Tom Brady Cheated But Roger Goodell is Again the Loser

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Everybody knows Tom Brady had footballs deflated but the problem for the NFL is Brady’s denying it and they can’t actually prove a damn thing. Despite the lack of tangible evidence, commissioner Roger Goodell unleashed a fury of punishment that he wouldn’t even give to a guy that literally knocked out his own wife.

Tom Brady and Roger Goodell
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This disproportional punishment has created a new avalanche of drama for the NFL to deal with and now the league brass and owners have to be wondering if Goodell finally needs to be kicked to the curb.

Of course, this all came about because the Patriots were once again caught cheating. Pats fans will say otherwise but there’s no plausible reason to believe anything else.

Where Brady went wrong was not casually admitting he let some air out of the balls (or had others do his dirty work) in the first place. Bending the rules and a little extra gamesmanship is not uncommon in a lot of sports, especially football.

Remember when Mike Tomlin went on the field to get in the way of an opponent? You can easily make a case that that was far worse than Brady letting out a few tenths of a pound under the regulation ball pressure. Even Brett Favre recently said he didn’t think it was a big deal because all teams are doing some kind of chicanery to get an edge.

If Brady could have just owned up to a few underinflated footballs in the very beginning, it’s likely very little would have come of the whole mess. Instead, the Pats tried to cover everything up and Goodell tried to assert his power and messed everything up again.

Now this NFL soap opera will undoubtedly continue into 2015.

Still, if you’re the Pats, you’re smiling. Whether they lose picks or not, they’re still Super Bowl champs. As for Goodell, he’s running out of eyes to blacken.

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