Exclusive Interview: Musician and Adult Film Star Miss Genocide

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Recently, we published a piece on the hottest tattooed video vixens and one of our favorites was Miss Genocide. The five-time AVN nominated adult film star was kind enough to grant us an interview to learn more about her many talents and tattoos.

Miss Genocide

EveryJoe: Tell us a little about about your music. I understand you are a bassist.

Miss Genocide: My band is called The Schisms, and I’ve been fully dedicated to this band for more than three years. Quite frankly, it’s a really weird arrangement of some of our greatest musical influences (Interpol, Queens of the Stone Age, The Birthday Party, Refused), paired with the craziest lucid dreams and drug trips you can imagine. It’s different, and I believe in it. Both of our EPs are available on iTunes and we have some great videos up on YouTube.

I only began playing bass a little under a year after moving to Austin – I am primarily a guitar player, and have been so since about the 5th grade, and studied it in college. Austin is a very music-oriented city, and is quite populated with guitarists. As a new girl to the city, I didn’t exactly have my way “in” yet, so I joined the first band that would have me, and they needed a bassist. Now I not only play with this tremendous project, but also a Melvins cover band, “LORAXXX”.

EJ: You’ve done some mainstream movies as well as adult films. What are the best things about doing both?

Miss Genocide: The transition back and forth between adult and mainstream has been pretty seamless. Everyone I meet in the mainstream side is extremely relaxed about my work in adult films, some are even intrigued! My agent knows I’m in porn and encourages me to keep doing what I do outside of what she books me for. So I guess the best part about being involved in both sides of the industry is that I’m living proof that entering into porn doesn’t shut the door completely for other career ventures. Being in porn has also made me more comfortable in roles for mainstream that other actresses tend to turn down. I’ve booked/auditioned for many simulated sex scenes and nude roles; already being comfortable naked in front of a camera definitely helps!

EJ: You are also into design, script-writing and a ton of other things. What’s next on the horizon for you?

Miss Genocide: Next, I plan on directing. I’m working on my band’s next music video, which I’m shooting and editing on my own, but later this year I plan on writing and directing a short film. My goal is to make it into SAG.

EJ: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

Miss Genocide: That’s always a crazy question, because ten years ago, I never thought I’d see myself where I am currently; but ultimately I would like to have had a few major film credits under my belt, touring globally with the band, and growing my label, Stray Wavs.

EJ: Tell us about your tattoos. What are your favorites?

Miss Genocide: Much of the work I have had done is all based on things that inspire me: the 1950s kustom kulture hotrod art of Ed Roth and Von Dutch, Star Wars, all mixed in with some of my favorite bands and a few personal tributes. Currently I’m almost done with my Japanese Warrior Darth Vader (which is my favorite so far), and next plan on an “under-boob” piece with a Ouija planchette, and I want a giant back piece of traditional Japanese pornography illustrations.

EJ: How did you come up with the name Miss Genocide?

Miss Genocide: I joke and tell everyone “I’m Jewish, it’s ironic,” which is true, but honestly it was a Myspace screen name that I stupidly made up in high school, then everyone started calling me by that name, and I wound up using it as I began modeling (very amateur-ly I might add). I decided one day that I’d like to try my hand at adult films, and applied to a site, was accepted, and I steadily grew a fanbase with the name, so I’m kind of stuck with it. I did a couple of scenes in 2012, trying to re-brand myself as Rio Nash – I shot for Dirty Diablos, and a scene for an alt test-site by MOFOS that was never picked up. I was advised against a name change, so I went back to Miss Genocide.

EJ: How did you get started in the industry? How did your family react?

Miss Genocide: I made friends with the folks over at Burning Angel, and they welcomed me to the roster on my birthday, August 9th, 2009. I don’t speak with my family, though I know my father has seen my work, and was very quick to use it as ammunition for harassment. Daddy issues, who would have thought?

EJ: What has been your most interesting experience doing adult films?

Miss Genocide: I did a smoking scene for Dirty Diablos (who were very sweet and accommodating) and while shooting our sex stills, I became light-headed while smoking a hookah, and soon after, was puking violently for about half an hour. We couldn’t figure out why. They brought me some food, let me nap while the male talent spooned with me (so sweet), and they helped me with finishing the rest of the scene. We later figured out there was cigar tobacco in the hookah for some reason – it was an accident, and we laughed once it was over.

EJ: What porn stars would you like to work with?

Miss Genocide: I have a huge girl-crush on Gianna Michaels, but that will never happen!

Miss Genocide’s Favorites:

  • Food: French
  • Book: Any of the Star Wars titles
  • Movie: This is so tough, so I’ll just let you know some of my favorite directors: Lars von Trier, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Robert Rodriguez, and Quintin Tarantino (just to name a few)
  • Vacation Spot: What’s a vacation?
  • Sex Position: Always the Acrobat!

Click through the gallery below see photos of Miss Genocide. To learn more about this hot video vixen, follow her on Twitter @TheMissGenocide, and check out her Tumblr, Instagram and IMDb pages.

Nice Tattoos

Miss Genocide

Getting Tattoos

Video Vixen

Sexy Miss Genocide

Miss Genocide for Burning Angel

Tattooed Adult Star

Boob Day

From Behind

Miss Genocide - Holly Jee


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