What Do You Prefer When It Comes to Nicknames?

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Pornhub is more than just the world’s biggest porn site. Sometimes they supply interesting tidbits of information and fun statistics from their Pornhub Insights research and analysis team. Today, it’s all about the dick vs. the cock.

The crack team of statiticians at Pornhub have crunch the numbers and created a heat map that shows that most of America loves cock — well, using the term cock.

Pornhub Insights - Dong-centric searches

Thirty-seven out of the 50 states choose “cock” first when looking for penis content on Pornhub. Interestingly the states that prefer dick over cock are primarily in the southeastern part of country, starting with Texas and spreading eastward, with the exception of the wayward Illinois.

How about women? Do they love cock? Well actually Pornhub’s research indicates that 53.4% of the ladies search for dick, while the other 46.6% really want cock.

Head over to Pornhub.com for more in-depth statistics about dong-related searches.

What do you think?

Do You Prefer Dick or Cock?

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  • Justin$Man

    waaat it’s definitely mah dick

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