The Reality of #GiveYourMoneyToWomen

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On September 20, 2014 actress and U.N. Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gave a speech that officially kicked off the movement “He For She,” which aimed at encouraging one half of all people in the world to non-reciprocally support and advocate for the other half. The campaign calls on men and boys to “take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls” but says nothing at all about problems affecting men and boys. While celebrities took to Twitter to profess their unequivocal support to the cause, for a few days at least, the counter campaigns #WeForWe and #SheForHe appeared, encouraging the pursual of equality through equal attention and support, versus a gendered approach.

And for a little while, that was the debate – whether it was better for women’s issues should take the forefront of equality discussions, or if an un-gendered cooperative approach to equality would better assist the attempt to do away with perceived gender roles.

And then yesterday happened.

In a move that has shocked virtually no one, radical internet feminist idealogues have launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging men to simply give their money to women.

On Twitter yesterday, I noticed the use of the hashtag #GiveYourMoneyToWomen. I originally assumed this was a push to help female owned businesses and out of curiosity decided to check it out. What I found was women requesting money for makeup, shoes, and fuzzy blankets. Women demanding money “if you have ever smiled at a woman without her consent.” Women demanding money for being attractive. “You think it’s cheap being this cute? You look, you pay. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen” with an attached selfie image. Within two days, the hashtag has garnered more than 16,000 interactions.

My favorite of all the tweets I sifted through was: “The opposition to #GiveYourMoneyToWomen from men just proves how they don’t get what a chore is for women to exist online or…anywhere.”

What a chore it is to exist online. This young woman actually thinks women should be given free money because tweeting is hard work.

After I met my quota for internet rage quits, I thankfully discovered many women were actually fighting back against the campaign by saying they’re capable of earning their own money. This… this I had to get in on. I posted the following tweet in response:

In response to my statement, I was repeatedly called a racist, and was informed that the hashtag was started as a way to raise money for homeless women of color. This was a revelation that thrilled me. Perhaps I could draw attention to what this campaign was intended to be, yet was so clearly stolen by greedy people. I could help make a difference. My god, was I an idiot. When I searched the first use of the hashtag this morning, I was left disappointed. The first three uses of the tag were on May 29 by the same user and, in order of posting, are as follows:

Ladies, post your PayPals. It’s Friday & I’m sure men have #FF you because they’ve “learned so much”. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen”

It’s time for them to compensate your intellectual and emotional labor. #GiveYourMoneyToWomen”

We deserve our wife, girlfriend, woman existing in this world bonuses aka rightful compensation.#GiveYourMoneyToWomen”

Woman existing in this world bonuses? I deserve a bonus for breathing while female? That’s my “rightful compensation?” That sort of mindset doesn’t exactly scream, “I am an individual empowered woman, capable of existing on my own. I don’t need a man take care of me, I can do it myself!”

In addition to being inexplicably accused of racism, my tweet was also labeled as “ableist.” Because apparently, being a woman is a disability – according to one self-identified feminist at least.

The mission statement from the movement’s Tumblr account reads “#GiveYourMoney is a global movement. We are unifying women to a cause that slices to the heart of women’s issues: access to capital and resources. This is a global movement to be compensated for our years and lifetimes of unpaid emotional, physical, sexual, and intellectual labor. You treat us like resources and then get mad when we realize how to turn that back on you. Monetizing the male gaze.”

Never before have I felt more cheap, more interchangeable, more needy than when other women decided I, and others like me, deserved unearned money just for existing-while-female. That I deserved unearned money based on nothing more than birth happenstance. I shouldn’t do for myself – I should have someone do for me! By someone, of course, that means a man. Because other women are equally as incapable of doing for themselves as I so clearly am. Why have I been working all this time? I could have just heeded this woman’s advice and posted my PayPal. You silly men-folk are nothing more than walking dollar bills. Bottomless wallet pits.

The first user of the hashtag complained later that she had not yet received any compensation.

You mean random internet men didn’t give her free money for being someone else’s girlfriend before? How it the world is that possible? Clearly the only explanation is sexism, right? Must be sexism.

Obviously, this push isn’t as noble as the participants would like it to appear, if they have to hide behind lies of assisting homeless racial minorities in order to keep it free from criticism. The #GiveYourMoneyToWomen campaign not only reinforced “gender stereotypes,” it has also effectively taken gender roles back to the early 1900s. Way to go, girls. You smash that patriarchy.

Liz Finnegan is a soulless ginger with no political leanings. Pun enthusiast. Self-proclaimed “World’s Okayest Person.” Retro gaming contributor for The Escapist.

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  • Warlord Ralts

    It’s sad and discouraging. I remember girls saying “I can pay for my own damn drinks!” and “Let’s go dutch”, now it’s “gimme your money!” instead. How many 50′s and 60′s feminists would scream in rage at what has been happening for the last few years.

    It just makes you wonder, what the hell happened?

    • Billy Plante

      They learned and mastered the art of manipulation and shaming. They get all the benefits with little to no work on their part. Don’t agree with me? You’re a misogynist! Now pass that legislation! Give me that money you white male cis gendered scum!

    • Warlord Ralts

      What sucks, is think of all the work *real* feminists put into the system through history. The right to vote, the right to own property, the right of self-determination, the right to join the military, the right to engage in combat, the right to legal representation, everything else. Remember how they marched, protested, got jailed, everything else.

      Now picture how all those women would feel about what is going on now.

      Can you imagine the first female Marine Infantry Officer posting that shit? The first women astronauts? The female officer who led her troops into combat during Operation Just Cause?


    • Raymond

      I wish I could invent a time machine, and grab these lunatic feminists and introduce them to the women who fought for all of their current rights, just to see the current feminists shot down in flames

    • plasmacutter

      The woman who started the first abuse shelter is, I believe, still alive.

      She was harassed, stalked, and sent dead animals by feminists in the 70′s for daring to suggest similar shelters for men.

      Even the feminists of yesteryear were fighting based on bigoted hatred of men, not the desire to advance women, this is why The NOW purged feminists like Karen DeCrow who thought the advent of Roe V Wade made mandatory child support from fathers (His body, her choice) unjust.

      Since then the NOW and other feminists have had a hypocritical version of the conservative “keep your legs closed” argument with this issue of forcing men to pay for women’s choices. They say: “keep your pants on”, because, to feminists, consent to sex is not consent to parenthood only if you’re female.

    • Memnos

      The right to vote….well not really by feminists (it was more like pre-feminist/different organisation, although feminists love to cover themselves with those feathers)… the ironic part is that the deciders were men(the f’k would they give women the vote if they were oppressive shitlords) (and of course not all men/people got to vote even after the great wars (i think that 60% of men didn’t get to vote before the Second Great War), so yeah there’s a lot more going on than granting women the right to vote)

      the right to own property

      different times….women Could actually own property, the husband got the Responsibility to take care of his spouse when they married, in the end he got the bill and when she did something with the property got the money and didn’t have to share it with him (so property was pretty much His by name alone). mostly its got to do with protection of women and children….who goes downstairs to check out that loud noise, the man or the woman?

      the right of self-determination

      being what? having children? having children is a CONSIDERABLE undertaking, one that will keep you from other things…life is cruel like that, when you have responsibilities you cant really do what you want. our species has morphed like that, men go out and women stay put with the children.

      There’s a lot of fuzzing the truth and covering one selves with another’s feathers and really who’s to say that women weren’t Slaves to men considering that we don’t live for thousands of years and haven’t seen it with our own eyes. History is our interpretation of what happened back then after all and interpretation varies from individual to individual.

      Today’s women have been brought up with the notion that men are evil conniving bastards(Cis Hetero/Transphobic Misogynist White Privileged (probable) Rapist Men especially, who don’t identify themselves as being one with the Hipster/Otherkin/SJW etc(people who think that they are really some animal trapped inside a human body) community) who only want to harm them while they are angels who CANNOT Do Any Harm, at all. And wait that other people solve all their problems, yet still they are being catered to. So of course they are spoiled, they aren’t being brought up as adults but as children so they stay spoiled, even after passing thirty, its sick to say the least.

      The shit that’s out there. It really makes you loose faith in our survival.

      Just some food for thought about things that were not perhaps presented quite coherently nor presented to us quite truthfully/through a lens/looking at the bigger picture. With my own dramatic flares. Hah

      I apologize for not adding links to things but i’m too sleepy and im going off to bed. Good Night.

    • Devin

      I think it’s morphed into non-white women complaining about colonialism and demanding money for keeping the water clean or something

    • NickRepublic

      Then they shouldn’t bathe in it. Oh, wait, most of them already don’t…

    • Betty3045

      Are you using Pay!Pal address ?if you do you can include an extra 990 bucks a week to your Pay_Pal acc by working on the laptop for four HOURS every day=> —>

    • Razedbywolvs

      The right to vote, the right to own property, the right of self-determination, Feminist didn’t do any of those things. Or at least not in the way your fantasizing.

    • Davy Goossens

      you assume feminists/women are honest.

    • Bob Barnes


  • Jim Slemaker

    My guess is 99% of women think this total BS, too.

    • Reason

      NOW represents the less than 1-percenters controlling every aspect of the social order. Feminism is making all women look bad; if women would come out and retaliate against feminism it would be gone for good. Instead, feminism pretends to speak for all women when it is actually the most oppressive force they face.

    • plasmacutter

      The fact there are no women standing up to feminism, that nearly 100% of them are standing idly as the men they know are vilified and reaping the rewards of policies which transform the state into a weapon for abusive/manipulative women to use against men, does not reflect well on female character in general.

      This is a very sad realization from a male perspective.

      Feminists have put a metaphorical loaded shotgun into every woman’s hand which hangs over every interaction. They have poisoned the well more effectively than any caricature of a patriarchal oppressive overlord could.

    • Reason

      Well said. This is what the Matriarchy has to offer: the complete destruction of all things that resulted from the supposed Patriarchy – the same one that built almost every single physical aspect of the infrastructure now being abused by feminists.

      Luckily, after the eradication of men, the Matriarchy will clog all toilets and sewers within a month. Then – and only then – men will have their revenge, though only seen from a distance through prison windows. Still, guess who will clean those sewers.

    • plasmacutter

      I’d call such a scenario a pyrrhic victory, as society will have collapsed and men will be dying by the millions in local and regional conflicts due to the absence of law and order.

  • Mikeymoonshine

    I noticed a lot of them were complaining about not being paid for their writing, i’ve noticed a lot of feminist bloggers trying to make it as journalists/writers seem to blame sexism for their lack of success. Even though those fields are notoriously hard to get into and not at all well paid in many cases.

    • BaldwinBravo

      I had a classmate last year who had to give up professional writing after many years in that field due to the large number of people who are now willing to write for free.
      He just couldn’t make a decent living anymore. You are quite right, it has nothing to do with sexism.

    • Seele

      I am a professional writer and editor, and writing professionally – which involves a good dose of discipline – is totally different from writing out opinions and navel-gazing in blogs. Even if we do not consider the quality of their writings, they’re not selling their products but merely giving them away, so it’s simply absurd to claim victim status.

    • Matthew Lane

      ” after all, they say getting a camera or a camera phone is enough to make you a professional…”

      LOL no, the only people who ay that are the people with camera phones who think ownership of a camera phone makes them a professional photographer….. Actual photographers have a word for those people: Phonies.

    • Seele

      Indeed; for years I asked the same question: you buy a camera and then you are a photographer; but you buy an accordion, you just own an accordion; why is that so?

      Point is this: it is even more absurd these days, because if you have a computer, you are a professional writer.

  • GlassesBunny

    I participated in this hash tag, saying that it wasn’t empowering at all to beg for men’s money. I then had someone tell me that I wouldn’t feel that way if I was poor. I don’t have a lot of money living on the disability pension but I am looking for part time work. The person just called me a “disgusting idiot” and blocked me.

    I could just stay at home and live on disability pension (and demand that men pay me on Twitter), but I want to find part time work not just for the money, but for the social interaction, empowerment and sense of achievement and fulfilment it would provide. That is way too much work for them though.

    By the way Liz, I don’t see how your tweet is ableist (even as someone who cannot participate in work as well as most people can). I think you have your heart in the right place and it’s always comforting to see another woman that hasn’t completely swallowed the radfem nonsense.

    • NukeWaste

      What you are saying is that you have self-respect and will do for yourself. Before there were TVs in every house, most people respected the family and self-reliance. The media has been working overtime to minimize males and grossly overemphasize input from children. How long has it been since kids were taught to be seen and not heard? How long has it been since kids were taught to leave the room when adults are talking? Society has become much more self-focused. Since when did minimum wage pay to support a family? Male or female, if you are at minimum wage 5 years later at the same job, you don’t deserve a raise. You are a loser! Keep demanding free money and you will have no job at all! Nobody is going to pay that much for crappy food.

    • Dave

      You’re pretty much retarded. You can’t even talk about a topic with out slipping into your cretinous talking points.

  • Kurt Anderson

    “unpaid emotional, physical, sexual, and intellectual labor” – this came up repeatedly in this hashtag; there’s the implicit assumption that they are the only ones to expand this kind of labor. It continues to cement for me that this new generation of feminists are self-absorbed navel gazers.

    You want to talk about unpaid labor? Try this on for size:
    Calculate the average listening ratios between a male and a female in a given conversation (e.g. – in an hour-long conversation, how much is each person NOT the one doing the talking). Do this for every single intersex relationship (friends, coworkers, SOs, acquaintances) and sum – once for the man and once for the woman. Multiply both sums by the average hourly rate for a therapist. Net out and pay surplus to the appropriate party.


    “Unpaid emotional labor.” Leave it to the disciples of the Microaggression to propose commoditizing every minuscule human interaction.

    • NukeWaste

      I have a better idea. Females should pay males for letting them be useless. What do painted nails, Expensive hair styles and buying clothes before what you have is worn out, do for men?

  • Fraga123

    Give it here, rapebeast, GIVE IT HERE!

  • TtTreatise

    You realize this was a hashtag primarily used by a fetish niche calling themselves findoms (financial dominatrix, etc), a branch of sub/Dom sexual role playing? While surely a couple of naive idiots latched on, this is an extension of a rather odd role playing subculture in which dominant women demand financial rewards from willingly submissive patrons. This has nothing to do with your scary feminist straw man. This is yet another false premise from this ridiculous excuse for a right wing brosite.

    • DynastyStar

      Nice no true scotsman fallacy :)

    • thejynxed

      You do realize the person who wrote this article looked at all of the Tweets using the hash and mentions exactly what she read when she saw those first Tweets, right. You’re a lying assclown.

    • wordsIVue

      “subculture in which dominant women demand financial rewards from willingly submissive patrons” – in other words society.

  • Franc

    Lauren Chief Elk – haha. This is what I got when I clicked on her profile a while back. SJW archetype -

  • David Dee

    Every week I look at Feminism and think the same thing.

    “It can’t possibly get more ridiculous than this. THIS has got to be the point where everyone recognizes that it has gone too far and discredits it as nonsense.”

    But I am consistently wrong. Every week they manage to find an even more hair-brained cause to support in the name of “equality.” It has literally now boiled down to “hey, give us money because we are women.” If this trend continues (and yes, it will), don’t be surprised to see #GiveUsYourKidneys or #GiveUsYourTesticles popping up on twitter in the following weeks by a brigade of blue-haired fat tumblrinas.

    Ironically, the people I am most upset by in all of this are men. We have let an irrational group of people with no clear ideological goals (other than superiority) call the shots and direct the culture, all while claiming that they are doing the opposite. Men have castrated themselves and are letting ‘Marxism Lite’ (aka Feminism) run amok with no repercussions.

    Let’s not forget that we are men and that we are simply ‘allowing’ this to happen. A child can only control a parent if the parent relinquishes their power and lets the child do what they want. When third wave Feminism became mainstream, the children became the parents, and it only took a few years for #GiveYourMoneyToWomen be considered as legitimate, when it should be laughed at and chucked in the garbage along with other famous social fails like #KONY2012.

    Guys, let’s not let this shit go on any longer. We need to stop this before it gets even more out of hand.

    • Jack Strawb

      I still can’t quite get my head around the idea that #GiveYourMoneyToWomen isn’t farce.

      Don’t we already do that? Is there a greater drain on taxes (besides corporate welfare) than subsidizing the decisions of women to become single mothers?

    • Matthew Lane

      Actually corporate welfare isn’t by default a drain on taxes. Quite often they are used to create underlying facilities that actually save people money in the long run: Public transport for example.

    • NukeWaste

      Corporate welfare is sort of screwed up. Corps do not really pay taxes. They are included in the prices. People would scream if they had to pay honest prices for the things that are subsidized. They would demand government help. The end results would be the same economically. In the inner cities, welfare is regarded as a life long right. I have lived here and other depressed areas my entire life. If you aren’t exposed to this behavior on a regular basis, you shouldn’t want to believe that the fraud is as rampant as it is. How about high school guidance counselors telling girls to get pregnant and then helping them get section 8 housing and all the assistance available, needed or not. This is feminism. Expecting equal rights isn’t!

  • Falcus

    “I’m all strong and indipendent when there are rights to grab, but I’m a little weak damsel in distress who needs your help and money when I need to deal with any difficulty”
    Modern feminism in a nutshell.

  • ironexe

    “Unpaid sexual labor”? Are they saying that all women are prostitutes? I thought that was a misogynistic insult?

    • Paul

      I think it comes back to the idea that thinking about a woman is an act of ‘telepathic rape’ (it is impossible to parody radical feminists). Therefore, these women all deserve to be compensated for the ‘sexual services’ they are providing, by existing.

    • Matthew Lane

      “it is impossible to parody radical feminists”

      Yep, it’s impossible to apply Poes Law to feminism: No matter how extreme one has to be to parody the position, there is always without fail a contingent that believes it: From international castration day, to kill all men.

    • NukeWaste

      You guys missed the wacko who believed that women are from Venus and Men from Mars. Not whoever wrote that book. This freak believes that we are all aliens. (Watch me get hate mail that says that I should read a book before condemning it. I am not talking about any book. I can’t wait!)

  • Rob McMillin

    This is so awesome. It actually makes more sense as a sort of campfire for anti-feminists to gather round than as an actual thing feminists are themselves doing, i.e. I see little indication of adoption by self-described feminists. But my favorite remarks on this subject have to come from David Frum:

    While his tense is belied by the underlying link, he’s not wrong that women are spending more than they earn. So, success!

  • The Prez

    You’re definitely onto something with that last line. They’re prudish and see women as helpless and lacking agency, totally dependent on men.

    Apparently Feminism in 2015 pines for the 50s!

  • Cenobite

    Asking for gifts, demanding money, in exchange for what? “You look, you pay?” I don’t look, don’t want to look, cause that ugly came from the bone out. I spend my money on me, or didn’t they read the, “Sexodus.”

    I think that’s what it is really. It might just be hitting home for some of them. More men are turning away. We’re learning from the Media, Universities, Government, and so much more that we owe nothing to anyone anymore. Even the white knights are starting to fear engaging men because they know it won’t work.

    • NickRepublic

      Now you had me up ’til the last sentence where I got a little lost. Please elaborate.

    • Cenobite

      The White Knights who defend these women by engaging you telling you to man up. Check your privilege. I have noticed that they are starting to not charge in. To avoid engaging us because we are not taking their guff. More, and more I see these men get it pointed out to them that they are forcing women into the role of the damsel. We’re seeing though their game of trying to play the hero in hopes of being noticed.

      In one sense they infuriate me because they choose not to see what they are doing. In the other sense I really pity them because they are trying to wear the chains of their forefathers. Chains that are broken now, and on some level they know this, and this is why they are starting to leave us alone.

      Didn’t mean to confuse you my friend.

    • NickRepublic

      I have fallen into this trap myself.

    • itdarestospeak

      Don’t worry about it chap, we all have at sometime or other in the past.
      If you have realised it then you are on your way to never making that mistake again.
      White Knights are a dying lifeform these days and it’s great because without them feminism won’t survive for long.
      Women screamed for equality; soon they will get it and they aren’t going to enjoy it much

    • NukeWaste

      Look around. Females have been more than equal for years now. They hate it. They thought that it would be fun. No, it is work. So, they don’t believe that they are equal yet. They will never feel equal because the work isn’t fun.

  • iggy

    Why do activists, particularly feminist activists, keep re-inventing phrases that already exist? #GiveYourMoneyToWomen = #Prostitution. Personally I think human beings (regardless of gender) are worth more than just their ability to give money or sex. Men are more than just wallets, women are more than just vagina’s. Nobody owes you anything… do it yourself and quit begging for daddy state to use violence to get it for you.

  • NickRepublic

    Why should I #GiveYourMoneyToWomen. They’ll just buy unneeded, overpriced shoes and purses with it. See stereotypes like theirs can be fun!

    • NickRepublic

      OR, Sorry, I already gave at the divorce…

  • Darklight

    How about a complete shut down of the massive transfer of fundings that takes place in every Western nation from men to women, through the male income taxes instead?

    That should provide these women with the financial incentive to go out and get a job _beneath_ the glass ceiling, which is overwhelmingly occupied by the one half of the demographic that actually still puts in the work to sustain our level of civilization.

    I mean, we’re all for equality here, right? Right??

  • Isaac Nelson

    How much do we have pay if they block us for laughing at them?

  • Reason

    Feminism: Give me money or I’ll scream “rape”.

  • Chris

    I’m thinking of starting a hashtag called “givemeyourmoneybecauseI’mtoolazytoworkforitmyself”, with the explanation that I’m not afraid of hard work, I can lie down and sleep beside it. Wonder how much can be bummed off gullible people.

    • itdarestospeak

      It won’t work as you don’t have a vagina
      Sorry chap

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    #GiveYourMoneyToWomen that campaign has been going on for decades. Its called Family Courts.

    • itdarestospeak

      It’s known as the National Health Service in the UK. ….

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      So both countries engage in false advertising.

  • Elliott Gaal

    First thing to announce: 80% of homeless are men, regardless of ethnicity.

    Second, if they thought they were being exploited and used, they should go visit WWI and WWII battlefields and graveyards for a real idea of what it is to be exploited and used.
    Third, women control over 70% of disposable income, to say that they have no capital is an outright lie.

  • JulenOchoa

    This is just proof that feminists are so complacently in possession of female privilege they think they should be paid just for having a vagina. There is, of course, a profession that runs on that basis, but usually feminists don’t admit to belonging to it.

  • Robjam01

    The mask is finally off and the ugly. twisted greedy faces have been revealed

  • Flo


  • Fantaman

    Looks like they finally realised they priced themselves off the market completely.

  • NukeWaste

    Feminism was never about equal rights for females. Most people have no idea that this stupid idea was simply a ploy to push females out of the home and make them into separate income tax generators from their husbands. This also give the state more time per day to corrupt your kids.

  • KnxGuy MGY

    Give you money? Hmmm… Let me think… No you women are not worth 5 bucks. Go work on an oil rig youbpampered protected spoilt little shits

  • Pooh Percy

    Worst. Generation. Ever.

  • schellerscreen

    Yeah. Enjoy your feminism.

  • Kwang Pak

    How do you people keep thinking feminism has been heroic? Its been nothing but blantent misandry. Dont confuse the sufferage movements of the 1900 with 2nd or 3rd wave feminism. The suffrage movement were conservative group. If they saw what doors they opened up i would doubt they woild have supported even that movement.

  • decwow

    I just rolled through that whole twitter thing, and looked through a number of the accounts these women are posting from. A LOT!!! of these women are call girls. As far as I’m concerned, case closed.

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