardson can reel it in a little bit and keep his emotions in check, he could be an asset to a coaching staff.

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