GoDaddy Mocks Super Bowl Puppy Ads and People Don’t Like It

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Tue, Jan 27 - 2:17 pm EST | 4 years ago by
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GoDaddy’s Super Bowl spots are always awesome, in my opinion. They often feature hot chicks (which is a good thing), and then last year’s commercial had a woman quitting her job on live national TV in incredible style.

Well this year, they are doing a puppy ad. And though people love a good animal commercial, some are fuming about this one.

Watch GoDaddy’s “Journey Home”.


Obviously it’s a twist on the famous Budweiser puppy ads — particularly last year’s “Puppy Love” and this year’s upcoming “Lost Dog”. And personally, I think it’s funny. But of course, the internet loves to go nuts about these kinds of things. Some commenters are calling it “horrendous” and “disgusting,” while other people think it’s “glamorizing” puppy mills.

It’s just a commercial, people.

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