You Need to See This “Super Mario World” Glitch

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I pride myself on my Super Mario Bros knowledge and prowess. I remember owning an original NES among the first wave of those sold in Canada and it launched a neverending love affair with Nintendo. I might buy and play other consoles but nothing will ever satisfy me like a Mario game.

Years have done by but people continue to be fascinated with some of the earlier Nintendo titles. Sometimes fans re-imagine the songs in new and interesting ways. Others recreate the costumes in painstaking detail for cosplay events. I love all of it, to be honest, but what really gets me is when people figure out how to play the games in a way that is utterly crazy and ridiculous.

I’m a big speedrunner and I’m proud of the times in which I finish the first four Mario games but there are pros out there that make me look like chump change. For example, there are entire events, such as Awesome Games Done Quick, that showcase players who are able to speedrun to the fastest time in the name of charity (that particular event raised more than $1.5 million!).

If you’re familiar, then you know that these super fast game completions involve a crazy pace, warps, unique moves and glitches in order to skip levels in order to finish quicker. What you’re about to see in the video below, however, is something entirely knew. Popular streamer, Sethbling, has accomplished a “Credits Warp” glitch and it’s insanity.

While playing Super Mario World for the SNES, he executes a series of moves that actually add code to the game and alter the system’s memory. Honestly, it’s easier to just watch the video than try to explain it (which he tries to do and, ultimately, leaves me feeling frustrated! Just let me watch what you do!). Although, Sethbling is mostly known for Minecraft, he was inspired to recreate the glitch after fellow speedrunner Jeff356w pulled it off on an emulator. Sethbling ultimately proved that you can pull off the same feat using the old-school, original Super Nintendo console. Jeff356w does it faster (and set a World Record!) but Sethbling is working on it.

Do you have an old console? Would you consider doing this? Check it out:

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