Dear Bruce Jenner

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Kiraspondence - Open Letter to Bruce Jenner

Dear Bruce Jenner:

I’d better say this up front before the vitriol patrol lose their collective mind over what comes next. I do not wish to be insensitive to your journey. If you’re happy pretending you’re a woman then who am I to tell you that you can’t do that? This is your life, your happiness and your family. Unfortunately (or fortunately for your fat and getting fatter Kate Spade pocketbook) you’ve made it my business and the business of everyone in America at this point, so I feel it necessary to clear this up on behalf of all women everywhere.

Literally speaking (literally literally, not the literally the kids use these days) there is about as much scientific evidence of real transgenderism as there is that vaccines cause autism. It’s science and since I think science is very valuable and I adore logic, I’m just being factual here.

But like I said, your life, your choice. What I will not do is welcome you into the “sisterhood” as a fellow woman. You simply are not. The way my white friends will never understand what it’s like to be black, the way a mother can never really understand what it’s like to be a father, you will never really be able to understand what it’s like to be a woman.

You are not a woman. You will never be a woman. That title is something that is earned. It is not a persona or a skin you can slip into one day when the moment is right. It is not something you think you are and then later mutilate your body to match. What goes into becoming a woman cannot be surgically inserted (or removed for that matter). It cannot be gained in therapy or a lifetime of feeling different or found in the hem of a particularly stunning dress. I think even the most hardcore of feminists would agree it is far more than biological, certainly much deeper than psychological.

You will never understand the careful navigation of the world every girl must figure out for herself. You’ll never know what it’s like to be a little girl in a man’s world or what it’s like to watch your body change into that weird in-between stage when all the boys around you are still little boys and you’re turning into a woman without even really wanting it. You’ll never know what it’s like to deal with a monthly cycle, or even what it’s like to be the very rare woman who doesn’t get her monthly but still has to deal with the stigma of being a teenager developing more slowly than her peers. Ovaries are not just anatomy. They play a big part in who we are as women. There are many, many women out there who have had their ovaries removed for various medical reasons. You are not even like them, because those women also deal with the emotional and physical repercussions of being a woman who had ovaries and can no longer let them stay in her body.

I hated growing into a woman. I didn’t understand womanhood, and being raised without a father in the home had a negative impact on my development as young woman. I had no idea how to relate to the opposite sex and I had no desire to embrace my own sex. I was freaked out by the idea of getting my period. The idea of sex was even freakier. I railed against my mother when she finally insisted I get my first bra. Womanhood embarrassed me. I was changing and I didn’t know how to be OK with that.

As the mother of a young daughter I feel acutely aware of the need to frame womanhood as something she should look forward to. I don’t want her to feel scared about all the changes. I want her to welcome them, to learn how to ride them out and embrace them. I want her to feel like she’s finally getting into the club, that she will one day transition her girlhood into a beautiful, diverse, strange and sometime crazy community we call womanhood. I tell her stories (in vague terms, as she’s still quite young) about all the great things the changes in your body mean. Her period means she can one day be a mother, her breasts mean she can one day nurse that child. Her sense of nurturing and desire to care for her dolls and teddy bears like they’re babies will one day morph into all the instincts she needs to take care of a family of her own. These are things – even for women who never get to directly experience them – that make up the essence of a woman. The idea that you can or can’t do these things is something that is carried by each woman through her entire childhood, to adulthood and the burdens on being able to or unable to do these things are uniquely…womanly. They are added to all the other experiences that a girl has as she journeys into maturity and when she arrives at the other end she calls herself “woman” because of them; because of all the experiences.

I truly do hope you feel better about yourself and enjoy your life now. I hope your children can find a way to mourn the loss of their father without being judged for it, by you or anyone else. I’m fine with whatever you choose to do or call yourself, as it is your life and your choice. Hell, I’ll even march with you and stand up for your dignity as a human being and someone who deserves to be loved and appreciated. I am not, however, fine with welcoming you into the womanhood club.

And while I’m sure we could go out and have a drink and laugh and probably have a pretty good time, I’ll never be thinking of you as “a sister”, but rather as a man who has found some measure of comfort in living the way he’s always wished to live.

Womanhood is a unique journey. For my daughter’s sake and the sake of my fellow women who battle every day to be recognized as valuable for their womanhood and not just in spite of it, I cannot cheapen that journey by allowing you to suddenly claim that moniker having never truly known the price.




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Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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  • Kasimir Urbanski

    Kira, you start out by talking about ‘scientific evidence’, but the rest of your article is an appeal to emotion, not scientific fact but rather your feelings as a woman, former girl, a daughter who didn’t have a father, and mother of a girl, etc.

    Would it be fair to bet that in addition to your feelings as a woman, you are also a devout and socially-conservative Christian?

    • Ted Smith

      She made a point about legitimate transgenderism not being backed up by scientific evidence. She nowhere said the whole piece would be evidence-based. The piece is largely anecdotal. And even if she is a socially-conservative Christian (I have no idea if she is), who cares? What does that matter?

      Bruce Jenner is not a woman. The author here is right.

  • Tirebiter

    Womanhood is not “earned”, one is born into it – male or female. What is unobvious about that ?

  • Bailey :)

    Thank you for speaking up and not being afraid to say how you feel. Unfortunately, in our world today….if you don’t agree with the “majority” you are not allowed to share it, in fear of being attacked verbally because you are using your freedom of speech (but since it doesn’t agree with their ideal of what is right, you are instantly labeled wrong).

  • Rachel

    Read a fucking book. There is actually quite a lot of scientific evidence behind GDD (Gender Dysphoria Disorder). I would like to see your SCIENTIFICALLY based articles in which you got your information. Have you ever heard of the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual of Metal Disorders 5?? If you knew much about anything, this dysphoria disorder has been present in the Manual for many years, and many psychologists will gladly back up the diagnosis. I would also like to mention, he had been feeling this way since he was a small child (the age of which gender dysphoria disorder emerges) but had been hiding it because at that time as it would have been deemed unacceptable an he probably would have had to undergo extensive psychotherapy. In addition, he would have been shamed by idiot preachers such as yourself. Thank goodness these types of behaviours and views are not as acceptable in this day and age. Just because he has never experienced a menstrual cycle doesn’t mean much of anything to me in terms of being a woman or joining womanhood.

    So what, he was not born a woman. Who gives you the right to say anything about how a person feels or what they want to be. As for you saying mothers do not know what it is like to be fathers…I know many women out there who take on the roles of being a father in single mother families. You are an extremely ignorant human being and I frankly am ashamed that you are able to post such bullshit onto a public forum and influence the minds of readers with this piece of shit literature. To me (and I’m sure many other open minded individuals) your argument is invalid and you are a prejudice asshole who clearly knows nothing on the topic of GDD. I sincerely hope your daughter is more open minded as to what makes a human being aside from their physical attributes.


    Graduate of Human Sciences, Psychology (specializing in disorders and diseases of the mind)

    • Matthew T. Mason

      Dear Graduate:

      I’m familiar with the DSM-V. It’s the one that classified pedophilia as a sexual orientation until someone noticed it and pointed it out. They say it was an accident, and yet they cannot explain B4U-ACT.

      I, for one, would prefer to be guided by actual science, and not the type having its roots in a sociopolitical agenda.

      If you’d rather embrace that agenda instead of what’s obvious to all, especially women (including yourself, if you’re in fact a biological female), then your degrees are absolutely worthless.

    • Rachel

      Actually it was classified as a paraphiliac disorder. But thank you for your comment.

      As for a sociopolitical agenda, how about you relay that opinion to the thousands of children who have GDD, who could care less about sociopolitical agendas.

      In addition to that, biologically speaking, if one feels as though they were born the wrong sex (not gender, which people seem to get confused with sex) there are often times certain biological compositions (be it neurotransmitters, hormones etc) present that are different from those who believe they were born in the right sex.

      Also, I would like to stress the fact that she is not “transgendered” she is transexual (and sex is not a social construct, gender is), something the author should have done her research on before writing this post.

      Now, I’m not denying Bruce Jenner was born a man. I’m simply pointing out the fact that this blog post is a) extremely discriminatory towards a wide range of people and b) VERY unscientificly based.

      Personally I welcome her into womanhood proudly. Also, Bruce Jenner prior to transitioning into a woman probably knew more about being a woman than most women know about being women given the children he raised.

      I think this post is demeaning towards women and men alike and I am proud that Caitlyn Jenner is now considered one of our own by less ignorant human beings.

    • John

      Let me ask you a question, Rachel. I am white. If I underwent a skin-dying therapy and dyed all of my skin dark brown, went and had some plastic surgery to get some facial proportions and bones changed, wore contact lenses to turn my eyes brown, shaved my head and started calling myself an african-american, how would you respond?

      I think we both know the answer. And I think we both know this is fundamentally no different. Bruce Jenner has never been, is not now, nor will he ever be, a woman. He is a man. At the *chromosomal* level, he is a man. Confused and troubled, as we all are in some area or another, but still a man.

      The single mothers you speak of, many of them do an admirable job trying to fill to fill the father-void in their home. But they can’t. Because they’re not men. Same as a single father could not fill the mother-void, no matter how hard and earnestly and valiantly he tried. We commend the parents who do this, and rightly so, I know a few of them and they do the absolute best that they can. But they all tell me, without fail, that they can’t do it. There is an essential piece missing and they are not so proud as to deny it, because they simply are not the opposite sex and have the courage to admit that they can never replicate it.

    • Rachel

      Actually I’m extremely glad you brought up the race card, because I figured someone was going to do it.
      The problem with your question is that we do not have neurotransmitters, hormones and chemicals in our brains and bodies that would make us feel that way, deep down in our souls. Which is why it is not recognized as a disorder in the DSM5. HOWEVER, we do have those properties in regards to sex and which sex we identify ourselves as, which is why it IS recognized in the DSM5.

      So to me your question is stupid and invalid and has nothing to do with psychosexual properties.
      Also John, you know next to nothing about me so do not sit there and tell me that you know what my response would be in terms of if a white person wanted to become black, brown, Asian, because for your information, people do undergo those surgeries. And while they are probably not verified by a psychologist/psychiatrist in practice, who fucking cares.

      Worry about yourself and stop spreading the hate.

    • John

      Spreading the hate? Rachel, in all kindness, please, read your own writing. I express sympathy that Mr. Jenner has struggles and admiration for single parents amongst the other items in my post, and you respond with such gems as “stupid and invalid”, the always-pleasant-and-conducive-to-civil-discussion “for your information”, and expletives. And that’s just in response to my post. You call others “ignorant f*ck(s)”, say you hope they will never reproduce, insist that they cannot question you and accuse them of being incapable of loving their families. Who is spreading hate?

      But since you keyed on the question so much, and assert that I do not know how you would feel, you could help me know you better by answering it. But I feel that I should suspect that at this point in the dialogue, the answer I get may not be entirely genuine, intentional or not.

      Regardless of any disorder (and it is precisely that, a disorder) that Bruce Jenner may be suffering from, and I understand and empathize that he has a disorder, it does not change the truth of the analogy. In the same way that I can never know what it’s like, and therefore never be, a black man; Mr. Jenner is not and can never be a woman. The analogy wasn’t about what drives the decision or urge to change who one is on that fundamental of a level, which is what your studies focus on. It was about whether or not one *can* change those qualities (you can’t) and the double-standard that exists in society in response to attempting those changes.

      You want this to be about Mr. Jenner’s deficiencies in the chemical makeup of his brain. Society doesn’t care about this, and most of them don’t understand it. Their approach to it is Relativism. “Let him do what he wants, who cares?” If this is our standard, then we don’t have standards, because eventually that line of thinking takes you to amoral anarchy, if one has the integrity in their worldview to follow it through.

    • Rachel

      Actually you are right I was rather rude on the topic, and for that I can say sorry.

      As for the rest of what you are saying, I’m not denying that it is a disorder. I am saying that he was born a man physically, but feels as though he was born in the wrong body and that he indeed should have been born a woman.She has now made that stride into womanhood, and the author discriminates and says comments such as “I am not, however, fine with welcoming you into the womanhood club”

      My question to that is “Why not???” Because she was not born a natural woman? Yet that’s all she has ever wanted to be and it’s something she has always felt she was inside? To me this is somewhat of a civil rights issue and that is why I feel so passionately of the issue. I have researched this topic extensively and know my information quite well. For her to say he cannot join womanhood I say why not? He wants to identify as a woman, live as a woman and be a woman from now on. He didn’t all of a sudden change his mind and wake up one morning deciding to switch it up.

      I do want this to be about chemical deficiencies in the brain because maybe then people WILL stop thinking so close minded and understand what she has been tortured with for over 60 years. And I do believe in the relativism in the situation because, why do people care SO much?? It is not about not having standards. When it comes to morality and the law there are standers. If she were joining a GDD cult and going around killing other people then I would have a problem, but it certainly would not be with the fact that she has chosen to be brave and become her true authentic self after all these years.

      I would hardly call Bruce becoming Caitlyn something of no standards which could create amoral anarchy. That is a far stretch from the situation.

    • John

      I appreciate the point of view, and apologize for the people on “my side” who are being nasty to you. Personally, I don’t see the difference in a man who feels he should have been born a woman and a man who feels he should have been born a giraffe. He is fundamentally neither of those things, and to encourage him to believe that he is by changing the pronouns we use for him or how we treat him in general, is to feed his delusion. A chemical deficiency, this disorder, precludes it from being his “authentic self”. He is ill. The authenticity we should embrace is the realness of his disorder and the depth of help and support he needs in overcoming it, not enabling it.

      I have two brothers. If one of them were to do what Bruce has done, I would not love them less. I also would not support them in thinking they were a woman. I would support them in accepting that they have a problem, and need help. We as a culture don’t like to be real about our problems, both collectively and personally. Because if we’re real about them, there’s responsibility to fix them and the awkwardness (and sometimes pain) of acknowledging them to ourselves and others *as* problems.

      I care about what Bruce does with his life, because I care that the man is sick and we’re treating him like he isn’t. I am sad for him and his family. I care about what it says about our society that we encourage his behaviour. We spend so much time and energy obsessing over making people feel accepted, but in the wrong way. I don’t want or need my faults accepted as ok, I need/want to be accepted in spite of the nakedness and reality of my faults. This is what we should strive for, how would should engage and love people. It’s ok to not be ok, it’s not ok to stay there.

    • Abbytabb

      Yes! Depression is a disorder, correct? A chemical imbalance, I believe? So do we look at our friends and family members who are depressed and celebrate that depression with them? No! We encourage them to get help, we treat them with drugs to combat that chemical imbalance, and we try to get them back on the track. Why are people with a chemical imbalance that causes them to not *feel* like the gender they were born treated differently?

    • peterblaise

      Drug treatment for depression may help get the patient high and out of the doctor’s office quickly, but drug treatment alone is not life-long maintenance, but instead is spiraling addiction and avoidance of the underlying causes and possible solutions, disregarding the patient’s best interests.

      Depression is “treated” quickly, chemically, to prevent dysfunction to the risk of suicide, and minimize insurance billing.

      Cait Jenner’s self identity is not equivalent dysfunction per se, and she is “treating” her needs just fine, thank you.

      If YOU are uncomfortable as a result, you may need experienced consultation or group connection therapy, but expecting your happiness to be satisfied by Cait Jenner behaving a certain way is probably unrealistic.

    • peterblaise

      You are rather myopically hypocritical, prejudiced, and arbitrary to on the one hand say Cait Jenner is delusional and has faults, but they can only be dealt with by modifying the inside to match the outside, but no one should support making changes on the outside to match the inside.

      You have no reason to support your preferred arena for change being inside only.

      You have no reason to support your resistance to accepting change on the outside.

    • Rachel

      I understand where you are coming from. But once again, with scientific and medical research, you would know that reparative/drug therapies do not work on such individuals such as homosexual and trans community members. It often makes matters worse as they are more likely to kill themselves due to comorbid depression.

    • John

      Pushing someone to suicide is obviously never the goal. But saying that “the things we know how to try don’t typically work” is not a reason to stop trying or to give in to the delusion.

      It’s easier, certainly, to just stop fighting. It always is. I’m personally well acquainted with that, and the crushing depression that can push you to it. And so believe me, I empathize with people who have massive internal struggles that they just can’t seem to get out from under. When it seems like the only answer is to let the struggle have you, or end it all so you don’t have to wrestle anymore. But these have never been reasons to stop fighting. It sucks. It’s hard. It is mentally, emotionally, and intellectually draining to the point of exhaustion. And sometimes, it wins. But Bruce Jenner, the man who fathered four children, is still there. He needs people around him who will fight for him, and encourage him to fight for himself.

    • peterblaise

      Calling someone else’s self-assesment “delusion” is an inappropriate prejudice — it’s best for people like you to walk away if you can’t be suportive, if you can’t get over your own agenda for others.

    • Abbytabb

      There was a guy who had himself tattooed, had whiskers surgically implanted, ears tipped, teeth sharpened, etc, to make himself look like a tiger. He had always wanted to be a tiger. He really felt like he was a tiger. Do you think that actual, real, natural-born tigers welcomed him into the tiger club after he went to such pains to become “his true, authentic self”? He was a man who was pretending to be a tiger. Much like a man who thinks he believes he wants to be a woman. But who still loves women sexually, and wants to date them, if I remember correctly. Sadly, last I heard, Tiger-man committed suicide, I believe.

      Also, your argument that Bruce has been diagnosed by an actual doctor who justified his “disorder,” thus opening up the door to his opportunity to “become” a woman holds no water with me. There are a lot of quack doctors out there. Remember, somebody had to graduate at the bottom of the class.

    • peterblaise

      People commit suicide without having the chance to become a tiger for even one day, tiger man was lucky.

      Now that we know your diagnosis that Cait Jenner is “disordered”, can you tell us where you graduated in your class in medical school?

    • Dómari

      Brain chemistry is not responsible for Bruce Jenner. Rachel is a “social justice warrior,” pushing pseudo-science as a means of justifying moral relativism and acceptance of anything and everything that any person may wish to do.

      The scientific studies that looked into trans people all had very small sample sizes, and virtually all of them looked at different areas of the brains of post-HRT trans people. A few indeed claimed to have found “opposite-sex brains” in trans people, but another study showed that those same structures of the brain are affected by HRT so that they shrink or grow to more closely match that of the opposite sex. In short, there is no evidence that there is a biological cause for this stuff.

      As for her constantly pointing to the DSM, it has been known for decades that the DSM can and is modified according to pressure exerted by certain groups. Pointing to a source that is known to acquiesce to outside pressure is like pointing to no source at all.

      Bruce Jenner has psychological issues. It isn’t the chemistry of his brain. He doesn’t have a “female brain.” He hasn’t been a “woman” his entire life, and he will never be a woman. No amount of Rachel’s ranting and raving will change reality since it exists independent of her views.

    • peterblaise

      How intimately you must know Caitlyn Jenner and what it takes for her to pursue her own happiness(!).

      And how accurately you have identified that it is your business and authority to enumerate constraints on human rights for others, especially when they have no impact on you at all.

      The ignorance and resulting fear here is palpable.

    • peterblaise

      And yet you don’t share either

      [1] how Caitlyn Jenner has any impact on you,

      [2] your superior rights over Caitlyn Jenner’s self determination,

      [3] your diagnostic qualifications to assess “disorder”, nor

      [4] any reason to claim that support for individual pursuit of happiness — the hallmark definition of the US — leads to anarchy.

    • Miss Malevolent

      Boy this post was oddly prophetic.

    • Abbytabb

      Yes. He is *biologically* (oooh, can we even say SCIENTIFICALLY?) a man. Is. Was. Always will be. A. Man. I totally respect his right to believe and act like whatever he wants to believe he is. But facts are facts.

    • Matthew T. Mason

      Actually it was classified as a paraphiliac disorder.

      Absolutely false:

      Pedophilia is not a “sexual orientation,” and erroneous use of that phrase will be corrected soon in its new manual on mental illnesses, the American Psychiatric Association said Thursday.

      The APA’s statement came in response to media inquiries, including from The Washington Times, about an uproar on the Internet that the APA had designated pedophilia as a sexual orientation in its new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as DSM-5 or DSM-V.

      Source: Wetzstein, C. (2013, October 31). APA to correct manual: Pedophilia is not a ‘sexual orientation’. Washington Times. Retrieved June 3, 2015, from

      how about you relay that opinion to the thousands of children who have GDD

      1) I seriously doubt the number.

      2) A disorder is something that should be treated, not encouraged.

      In addition to that, biologically speaking, if one feels

      This is contradictory. Biologically speaking, penis=male, vagina=female.

      And just because a male may feel like a woman doesn’t make him one. I could wake up one day and decide I feel like a moose. Does that make me one? Of course not.

      Also, I would like to stress the fact that she is not “transgendered” she is transexual

      Bruce Jenner is a man.

      and sex is not a social construct, gender is

      That’s just bovine droppings. Sex and gender and synonymous, not mutually exclusive. And I seriously question any effort to make it so when it is for the purpose of establishing anywhere from 5 to 50 genders.

      And before you give me the science crap, scientists swore up one side and down the other there was such a thing as global warming (aka climate change) and swore there was no sociopolitical agenda behind it.

      We all know what happened there.

      I’m simply pointing out the fact that this blog post is a) extremely discriminatory towards a wide range of people

      What wide range of people? Kira refers only to Bruce and biological females.

      and b) VERY unscientificly based.

      Science has absolutely nothing to do with this. Your opinion is a complete fantasy based on beliefs you cannot defend.

      What Kira said is Bruce Jenner is not a woman and never will be a woman because he has been and will be unable to experience things biological, genetic females experience.

      Tammy Bruce made comments of a similar nature 12 years ago in her book, The Death of Right and Wrong. She also said biological, genetic females are raised differently from males from birth.

      These are statements of undeniable fact.

      I think this post is demeaning towards women and men alike and I am proud that Caitlyn Jenner is now considered one of our own by less ignorant human beings.

      Ignorance is forming and holding an opinion in the absence of facts.

      Stupidity is forming and holding an opinion in spite of the facts.

      Would you like to make a guess which camp you fall into?

    • Rachel

      That Washington post was written almost 2 years ago.

      A disorder is actual “a state of confusion” not “something that needs to be treated”

      Thousands is true if you take into account the billions of other people who live in this world, not just the 319 million who live in the States

      “feels as though they were born the wrong sex… there are often times certain biological compositions (be it neurotransmitters, hormones etc) present that are different from those who believe they were born in the right sex.

    • Matthew T. Mason

      That Washington post was written almost 2 years ago.

      Washington Times. Still a fact.

      A disorder is actually “a state of confusion”

      Nice try:

      : a confused or messy state : a lack of order or organization

      : a state or situation in which there is a lot of noise, crime, violent behavior, etc.

      medical : a physical or mental condition that is not normal or healthy


      Thousands is true if you take into account the billions of other people who live in this world, not just the 319 million who live in the States

      Ah! Changing parameters to increase credibility. FAIL.

      sex and gender are NOT interchangeable….because one of them is a social construct,

      According to whom?

      you can choose to say otherwise but you would be wrong.

      I would? How about explaining why and how I am wrong. And while you are doing that, explain why the 1828 edition of Webster’s does not define gender as a social construct. Why was it changed, and by whom?

      Back in the 1990s, Ben Kinchlow on The 700 Club informed viewers of efforts to establish five genders: Male heterosexual, female heterosexual, male homosexual, female homosexual and bisexual. It is with this in mind one has to wonder if the origins behind gender being a social construct are not political.

      And are you also now denying global warming?

      The stupid is so strong here I’m just going to leave it.

      Discriminatory towards the LGBT community and people who have LGBT as friends and family…like I said, wide range.

      Uh…did you actually read what she wrote? I explained exactly what it was she said. Men do not have ovaries and never will. That’s not discrimination, that’s the truth.

      As for defending beliefs, I’m doing a pretty good job.

      Thanks for the laugh.

      And she has nothing scientific behind what she’s saying

      Men do not have ovaries. They don’t have menstrual cycles. They cannot get pregnant. Why are you unable to wrap your head around these simple facts?

      and nor do you other than an article written 2 years ago…which isn’t even scientific…they have apologized and changed the DSM5

      They apologized and changed it because they got caught. The American Psychiatric Association’s credibility was compromised when it allowed political pressure to remove homosexuality from the DSM in the early ’70s.

      In August 2011, the pro-pedophilia group B4U-Act hosted a conference in Baltimore, which was attended by both mental health professionals and admitted pedophiles. It was during that conference a consensus was made that pedophilia should be removed from the DSM.

      Two years later, the DSM-V was issued, which re-classified pedophilia as a sexual orientation.

      I do not believe in coincidences.

      The point is: The APA has lost its credibility as a mental health organization by allowing politics to dictate policy. That makes your reference to the DSM meaningless.

      Biological males and females are raised differently because of social constructs of GENDER by the way

      Males being raised as males, females being raised as females. Nothing whatsoever to do with feelings, or politics.

    • Rachel

      Your facts are ridiculous..All you’re saying is “nice try” “according to whom”
      According to the APA resources and guidelines like I had said!

      And a confused or messy state — a lack of order…disorder…

      Your opinion is your opinion…your the one who has been given cold, hard, scientific and educational facts and all you can say is “I don’t believe in coincidences”
      In fact, what you are arguing more than anything is the mishap of the DSM5….Is there a huge uproar about GDD…no…you’re comparing it to pedophillia…

      Just because men have penises an women have ovaries does not mean it is not discriminatory towards LGBT. Terrible argument there.

      A lot of your responses not are off topic or vauge (except your beautiful excerpt on the Washington post)

      Also, I simply cannot have this conversation anymore because you stand for EVERYTHING that is wrong in this world…You do not stand up for basic human rights and compassion, AND on top of that you don’t believe in GLOBAL WARMING, won of the biggest crises the world has! I’m actually just arguing with a idiot who can only use google.

    • MajinP

      aHAhahahaha You do realise you quoted the 700 Club after saying you want to be guided by actual science.
      Also have you never heard of the difference between gender and sex? Or cultures that do not have a binary notion of gender?
      No wonder you wind up relying on a week analogy and no accepting when it is set aside due to its weakness.

    • peterblaise

      Treatment is … changing the body to match the person contained within, duh!

    • RCQ_92130

      If you will permit, I will take your side of this discussion for the moment (not that I agree with you – most assuredly i do not – but simply for the sake of discussion).

      You say you will welcome Bruce as a sister into womanhood. That is factually impossible, since to do so you would also have to be a woman. You are not.

      The mere fact you were born with certain chromosomes, internal organs and false eyelashes means nothing. That is, it means nothing given your assumptions that these things mean nothing. Being a woman is far more complex and psychologically driven (according to you). The reality of your birth is meaningless.

      And i think all who read your diatribe will agree you are far, far removed from ‘woman”. You are a shrill, rage infused valociraptor. The word “vile” was first drafted with you in mind. The viciousness and hatefulness with which you write to total strangers simply because they do not succumb to your infantile lies is not even “human”, let alone indicative of a woman.

      Thus, given the established FACT you are not a woman, you are hardly capable of welcoming anyone into womanhood – least of all a man in a girl costume, who did not even have the courage to have his tallywacker whacked.

      But thanks for the data on velociraptor pack behavior. Glad you are more or less extinct!

    • Rachel

      So you are saying that I am not a woman…. And that I am in fact a extinct creature. Interesting. This just got much more interesting.

    • RCQ_92130

      Well, I’ll certainly admit the “extinct” part might be wishful thinking ….

      But you still cling to the Global Warming myth? REALLY ??? (and yes, that IS my field).

    • Rachel

      So in the same post… You are saying that dinosaurs are not extinct. And global warming does not exist.

      Well the brain is my field, and I don’t see you taking my word for it.

    • RCQ_92130

      You are so insightful! Correct – I DON’T take your word for it (anything, really).

    • RCQ_92130

      There really isn’t ANY legitimate excuse for any individual with an I.Q. north of 50 to still be clinging to the Great AGW Hoax. So this should be totally unnecessary.

      But you seem a bit slow on the uptake, and since this just today came out, perhaps I – because i am so kind hearted – can help you out:

      barbwire {dot} com/2015/06/04/whos-lying-satellite-data-shows-no-global-warming-for-nearly-19-years/

  • Becky

    First of all you do not speak for ALL women as you claim. I am a woman and I would never dream of being this degrading and this borish to another woman, regardless of their story. Who are YOU to decide whether Caitlyn is a woman or not? Who are you to have any say in her life? She didn’t ask for your opinion, and she hasn’t made it any of your business. There is such a thing as freedom of choice and you can choose to ignore the coverage of her journey and I kind of wish you had because you have opened your mouth and shown your true ignorance. How dare you say you speak for all women. You don’t even speak for most of them.

    • Rachel

      I like the way you think!

    • Matthew T. Mason

      I am a woman and I would never dream of being this degrading and this borish to another woman, regardless of their story. Who are YOU to decide whether Caitlyn is a woman or not?

      “Caitlyn” has a penis. Even Stevie Wonder knows what that means.

      She didn’t ask for your opinion, and she hasn’t made it any of your business.

      Uh…the Vanity Fair cover?

      There is such a thing as freedom of choice and you can choose to ignore the coverage of her journey and I kind of wish you had because you have opened your mouth and shown your true ignorance.

      And what exactly is ignorant about Kira’s comments? I want to know.

    • Rachel

      What the fuuuuuuuck does Stevie wonder have to do with anything?!?!

    • Matthew T. Mason

      Even he can see you’re a moron.

      I’m done here.

  • Miss Malevolent

    Well said. I blame Hollyweird and the notion that slapping some plastic in your chest or ass makes you more womanly…no wonder people are confused about what makes a woman a real woman given he’d fit right in on a Real Housewives set.

    We as a society have distilled down what womanhood is to this…it is sickeningly pathetic.

    It’s also pathetic how many people trip over themselves to be more open minded without a thought to question anything and to simply question is now suddenly akin to being hateful. A questioning mind is not needed in this new world order.

    I question why a guy can tattoo his body from head to toe and call himself zombie boy but no one says he’s, “he’s a zombie” with any earnestness or a guy can tattoo his body with green scales, modify his tongue to be forked like a lizards etc call himself a lizard but no one says…”he’s a lizard”. Yet this guy has some surgeries and he is a woman.


    • peterblaise

      I don’t think Cait had you in mind — it’s her life, not yours.

      And I’ll bet there are some lizards out there saying “SOME LIZARD!”

      Zombies probably don’t care.

    • Miss Malevolent

      Nice to see another example of well adjusted tolerant individual in action.


    • peterblaise

      A questioning mind starts at Google and Wikipedia and never looks back.

      I’m witnessing your dismissive denigrating skeptical mind, @missmalevolent:disqus, a shame considering the wealth of well-researched open-minded and generous sharing here and elsewhere.

      Your questions are not questions, they are statements, damning statements, facetious at best.

      No one’s insulting you, but if you feel unfairly challenged, how can we help you get an advantage over that one-down feeling?

    • Miss Malevolent

      Considering your pathetic display as of late…this chastisement is high praise. You don’t seem to be wrapped too tightly in the noggin to correctly assess anyone’s mind…closed or open.

    • peterblaise

      Pathos and chastisement — something to ponder today, thanks, I guess I’ll be busy.

  • Roxanna

    Rachel, less than 0.01 percent of the population has GDD. There are the rare cases of children born with both sets of genitalia and/or the extra chromosome. Maybe YOU should read a ‘fucking book’. Jenner is 65 years old and needs a shrink worse than he needs a surgeon and hormones. I pray for his mother and kids. He could give a rats ass about the implications of his folly on them.

    • Rachel


      I don’t know if math is not your strong suit, but what is 0.01 of 7,000,000,000? I will make it easy for you. 700, 000 is the correct answer. Which means when I said thousands…I meant thousands. If you’d like to know where I got those numbers…well, you yourself provided me with 0.01% and 7 billion is about the population on planet earth. That is also only a sample statistic of a smaller population. If you don’t know what that means than I strongly recommend you shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself.

      In addition, both sets of genitalia and/or and extra chromosome are different disorders on their own…And have no place in the diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria Disorder. In fact GDD now has it’s own place in the DSM5, and is no longer related to the sexual disorders section. Why, you may ask, because it is THAT unique and THAT important, you ignorant fuck. Don’t you DARE sit there and question my knowledge on this topic.

      For your information, Bruce Jenner did get a shrink, who validated his disorder and is the very reason why Bruce was able to become Caitlyn. And also, I hope you don’t pray for shit as I don’t believe either his mother or children care because they support their loved ones. Something I cannot imagine you being able to do, so for all of our sake I sincerely hope you have not/will not reproduce.

    • Miss Malevolent

      Population of America not the planet Earth. You wilfully misconstrued the argument to argue a strawman. Which is a tactic all fools use to obfuscate a debate.

    • Rachel

      Well she should have made it a little bit more clear. I use planet earth because believe it or not, when someone says “population” I don’t just assume 1 singular country. In that case there are roughly 319 people in the United States.

      And if you feel like accounting for the entire population with 0.01% it would be 700,000. Maybe even more than that as that sample statistic cannot be generalized across other populations. I’m actually not even American, so I did not “willfully misconstrue” anything. However, if I had done that, I would still be right. She is the one who mistook my “thousands” to represent America when I in fact was representing the world.

    • Miss Malevolent

      It was very clear to me. Reading comprehension is key.

    • Rachel

      Also, I’m glad that is the ONE false point of mine that you picked up on.

    • Miss Malevolent

      Your whole premis was based on a false point. Your argument is invalidated by your hyperbole because you willfully misconstrued the original posters point.

    • Myrtle0325

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  • metanoia

    Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner is an extremely confused man. The idea that acknowledging and living out his gender identity other than the one he was physically born into suggests that there are underlying causes for his rejection of such. The fact that GDD is listed as a disorder points to the fact that something isn’t in order. Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner will be a man living out a fantasy of being a female no matter how he dresses or what he calls him/herself. He has traded one level of confusion for another. I predict his short lived happiness will run its course and he will have to deal with the underlying issues that have caused his confusion. I don’t feel pity, disgust, or repulsion. I only feel sadness for him/her and others who are also going through GDD.

    • Elliot

      Over 50% of trans teens attempt suicide before they reach 20. Many of which succeed. By being this transphobic, you have blood on your hands. Congratulations.

    • John

      Elliot please lay off the melodrama. A persons personal views don’t make them responsible for the suicides of confused teenagers they have never met. Moreover, the person above you expressed sadness for what Mr. Jenner is struggling with. And please reflect on what the word “phobic” means, it’s attachment to this discussion in culture is kind of ridiculous.

    • Dómari

      That is idiotic. Trans people in general commit suicide at a higher rate than the general population, and that is true even for the post-op people living their lives as the opposite gender.

      Perhaps they have mental issues that drive them to do such things?



  • Elliot

    This article basically sums up many of the issues trans women face with dysphoria. People have this conception that dysphoria = “born in the wrong body”, and while that is true it is much more complex than that, it can come in the form of a disorder or not but the majority of transgender/genderqueer/non binary/agender people will go through it at some point in their lives, whether only temporarily or as a life long feeling and condition. Dysphoria is more than feeling like the shell you exist in does not match the person within, it is feeling that your body is on a completely different page to your mind, it can be that yearning for wanting to experience puberty and growth through the eyes of a dfab if you’re a trans woman/dmab if you’re a trans male.

    It’s fair that you don’t want to accept a dmab woman as a “woman”. There is something sacred about feminism in the terms of putting women first, but just in the way it’s bad feminism to dismiss men being feminists, it is also bad to not stand by trans women, who yes cannot experience ovaries and periods (another dysphoria problem), but need the support of cisgendered, straight people just as much as members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

    • Rachel


  • Blaz o’roarke

    I tried very hard not comment, however, I feel compelled, none the less. So, I suppose the first thing I am curious about is this: Is it possible for a person born into a man’s body to feel and think like a woman??? My objection to Ms. Kyra’s interpretation of Caitlin’s story , is based on the idea that she basically quantifies the idea of being a woman within the realm of physiology and experience. So, my next question is this: what must the experience be for a person who feels and thinks like a woman, however, they are trapped within the body of a man. I am not sure I can even begin to relate to how this must be or feel for someone to live with everyday. So to Kyra what makes a woman a woman is based simply on physiology and the experiences derived through the interaction with the external world and that physiology??????????How many times have women said the following: Don’t judge me based on my physiology, but rather, my mind and Character. It is my firm belief that we all are made up of three equally important dynamics that define us as human beings, people, intelligent mammals. Those three components are as follows: mental, spiritual, and physical. Is it possible for a person to think and feel like a woman, while stuck in a mans body???????????

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