Thought Crime and Mental Illness: Symptoms of a Deranged Society

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Anti Social Justice - Thought Crime

There are many ways to think improperly. One of these ways is to be paranoid, delusional, manic, depressed, or anxious. Another is to have politically unacceptable viewpoints. You hear the phrase “conspiracy theorist” a lot these days, especially when someone expresses a view that shows distrust of the government. Our society now puts schizophrenics in the same category as people who don’t trust the prevailing current. Thinking against the brainwashed PC establishment or thinking as literally-crazy, a burgeoning new list of thought criminals is a-brewing.

The Left is against non-PC, but they are against mental illness all the same. They mock people for both their mental problems and political views, so it now seems like this is all part of the same fancy installment. Any type of discrimination is considered to be an affliction. Discrimination AKA selectivity is not very nice, but to consider it an outright disease is dishonest at best. By stigmatizing unpopular ideas as phobias, true freedom of thought is lost.

The doublespeak is rapidly multiplying. We need look no further than the language used by social justice engineers. Transphobia. Islamaphobia. Cisphobia. Everything is some type of phobia now. If it’s a disease to discriminate, nobody is sane anymore. Everybody hates, and there’s a major taboo against entertaining this concept. Phobias are much easier to deal with than something like hatred, after all. So total-and-complete-fear is considered to be the reason people think discriminatory thoughts, as opposed to just-plain-hatred. Nobody could ever just hate, could they? What a terrible occurrence! In the film Donnie Darko, this idiotic type of thinking is called out. Yet on the Left, fear is considered to be the reason that people hate everything from homosexuality to terrorism.

All these new labels are being stamped on the foreheads of anybody who doesn’t march to the beat of progress. There is a clear agenda to paint those who doesn’t agree with the establishment as mentally ill. When homosexuality was considered to be unacceptable by the state, it was also considered to be a mental disorder. Now the tables have turned to reflect modern views. Just flip the switch and you’ll see the new illness.

Let’s not forget Islamaphobia. How do we have a conversation with someone who considers any critique of Islam to be a pathologized fear? Can you criticize anything without being scared of it? According to le progs, the answer is no. There is only love or fear.

It’s funny how these are the same people who are proud to go against GMOs, yet declare anyone who questions mandatory vaxxing and voting to be a whacky conspiracy theorist. If you’re against coercive government force, you are now crazy. Dissenters have always been considered insane by the state. There is a reason that so many “crazy people” rant about the government.

In the film 12 Monkeys, Brad Pitt’s character puts it like this:

“You know what crazy is? Crazy is majority rules.”

Which is a lot like this democracy we have now. Crazy is refusing to accept this social illusion of equality. Crazy is thinking for yourself. It used to be that they called Timothy Leary insane. Now? It’s anyone who disagrees with the Obama Nation. Since there are so many psychological disorders based on political conformity, it has become increasingly difficult to tell which thought criminals are literally crazy and which thought criminals are politically marginalized. During the Soviet Union, political dissidents were locked up and tortured for their ideas. With the way things have been going recently, we are not too far from this ourselves.

If you don’t want to live in a world full of PC doublespeak, you are probably considered to be a bit psychotic. Your commitment to Sparkle Motion is immediately doubted. You’ve become one of the crazies, simply by thinking for yourself.

We’re all insane when we realize that equality cannot exist alongside freedom. We’re all insane when we realize that education isn’t going to stop rape. We’re all insane when we realize that social justice is the ultimate form of privilege. We’re all insane when we realize that collectivists are a rabid infection of unemployment and censorship. We’re all insane here, and maybe this is because we dared to question the noble lie of the common good.

Roarschah from Watchmen was insane, and he held views that were even more reactionary than those politically ambiguous Batman villains. Yet this, of course, is what made his character so appealing. He was insane in all the right ways. Rorschach was crazy, and we could relate to him for this very reason. He was driven mad by the demands of liberal society. He became a monster in order to fight the monster that was known as “the people.”

Every thought criminal knows what it means to go off the deep end, and everyone who has gone off the deep end knows what it means to be a thought criminal. Yet recently, something interesting has been happening. A new class of people who don’t “think properly” are starting to become the norm, and therefore less insane. (Insane is never the norm.) The alienated feeling of being against the political mainframe has created a new resistance. It is no longer seen as crazy to think that 58 genders on Facebook is ridiculous. Now it just means that you’re awake and alive. Another freethinking libertarian. Hyper-sane.

Now the social justice types are starting to be considered to be the crazy ones. Just recently, the gluten-free-vegan-we-define-ourselves-by-what-we-eat-cult was called out on being a mental disorder of its own. Yet is pathologizing people for their thoughts really the answer? That is exactly the type of behavior that we should refuse to stoop to, as the Left is consistently engaging in it. Freedom of thought is where freedom of choice begins, and we cannot have freedom of thought when unpopular views are considered to be mental disorders.

It was once considered insane to believe that the earth was round.

People who distrust the government are painted as crazy, but it’s not crazy to distrust the government, not even a little bit. It is actually the sign of a sane and rational person to question the powers that be. It signifies independence, critical thinking, and a desire to lead. It is our society that is deranged. In this increasingly deranged society, mental illness is used as a weapon to keep people in submission. The threat of being labeled as insane keeps societies in perpetual compliance. If a bunch of communists were to suddenly seize power, insanity would mean being a capitalist.

Insanity has been, historically, whatever the majority demonizes. Yet we must remember who is truly crazy here. It is the people who are blind enough to mindlessly worship the state. It is our society that is insane.

Rachel Haywire is an author and event producer who has been a model, electronic musician, and tech journalist. She currently runs the subversive political magazine You can follow her on Twitter at @RachelHaywire.

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  • Bordeaux Vixen

    ok, the stigma should stop

  • doktorjeep

    Funny that they are all about defending some kinds of “crazy” but anybody they deem crazy for their views is treated like a 19th century schizophrenic in need of torture to purge the demons out of them.

    • Bordeaux Vixen

      hear hear

  • Melanie Saffka

    A competent 7th grade English teacher would give this lumpen little essay a C minus, at best.

  • Melanie Saffka

    it is pretty fucking idiotic that even the mildest criticism of the shitty essays on this wretched MRA site are routinely deleted

  • Lladnek

    “Now the tables have turned to reflect modern views. Just flip the switch and you’ll see the new illness”

    Except there is no actual proof of that, and the author does not give it, but Homosexuality was in the DSM for many years and was actually removed. They make a terrible comparison. There is more though.

    “We’re all insane when we realize that collectivists are a rabid infection of unemployment and censorship. We’re all insane here, and maybe this is because we dared to question the noble lie of the common good.”

    Jeremy Clarkson didn’t have his contract renewed after physically assaulting a producer who did not press charges. People(and by people I mean the Author) often want to throw around words like Censorship and Police State because it makes for good reading, and it makes you seem like a plucky truth teller with the scales removed from your eyes. Not only is he NOT censored or banned from the BBC he’s more than likely to appear on a different show. These articles are largely based on faulty logic and poor reasoning with conclusions drawn based on some sort of delusional criteria. With more fictional examples than actual evidence. Using Urban Dictionary is cute and everything, but if you are trying to show proof of a trend you may have to try harder than that.

    • Melanie Saffka

      your comment will be deleted soon, I made the same points you make and got censored.

    • Lladnek

      It’s ok. I consider having my posts deleted here a badge of honor. Some people think counterculture is a posture to be assumed. But they still obsess over Rent and other Bourgie identifiers like Jet Skis and Tech Feminists who see through their wack theories.

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