Behavioral Sink in the First World

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The Morse Code - Behavioral Sink and Bruce Jenner

There was an experiment conducted back in the 1960s by a guy named John B. Calhoun using mice in an overcrowded space. Starting with about eight mice in what could be considered a mouse utopia called Universe 25, with no predators and an abundance of food, they bred and within just a year there were approximately 2,200 mice. The experiment sounds relatively dull, but it takes a dark turn, as Calhoun knew it would.

Within Universe 25 there was no privacy. Mice spent every moment surrounded by other mice. It was chaos at all times. The mice began exhibiting odd behavioral patterns such as not carrying pregnancies to term, or if they did have children, completely abandoning them, or sometimes even attacking them.

With so many mice to ward off, males abandoned the activity of defending territory as it became far too difficult. Social bonds were almost impossible to form as norms broke down. Those mice that were considered the failures of that society would congregate and attack each other for no discernible reason. Larger, stronger mice would kill and cannibalize weaker ones.

Out of the way “penthouse” spaces were occupied by mice considered to be “the beautiful ones,” and were groups primarily consisting of females and very few males. They would spend their time grooming, eating, and sleeping, but doing nothing else, not even breeding. Pansexuality became common, and soon the society collapsed, even when the numbers of mice dropped to numbers seen when Universe 25 started.

The reason is, as Calhoun would explain, that the mice had ceased being mice even before the society collapsed. He called it a “first death.” A death of the spirit. These mice had lost the ability to be mice. To know how to fight, breed and care for themselves. He coined the term “Behavioral Sink” to describe the fate of Universe 25.

This wasn’t the only time Calhoun conducted the experiment. At some point he had done the same experiment with rats, and they had suffered the same fate due to the same pattern: Violence, followed by hypersexuality, followed by asexuality, followed by self-destruction.

But why do I tell you this story? I’ll get to that.

On June 1, I watched as millions in the online world reacted to a famous ex-sports star revealing his “new self” to be a she named Caitlyn. For all intents and purposes, I couldn’t care less. “Let your freak flag fly” is my typical standpoint on things. It’s a relatively benign view that I think suits me just fine.

Thing is, as I’m popular with expressing from time to time, Bruce Jenner’s story doesn’t jive with me. Transgenderism makes zero sense biologically. Every medical article I come across calls it a sickness or a disorder of some kind. I do think it’s a very real disorder, but I feel like recently it’s a disorder that’s become a fad. I’ve noticed within recent years a massive uptick in the amount of people saying they’re transgender, almost like it’s a trendy thing to be. Bruce Jenner may very well feel more like a woman than a man, and maybe he had been struggling with those feelings for years, but I get the distinct suspicion that not everyone really has the same problem.

But regardless, I bear no ill will towards people who consider themselves transgender — I just disagree with their thinking. I’m sure many of them would see my Christianity as equally perplexing and weird. This never stopped my atheist friends and I from having normal, healthy friendships. Same could be said for my gay and lesbian friends. As I always say, disagreement should rarely equal hate. Disliking a man for intentional medical malpractice on children is a disagreement that could very well warrant hatred, but simply because you identify as female when you’re male is far from a good reason to dislike someone.

However, many others don’t see eye to eye with my wanting to see eye to eye. Many feel that any unwillingness to embrace transgenderism as absolute truth and goodness is unacceptable and unforgivable. Failure for strict adherence to the narratives of social cause celebre results in modern day witch hunts. Those who disagree, detract or even make light of the issue are isolated and ridiculed relentlessly. They are degraded or falsely accused of awful things. I witnessed that this week, both first and third hand.

I watched as even CNN reported on Drake Bell, a former Nickelodeon star, who was hounded by Twitter users for tweeting out that he’s still going to refer to Jenner as Bruce, should they ever meet. Drake’s reasoning, as he explained, was that he admired Jenner as one of the greatest athletes of all time. Regardless, the fire became too hot, and Bell ended up deleting all of his tweets concerning the episode.

Friends were correcting friends over adherence to Jenner’s change, which on numerous occasions sparked fights. There was even a bot that would correct you “politely” if you referred to Jenner as “he.”

I was no exception. I expressed my disdain for this topic of all things to dominate the headlines and be the front running topic on everyone’s minds. This was followed by many corrections when I would refer to Jenner as “he,” followers of mine turned on me with accusations of intolerance, and one fellow writer made an insinuation that I was only angry because Jenner was trans. Just earlier that day I was having a conversation with trans folk about my stance, and it’s one that they could not accept and became dismissive — and in one case against another Twitter user, slightly hostile. I became angry at the whole situation very quickly.

I was angry because I didn’t want to care, but I was being made to care. People couldn’t simply express a differing opinion without being “corrected.” I’d have pardoned it if it had just generated arguments within Twitter, but these fights got so out of hand over something so ridiculous, that my normally patient self couldn’t stomach it.

But it didn’t end there and didn’t stop with Jenner. Later that night Reuters would report on the death of a Mormon leader with the headline “Mormon leader L. Tom Perry dies at 92, opposed same sex marriage.

Perry was a leader within a well-known religion. He did some interesting things within it, was once a retail businessman, saw some good travel, had three children and was a Marine in World War II. Regardless of all this, Reuters, a major news publication, decided to boil down Perry’s entire personage to his stance on a prevalent social issue of today – gay marriage.

The witch hunt persists even in death. The media cannot leave a man’s “wrong” opinion on social issues alone. I felt sorry for this man that I’d never met. This is how many people in the world were introduced to him, and would remember him if they remembered at all. Moreover, I couldn’t help but wonder if gays across the world felt used when the media wields their cause like this. If anyone within societal “protected classes” ever feel like they’re being used as a weapon against those who just don’t think the way certain people think they should. All of it creating more division and misunderstanding. All of it pointless.

And it’s not just gays and transsexuals, it’s women as well. Politicians and media make the assertion that women are undervalued and more importantly, underpaid, even though this claim is demonstrably false and will ultimately hurt women if not society. Yet resistance to this narrative is futile and it persists.

A patently false claim about a certain video game by a popular feminist was proven false by Forbes writer Eric Kain yesterday as well, and a response he received was a sentiment I see often within feminists circles that men should simply shut up when a woman talks, or not disagree at all.

A popular hashtag popped up on Twitter recently called #GiveYourMoneyToWomen which was essentially women demanding money from men for simply being beautiful, or doing womanly things.

No matter how false the concept or the assertion, you’re “on the right side of history” or you’re public enemy number one. You can’t even not have an opinion. You’re a part of the collective or you’re a pariah. God forbid you express a wrong opinion and people find out where you live or work. You can ask Memories Pizza in Indiana about that.

Behavioral sink.

This week, that’s all I could think about to describe what I saw; what I see. Pointless fights. Apathy. The rejection and, sometimes, intolerance of social norms. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but I see a lot of Universe 25 in the first world. While we may have more longevity, and our timeline may be slower, I see a lot of mice within man.

I’ll leave off with a message to those with identity concerns. Not everyone believes what you believe, nor should you ever want to live in a world where they do. You especially don’t want to live in a world where they should be made to. My opinions do zero harm to you. If you don’t like them, you can write them off. We can disagree and very likely move on with our lives, never seeing each other if you so desire. It won’t even be considered “tolerance” as I won’t have anything to tolerate. We disagree and that’s that.

However, and I think I speak for many when I say this, when you attempt to force others to believe as you do through social consequences or threats, when you attempt to acquire our taxpayer money to fund costly surgeries that will make you look like you feel, that’s where tolerance ends. Now you’re forcing us to adhere. To comply. And all you’re going to get is rejection.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brandon Morse has been writing about politics and culture across many websites for the last six years, with a heavy emphasis on anti-authoritarianism. Aside from writing articles, he is also known for voice acting and authoring scripts. He is an avid gamer, dog person, and has a bad habit of making vague references to things no one has heard about or seen. Follow him at @TheBrandonMorse on Twitter.

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  • Invin

    I too wonder about overpopulation and how it’s affecting our behaviour. It seems like in a sea of people it’s harder to actually connect with anyone, to have purpose, and to be human. There’s a herd mentality amongst most, characterized by phrases like “on the right side of history”. Oddly enough, the more “tolerant” we get, the less we’re allowed to have individual beliefs.

  • TtTreatise

    Is this some “gays caused the collapse of Rome” doomsday nonsense? That’s what it sounds like.

    • Brandon Morse

      That’s what it sounds like so someone who wants it to sound like that, but you’ll notice that’s not what I said at all.

    • TtTreatise

      Then what’s the though line from this:
      “This wasn’t the only time Calhoun conducted the experiment. At some point he had done the same experiment with rats, and they had suffered the same fate due to the same pattern: Violence, followed by hypersexuality, followed by asexuality, followed by self-destruction.

      But why do I tell you this story? I’ll get to that.”

      To you whining about people being mean to you for misgendering Jenner and refusing to call her by her preferred name? Overpopulation seems to having nothing to do your rant, so the only other relevant factor you mention is in regards to sexuality and gender roles.

    • Brandon Morse

      Where in that line does “Gay people will destroy society” exist? You’re putting context where there is none? Why? I’m honestly curious.

      You say I’m “whining” when I’m making observations about people going on the offensive whenever someone doesn’t fall in line with pro-transgender mentalities. You narrow your thinking so you can insert the narrative that I’m somehow bashing sexualities, even though I state in the article that I have zero problem with transgendered people. I don’t agree with it, but I don’t hate them. Yes, the first world is a crowded place, and the internet makes it even more chaotic in terms of connection. Probably should have made that point more explicit for folk like you.

      Git gud.

    • TtTreatise

      If you refuse to call a person by their preferred name, you are at least being a huge dick to them personally. At a very bare minimum.

      Be condescending about “people like me” but if you didn’t intend some parallel with sexuality and some decline of civilization, then maybe come up with a better premise to whine about the plight of the straight white bros.

    • Brandon Morse

      I was wondering when your sexism and racism was going to shine through.

    • TtTreatise

      O_o You spend an article whining about how your rejection of transgenderism as a fad is totally cool and then…

      Good grief. Be a more comical caricature.

    • Netizen3

      That’s not what the article is about at all. It’s about polarisation and virtual mob violence which Morse compares to the decadence and decline in Calhoun’s experiment.

      You should be more careful not to be biased by your identity or politics when you read, instead clear and open your mind. As they say when you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail.

    • TtTreatise

      What violence? There is the author, who describes himself as angry after he calls a transwoman “he” and doesn’t use her chosen name, and apparently a bunch of people who perhaps angrily pointed out what a dick move that is. Anger isn’t violence, but he was the one belligerently inserting himself into so,etching he claimed to not care about.

      As far as identity politics…. The author cites the breakdown in male dominance and heterosexuality in mice and then moves on to whine about how transgenderism is now trendy and that he’s been made to care about it. Plus the misgendering,etc. If the parallel wasn’t intentional, then the author isnt very self-aware.

  • Dómari

    We live in Universe 25. The vast majority of the First World lives in crowded cities, we make our lives even more crowded and chaotic with social media, and the “rat race” encourages people to put off forming families in favor of fast-paced careers. We keep doubling down on chaos, and, since the 1960s, cultural Marxists have been telling everyone that the answer to all of our ills is even more chaos (endless sexual orientations, endless genders, endless sexual partners, &c.).

    Another person brought up “some gays caused the collapse of Rome nonsense,” but it is not nonsense when properly framed as “hedonism caused the collapse of Rome.” The Romans became the First World and gave themselves over to excess to the point that they were letting foreigners act as their military, fighting futile wars to try to keep their multicultural empire together, and so on. The Romans forgot how their society had risen so far, and they failed to recognize they were burning it all down around them.

    We are following the same course. We are living in Universe 25. Men and women are checking out of society and giving themselves over to hedonistic pursuits. Many spend their days condemning society and trying to light fires, and they only stop long enough to celebrate Bruce Jenner putting on a dress, activists shutting down bakeries that failed to make them a cake, and so on. There is no tolerance left in this society. People are cannibalizing rather than tolerating each other, and the masses are bombarded with messages that try to muddy the waters between tolerance and acceptance with only certain hedonistic excesses being acceptable.

    Look at Bruce Jenner. He claims to be a woman, and the mice cheer. He admits to being a Republican, and the mice jeer. Why? Because they have been told that refusing to conform to nature and societal norms is desirable, but suffering from “wrongthink” means the person should be shunned and destroyed. As long as Jenner focuses on wearing dresses, the mice will celebrate. If Jenner decided to endorse a Republican for President, the feeding frenzy would be terrible.

    Let’s not forget that only 1.8% of the US population is bisexual according to the pro-LGBT Williams Institute, 1.7% are gay and lesbian, and 0.3% are trans. That is only 3.8% of the US population. Even if every LGBT person was a hedonist of the highest order, which they aren’t, they still could not destroy society. It is rather that many, many, many other people are convinced that they have to be against nature and societal norms lest they be racist, sexist, homophobic, and so on. This goes back to the cultural Marxists and their desire to see everything as a simplistic struggle between oppressor and oppressed. The mentality becomes that checking out of what makes a society possible proves that one is progressive enough. Hedonism in all things becomes a simplistic ideal for people who do not know any better. This is why most “social justice warriors” are white heterosexuals who spend all of their time worried about non-whites, LGBT, and proving that they reject everything about nature and society to earn a piece of Marxist cheese.

    We are living in Universe 25. We are heading toward societal collapse just as so many have done before us. People being free to do what they wish is not what causes this. It is when society as a whole is convinced that hedonistic excess is natural that the decline becomes inevitable. Up is down, left is right, good is bad, and so on. Everyone is convinced to give themselves over to selfish desires, the foundation of society is burned, and no one remembers how to rebuild it.

    We are mice. This is Universe 25. Lord help us.

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