College Student Sits Bare on Library Steps for Art

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At Texas State, a student identified as Monika Rostvold has gone viral for what she did in the name of art. The senior sat on the steps of the Alkek Library while wearing headphones, a blindfold and not much else. According to her, she wanted to see how others “objectified” her body.

Look in the album below to see Monika Rostvold and the naked goodness she provided the campus. While many were surprised, it doesn’t sound like anyone cared too much about her uncensored body. In fact, while she was confronted by police, she wasn’t arrested because authorities say there was no crime committed.

All in all, this woman is what’s great about college. Instead of thinking rationally, you have dazzling girls doing whatever they can to rebel against their parents. It makes for fun times for the rest of us.

Here’s the album mentioned previously — scroll through the entire set by hitting the right arrow:

Monika Rostvold














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  • Bordeaux Vixen

    i think its pretty ridiculous that what she did quite rationally as an art project, you called rebellion.

  • Kelli Rostvold

    I’m Monika’s mother and her performance art was a calculated decision to raise awareness concerning sexual assaults (both women and men). There’s no rebellion here. Just brilliance on the part of the artist.

    • Bordeaux Vixen

      way to raise a awesome kid!

  • ali676

    Every Time everyjoy with you
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  • Dan Meyers

    What would be super fun is to sneak up to her and ejaculate on her blindfold. Of course this would all be done in the name of “performance art.” Oh, what? You think this is “gross.’ You think this would be “over the top” and “repugnant?” You think maybe if there were unwitting, innocent children around they shouldn’t see such filth? Well, I guess you just don’t understand art like Monika and I, now do you?

  • Justin$Man

    either way, she looks fly as hell

  • Eot Lemac

    So, the natural tendency of men to be attracted to woman is a bad thing?
    She’s trying to stop this natural tendency? What the hell for?!?

    • S A Reinhardt

      She wasn’t trying to stop men from being attracted to women. She was making a statement that a man is not entitled to help himself to her simply because of her state of dress (or undress) irregardless of his level of attraction to her.
      Even if she were fully nude with that last little bit gone and your heart beating wild with desire, you still need consent, bro.

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