Kanye West is Having an Emotional Week

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What a week in Kanye West news. He’s been getting choked up and apologizing left and right. It always catches me a little off-guard when he gets like that since he can project such a smug and self-centered persona. But, underneath, Kanye’s just like anyone else — right? He realizes he makes mistakes (big ones!) and he misses people that he’s lost.

I know a lot of people hate on West but it’s got to be tough to live in the public eye and have every word you say scrutinized. Just like Beyonce transforms into Sasha Fierce to fight stage fright during performances, maybe Kanye puts on this arrogant image to protect himself from criticism. It has to be even harder these days with social media making it so easy for people to be nasty to each other. Who knows how much those things hurt someone, even famous people?  I think I’d be a terrible celebrity. I don’t have thick enough skin and I would definitely say something inappropriate on a regular basis, especially if I felt like I needed to defend myself.

At this year’s Grammy awards, Beck beat out Beyonce for Album of the Year and Kanye, who famously crashed Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech (after she beating Queen Bey years ago), headed up to the stage and seemed to change his mind about interrupting Beck’s moment. Everyone laughed about it but Kanye was serious. He even asked Beck “to respect artistry” and give the award to Beyoncé. But now Kanye’s listened to Beck’s album and has changed his tune. On Twitter, West wrote: “I would like to publicly apologize to Beck, I’m sorry Beck.”

West also addressed his former opinion of Bruno Mars and tweeted: “I also want to publicly apologize to Bruno Mars, I used to hate on him but I really respect what he does as an artist.” He then went on to invite Mars to sing on a track that he and Puff Daddy/Diddy produced.

It didn’t stop there, though. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, Kanye brought up his fashion mentor, Louise Wilson, who passed away last year. He recently attended a memorial in her honor.

He described Wilson as “the greatest fashion instructor of all time,” “the baddest professor of all time, of any fashion school, ever” and then explained that he “didn’t know we were going to lose her.” Eventually, he became too emotional to continue and host, Zane Lowe, stopped the interview and gave Kanye a moment to compose himself. Here’s a video of the conversation, with the rapper getting choked up right around the 25-minute mark:

Kanye West also has some external stress going on which could account for some of his behavior. A photographer is suing him for assault, alleging that he was badly beaten at LAX back in 2013. Kanye’s lawyer wants the judge to prohibit the photographer from mentioning his client’s history of interrupting artists like Taylor Swift and Beck during awards ceremonies. The fear is that showing videos of those incidents would “cause jurors to form a negative opinion of West.”

Gloria Allred, who is representing the photographer, told TMZ: ”It is laughable that Kanye West appears to be so ashamed of his conduct that he doesn’t want the jury to know what he did. Millions watched his conduct. Why does he want to hide it from a jury?”

Is it possible that Kanye, who already pled no contest to criminal battery (and is on probation and attending anger management courses), is simply trying to rehab his image because of the lawsuit, or is he genuinely sorry for how he has behaved? Only time will tell, but I think he might actually be changing his ways… maybe.

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