How Miss Jamaica Won by Not Winning

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Sure, she didn’t technically win Miss Universe, but Kaci Fennell was the unquestionable star at the beauty pageant held over the weekend. In fact, when Miss Jamaica was eliminated in 5th place, the crowd booed and Twitter went nuts. Nobody could believe that the clear-cut superstar in the building didn’t take home the crown.

However, in the big picture, Kaci Fennell will end up better off by not winning. Everybody loves an underdog and a comeback story, so that will only help her going forward. Additionally, she can now do whatever she wants. Heck, she could cash in and make big money by posing naked — which she has sort of started to do, as you can see in the album below.

The native of Kingston, Jamaica will be heard from again, no doubt. I can’t say the same for Miss Colombia, the official winner. Honestly, I don’t even remember her name. All the other women were a distant second to this lovely bombshell from the islands.

Here are images of her — to see everything, hit the right arrow:

Kaci Fennell











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