Why Charles Barkley Sounds Smart One Day and Stupid the Next

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It’ll be a sad day when Charles Barkley leaves the TNT set. For a long time, the TNT halftime and postgame show was better than watching the actual game because of him.

What makes Charles great is he’s honest and unafraid of what other people think. At times, his fearless straight-talk makes him look like a genius because everyone else is afraid to say the truth.

But as Charles always tells us, he’s not an expert. In fact, there are many times where he engages in the straight-talk that’s made him so popular on a topic he knows nothing about.

Recently, he gave a brutally honest assessment of analytics in sports (see the video below if you missed it). You could tell neither he nor his fellow TNT crew actually knew what the analytics were supposed to mean but he went ahead and launched into a tirade, calling people that believe in analytics idiots.

Barkley was giving us his raw thoughts; his sincere opinion — going to the well that’s given him water so many times — but his opinion was in an area he knew nothing about so he sounded stupid.

However, when it comes to summing up play on the court, Barkley’s often extremely insightful because he has experience and isn’t afraid to hurt someone’s feelings.

You’re always going to get Sir Charles’ honest opinion but sometimes he’s dead-on and other times he’s dead wrong.

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