Substitute Teacher Arrested After Videos Leaked

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Didn’t you love those substitute teachers that would let you get away with everything? Well, Nicole Y. Perritte did just that — but allegedly went too far. The sub from Walterboro, South Carolina reportedly had videos and pictures get leaked online showing her letting her classes run wild. As a result, police decided to arrest her.

What reportedly appears on tape is actually quite shocking. In one video, she’s dancing dirty with boys. Another video insinuates that some oral action is about to go down.

(To see the pics and videos of Nicole Y. Perritte, check out the album below.)

What’s amazing is that the footage is originally from 2012. What took cops three years to put together? That’s a question the local police depart should be answering.

Needless to say, she won’t be teaching at Colleton County High School any longer. In fact, she could actually do time behind bars.

Here are the images mentioned above:

Nicole Y. Perritte











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  • Frank Rizzo

    Isn’t this what every public school teacher does in every Urban city in the nation? just let the animals run wild

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