The Walmart Headbutt Heard Round Texas

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The video everyone is talking about today takes place in a Walmart. Alice Keener, who works as a tax specialist at Jackson Hewitt inside the superstore in Deer Park, Texas, got into a fight with a customer named Jessica Albitz. Even though Jessica is the much smaller female, she delivers an unforgettable headbutt that stunned Alice.

(Look below for 9 pictures of Alice Keener and Jessica Albitz!)

Wow! After a bit more fighting, the two battling women were separated. While there was no obvious winner of the fight, that headbutt is destined for the Viral Video Hall of Fame.

While extremely entertaining, this probably won’t end well. Don’t be surprised if one gets fired and one (or maybe both) gets arrested.

Here are the images mentioned above — hit the right arrow to view them all:

Jessica Albitz and Alice Keener











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