Is This Model Healthy Despite Her Weight?

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In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a hard push in recent months to mainstream plus-size models. One of the leading women putting her weight behind this movement is Tess Holliday. She’s not afraid to show off her dozens of curves — and, honestly, that confidence in herself is attractive.

However, is Tess Holliday actually healthy? You can see her naked in the pictures below in order to get a better view of her size.

Personally, while I don’t think it’s right to publicly fat shame someone, there’s a slippery slope between acceptance and advocating an unhealthy lifestyle. Being overweight has been scientifically linked to numerous conditions including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

As for this woman, I think it’s okay that she loves herself but she should be trying to lose weight. Even if she’s technically healthy right this seconds, her outlook would be much rosier if she reduced her number of curves. And, honestly, she’s a poor role model for young girls who may point to her as a reason why it’s okay to gain weight without worry.

Anyway, here are the images described above — click on the arrow on the right hand side to see everything she has to offer:

Tess Holliday




















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  • 007snipes .

    Obesity should never be applauded she needs to get fit shes a major risk for serious health problems!

    • Dan

      Shut up… She is beautiful, not to mention that body is edible!!

    • 007snipes .

      Hey some people love amputees and women with beards, guess you like obese unhealthy ones with crushed organs and overworked hearts ;)

    • Kwhyell

      Yeah it sure is… as in if you were on a deserted island, you’d eat her first and that’d probably give you a few months of sustenance.

  • akatgal

    There is nothing attractive or healthy about what she’s trying to promote. Her whole ‘eff your beauty standards’ campaign is complete hypocritical garbage. The only standard she’s effing with her face full of make up and her photoshopped pictures, is health. She just look unhealthy. I don’t feel hate towards her because of her size, I don’t think she should be shamed for her size but I do think her focus should be on getting herself to a healthy weight. A young woman in England died from overeating at the age of 20 last week. She didn’t look too different from Tess. Do we really want to be teaching young girls that this is ok? It’s not. It’s as bad as saying that anorexia is ok.

    • Sue

      Exactly! This is just the other end of the spectrum. No one should look at this woman and use it as a justification to stay at an unhealthy weight. This is just wrong.

  • Donald Eric Kesler

    Her health is none of your fucking buisness. Seriously, who died and made you the god damned surgeon general?

    Anyone who claims to be concerned about Tess Holliday’s health is just a hater who is pretending to care. After all, these same shit bags aren’t expressing concern for the health of celebrities who abuse drugs or alcohol. Stop trying to bully the fat girl because she doesn’t fit your narrow notions of pretty.

    • Sonic D

      THANK YOU!!!

    • Eve

      Her health is a concern if she is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. People shouldn’t love their body if it’s like this, they should see themselves in the mirror and wish to lose some weight.

    • Donald Eric Kesler

      It isn’t a concern to you. Her health doesn’t affect you in the slightest. You just enjoy being nasty.

      Seriously, are you trolling smokers online, warning them about how unhealthy they are being? Do you pester and vilify those who ride motorcycles, informing them that they will all be organ donors?

      Mind your own fucking business.

  • MissDez

    Oh, the concern trolls. Her health is between her and her doctor and strictly nobody else’s damn business.

  • Lord_of_Lotion

    Someday, she’s going to see herself in a mirror, and she is going to have one of those “My God what have I done” moments. I know I do every time she pops up in the news.

  • Matt Milton

    Love her! she is the most beautiful supermodel ever! Obesity of the females should be applauded, because beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. Anybody trolls against beautiful fat girls has a tiny penis. They aren’t man enough to handle real women. You can keep those ugly arse fake tits vagina farting skinny bitches with no self esteems.

  • Stephen Edward Mapstone

    Not healthy and definitely not attractive. Confidence is great, but the mainstream media’s push towards fat being beautiful is kind of gross. This is not meant as fat shaming even if it sounds like it. Size 16 can be beautiful, but size 22 with arms the size of her man’s head is not.

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