New Jurassic World Trailer Shows Bigger Threats

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Have you seen the newest trailer for Jurassic World?  If, at first, it seemed like a collection of things we’ve already seen and you gave up (like I almost did), you need to watch the whole thing.

Initially, things are going well and the whole park has sort of a SeaWorld feel. Considering the controversy surrounding the documentary, Blackfish, one can’t help but draw a parallel between the two. There absolutely is an undercurrent of why the arrogance of human beings using animals for entertainment is a very, very bad idea.

A giant female dinosaur that Bryce Dallas Howard’s character so clinically refers to as “an asset” manages to escape containment and actually removes her own tracking device and uses it as a trap. The people in the control room are forced to stand helplessly as they see a member of their task force dragged away. That’s not enough, though. While on the loose, she begins killing other dinosaur for sport. How crazy is that?

Fortunately, they have Chris Pratt‘s character on the payroll. Not only does he seem to respect the that fact these “animals” are intelligent but he also is shown several times managing to control them. When everything goes to hell, we hear him say “if we do this, we do this my way.”  Yes, thank goodness someone competent is around to take charge because everyone else in this film almost looks dumb enough to make you wonder how they would have been hired at a Jurassic Park-type facility in the first place.

I’m not 100% sure about the special effects (I need to see it on the big screen to make a decision) but most of it looks pretty solid – especially the scene in the big common area when men, women and children who were expecting a day at the zoo are subjected to an attack of Jurassic proportions. This looks good. This looks really good. Check out the trailer:

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  • Bordeaux Vixen

    i mean, is this a movie for all ages?

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