Are Leelah Alcorn’s Parents Murderers? The Internet Thinks So

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The suicide of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn remains the talk of the online world. And while there is a lot of anger and frustration to go around, the brunt of that dismay is being aimed at parents Doug Alcorn and Carla Alcorn. As you can see below, many people on the internet have gone as far as saying Leelah’s parents should be charged with murder.

doug alcorn and carla alcorn

Personally, I think calling these two adults murderers is going too far. Sure, if they could go back in time, they would undoubtedly handle the transgender topic with more finesse and understanding. But to go as far and call Carla Alcorn and Doug Alcorn criminals is too extreme.

As a parent, there is no pain greater than the loss of a child. I say we should let the parents grieve in peace. They’re already feeling enough hurt and regret.

That said, seemingly few people agree with my stance on this matter. As you can see from these pictures, screen caps and quotes from Twitter, the masses believe this is a cut-and-dry case of murder. Click the right arrow to see all of what I’m talking about:

Murderers? Doug Alcorn and Carla Alcorn

















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  • Bordeaux Vixen

    This is so upsetting. They are grieving and responsible. What a sad mess they made of their lives.

  • Fred

    twitter is satan…lol

  • Danielle

    No, the sad truth is they’ve publicly stated they wouldn’t have handled the situation any differently. They’ve made it perfectly clear that they placed their religious beliefs at a much higher priority than their daughter’s mental well-being.

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