Like Sister, Kendall Tries to Break the Online World

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The family that keeps on giving has given us something else to talk about. Kendall Jenner had pictures leaked from her upcoming appearance in LOVE magazine. Like big sister Kim K is wont to do, this 19-year-old showed a whole lot of skin.

Look below for 9 images of Kendall Jenner that will appear in the French publication. If you want to see the uncensored versions, be sure to hit the link at the end of the album. You will not be disappointed!

On social media, many people aren’t buying that what we see is really her chest. In fact, many are saying they are certain she’s wearing a prosthesis. Honestly, I do agree that she does look bigger than normal. But, then again, she’s a growing girl so no one really knows what she’s working with these days.

Without further explanation, here are the pics — don’t miss the unedited goodness at the end!

Kendall Jenner









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  • Ginsu

    What is the fascination with a family of war-pigs like the Kardashians? Boot-ugly without makeup and married to the biggest idiots on the planet. Just listen to Kayne Wests (music?) crap and you’ll want to cut your own nuts off with a rusty spoon.

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