Is Chris Pratt the Next Indiana Jones?

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When I think of Indiana Jones, I immediately picture Harrison Ford wearing a cool hat on his head, ready to crack his whip. It’s iconic. It’s legendary. It’s going to be hard to replicate.

Still, director, Steven Spielberg is reportedly interested in rebooting the franchise with a new leading man — Chris Pratt. The actor is certainly making his rounds and is at the top of the Hollywood food chain after starring in Guardians of the Galaxy and lending his voice to The LEGO Movie. He’s also heading up the cast in the upcoming Jurassic Park film (which explains the Spielberg connection!).

Still, despite the fact that he’s made a successful transition into action films after spending years as the dopey, pudgy sidekick, some may wonder if he’s ready to take on such a notable role.

To be fair, after the fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, audiences could simply be relieved to be taking things in a new direction (although, some may want to just let the series rest in peace).  A new adventure for the whip-cracking archeologist is still in the earliest stages of development but, with the right script, it looks like Pratt could be our new Indy.  He did get a little practice, if you remember, in that one scene from Guardians when he stole the orb (it was pretty Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque).

Fortunately, if this new casting does happen, we will have a few years to prepare for it. Between Jurassic Park, the sequels to both Guardians of the Galaxy and LEGO Movie and probably the Avengers film, Pratt is pretty busy. Hopefully, in the meantime, moviegoers won’t get sick of seeing him. It’s important to seize an opportunity but there’s also the risk of oversaturating the market with a little too much Pratt.

Just for old times’ sake…


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  • Justin$Man

    i hope he does it, he’s awesome!

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