21 Signs You’ll Probably Die Alone

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Wonder what the future holds? Well, if you find yourself saying, “Yeah, that’s definitely me” to more than a few of these things, it might hold a lot of lonely nights. Here are 21 signs you’ll probably die alone.

You Have No True Friends

You share those “to my true friends” memes that people post on Facebook. And absolutely nobody responds… you don’t even get a “like.”

True Friends
Source: Troll.me

You’re Not Just Asexual

You spend an embarrassing amount of time analyzing whether your nonexistent sex life is a sign of asexuality or just rock-bottom. And every time, you conclude it’s the latter.

Sad guy
Source: Tumblr

You Show No Mercy

You’re so used to just farting whenever you feel the need because you’re usually alone that you let ‘em rip when on the rare occasion someone is at your house.

Dog fart
Source: Giphy

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  • Gregory

    Great. Now I feel even worse about my life …

  • this one guy said

    Wow…I’m so glad things changed since high school cause now I can die surrounded by a buncha other lonely sapp just like me Lol

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