Why the Bill Simmons and ESPN Divorce is Fantastic For Sports Fans

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Bill Simmons, the reigning heavy weight champion of sports writing, has been fired by ESPN for speaking his mind. Even though everybody saw this coming, the news has still rocked the sports world.

Bill Simmons
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Although he hasn’t been writing as much in recent years as he concentrated on other multimedia-based endeavors, Bill Simmons is still the people’s “Sports Guy” — the guy who became famous by talking like a regular person; by giving the masses a voice in mainstream media.

Still, the conversational tone that made him a star also made ESPN President John Skipper’s blood boil, especially when it came to criticizing ESPN’s beloved billion dollar partner, the National Football League. And as we all, the NFL and its commissioner have provided plenty to criticize in the last year.

When Roger Goodell was caught in a lie in the Ray Rice aftermath, Simmons called him a liar and dared ESPN to punish him for it — and they did.

Recently Simmons called out Goodell again. On the Dan Patrick show, Simmons said Goodell lacked the “testicular fortitude” to make a decision on “Deflategate” until he gauged the public reaction.

This turned out to be the last straw. By once again striking out against ESPN’s main moneymaker, Simmons made enemies with a powerful entity and ultimately his own boss.

And now after a long and successful partnership, ESPN and Bill Simmons are done.

While Bill Simmons will never have as many resources at his disposal with another company, we all win with his departure.

Simmons could barely stand to write within the ESPN’s confines. He hates when people spew BS and yet he was forced to deal with it while ESPN pushed for conservative views on its most lucrative partners.

Now that he’s free, we’ll see an unfiltered Bill Simmons with a chip on his shoulder talking sports without worrying about fines or suspensions from John Skipper. Finally, we’ll get the unfiltered truth again.

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