Rudy Giuliani Is Right, Obama Doesn’t Love America

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We’ve got Islamic terrorists running wild all across the Middle East; some of them have started raising hell in Europe. They’re slaughtering Muslims for not being Muslim enough, Christians for not being Muslim period, cartoonists for “blaspheming” their prophet, and pretty much anyone else who doesn’t conform to their ever-changing standards. And yet our Apologist-in-Chief will not refer to ISIS as Islamic terrorists, instead preferring to draw our attention to his opinion that it’s our fault. The West isn’t being sensitive enough to Islam and we should feel sorry, he says.

It doesn’t take much of a leap to realize that Obama acts in no way like a leader who loves his country and what it stands for, and that’s why Rudy Giuliani deserves praise for actually being brave enough to say it. Giuliani, who was the mayor of New York City on 9/11 and throughout the aftermath, has shown something that Obama never has: The courage to voice his true beliefs.

Rudy Giuliani
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Giuliani certainly did not mince his words: “I do not believe that the President loves America. He doesn’t love you, he doesn’t love me. The reality is, from all that I can see of this president, all that I’ve heard of him, he apologizes for America, he criticizes America.”

What else can you say about a president that is so politically correct about Islam that he won’t even acknowledge one of the world’s most violent terrorist groups for the violent cult of bloodshed that it is?

If Obama loved America, he would show even a hint of respect for the values that America has cherished for over 200 years. America was built on a Christian moral framework, but Obama would rather roll out the proverbial red carpet for the extremist Muslim community than to even acknowledge the presence of Islamic fundamentalists that want to see Christianity wiped off the face off the earth. He would rather sit there and list what he sees as America’s flaws — remember, Obama rode his way into the White House on a wave of momentum based on his Hope to Change America — than recognize the danger that these zealots pose.

Predictably, Giuliani has faced a firestorm of criticism from Obama’s leftist shills in the media, but he isn’t backing down. Until 2016 rolls around and we finally have the opportunity to get an actual leader in the Oval Office, one that respects the America that came before him and works to preserve our values instead of slavishly apologizing for them, we can only hope that more powerful voices like Giuliani’s denounce Obama for the coward he is.

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  • Wakeup

    Really? He hates America, because he thinks about the world and our role in it. I guess you like the shoot first ask questions later sort of tactic. We have over 30 million uninsured Americans, and before for the ACA law 45,000 Americans died each year due to lack of health insurance. Yeah he hates America. Ask Wall Street if they made more money under Obama or Bush. Like or not, he doesn’t hate America, no POTUS hates america. This is just a lame story about a ex mayor trying to get some press. Wake up

    • James

      They probably actually made more money under Obama.

      Used to be the whole country was getting better and making money. Now its the wallstreet corps who make all the money. Its why when most Americans are not getting a better hand wallstreet is soaring.

  • pavingdoug

    Who ever said that President Obama hates America including juliani has to be the most dumbest people in the world. That is one of the hardest jobs to do. With his schooling I’m sure he could have just went on and became a millionaire instead of being The President of America. This issue of him not being born here, hating America, all of this non sence is just that. As far as kicking the Mexican people out of America when, you have to pay big bucks for fruits and veggies because the Mexican people aren’t there to do it, you will see. They are taking jobs Americans don’t want. This all isn’t about his policies nor agenda its all because he’s BLACK. That is the nut in the shell.
    IDIOTS,, HATERS, if you don’t think Americans see threw all this propaganda being thrown out there, then your nuts also. Put another bush in office so we can go backwards again or another ressesion. I can’t recall when we had a republican in office and not have a ressesion, even the almighty regan. He cut widows benifits, rides for handicapped to get to doctors, so much of other stuff. Please read, do some fact checking, you will see.

  • Michelle Kirkwood

    For real—Giuliani is just a loudmouth tool for the GOP anyway, and he’s no longer holding any office,so who the hell cares what he says anyway? And there are New Yorkers who feel that he took way too much credit for maintaining things in the city during 9/11, and are tired of him still riding off that. He also needs to shut the hell up because his security firm was doing business for the same country one of the 9/11 hijackers was from:

    Obama made health care easier to access for people who needed it but couldn’t afford it, spent his entire first term cleaning up the mess Bush left behind,gained our country a hell of a lot more respect after our idiotic last president, has praised America constantly in his speeches and especially in his State of the Union address. Yet fools like the author, who apparently can’t think unless someone on Fox News tells him/pays him enough to, actually believes that he dosen’t love America. Giuliani is just saying this bull**** because he and the GOP see Obama’s being in office as a sign that white males aren’t gonna be running everything forever. They’re also pissed off that Obama dosen’t fit their traditional image of what a President is supposed to look like–white and male—and that freaks them out. That’s why they always spout this BS about him being a Muslim (even though they know he’s not) because it just fcks them up that a black man is running his country,and can do every damn thing they can do and better. So screw Giuliani and his BS talking points.

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