Biggest Fails in the #kyliejennerchallenge

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    A new stupid trend is sweeping social media — the #kyliejennerchallenge. Apparently, many teens (and even some adults) want lips like Kylie Jenner, so they are going to great lengths to achieve her trademark bee-stung pout. These people aren’t getting injections. Instead, they are using bottles or shot glasses to blow up their lips.

    The method — which is undoubtedly painful — involves placing the opening of the vessel over your mouth, then sucking in to create a vacuum. This results in swollen (and often times bruised) lips.

    Check out some of the worst results in the gallery below. Let’s hope the trend ends soon.


    Bruised lips

    Kylie Jenner Challenge

    Epic Fail

    Botox Would Be Less Painful

    Kylie Would(n't) Be Proud

    Cartoon-like Results

    Stupid Teens

    Probably Fake

    Kids Getting in the Act

    Source: Twitter

    And here are a few of the fail videos just for fun…

    A video posted by @watchlips on

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      • Bordeaux Vixen

        this is a terrible idea! what were they thinking?!

      • Justin$Man

        they look so unsexy

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