Harrison Ford Hospitalized After Crashing His Plane at Golf Course

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In a developing story, Harrison Ford, crashed a plane that he was piloting. TMZ obtained a recording of Ford communicating with the Santa Monica Airport control tower. He was requesting an emergency landing at the airport and reported engine failure.

A witness at a Los Angeles area golf course described the scene saying that she heard the engine sputtering and then looked on, horrified, as the craft nose dived “straight on the eighth hole tee box.”

She added: ”I was one of the first people to run from the hole toward the plane. Four to five men pulled the pilot out of the plane. They got him away from the plane as they were concerned it would catch on fire. Two doctors were there – and they had a first aid box with them. He was conscious, talking a little — with a HUGE cut on his head.” How big was the cut? The witness claims that “a swath of his skin was missing. There was blood dripping down his face.”

Another golfer, Elaine Miller, told KABC: ”He was able to speak, he expressed that he was in pain, which was no surprise. He had a significant head wound, he asked someone to hold his legs up, and people were just saying, ‘you’re okay, the fire department is on its way,’ and…once police and fire started to arrive, my friends and I sort of backed away and went to the other side of the course to give them room.”

For now, all that we know is that the 72-year-old actor has been transported to a local hospital for treatment after crashing a vintage 2-seater fighter plane.

This is not the first time the longtime aviator has crashed a plane he was piloting. Honestly, it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to give up on a hobby that he enjoys but it sounds like it might be time for Ford to hang up his headset. It’s one thing to engage in an activity that puts himself at risk but by crashing into a golf course, he endangered the lives of others.

Ford, who recently reprised his role as Han Solo, was also injured last year when he broke his leg on the set of the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Click through the gallery to see photo’s of Harrison Ford’s plane crash.

Harrison Ford's Plane

A single-engine plane piloted by actor Harrison Ford crashed on March 5, 2015 at a golf course in Venice, California. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images)

Harrison Ford's Single Engine Plane Crash

Ford crashed at Los Angeles area golf course and was reportedly injured. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images)

Penmar Golf Course

Scene of Harrison Ford's plane crash (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images)

Should Ford Stop Flying?

This isn't Harrison Ford's first plane crash. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images)
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