Reddit Takes Down Post About Woman-on-Man Sexual Assault

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Wednesday, Washington Examiner reporter Ashe Schow released an article featuring a story about an Amherst College male student who blacked out after drinking alcohol and accompanied a fellow student back to her dorm room where, in his blacked-out state, she performed oral sex on him.

This occurred in 2012, and two years after the fact, the female student who performed oral sex would go on to accuse the man – now going by the pseudonym John Doe – of sexual assault. Receiving no due process, the man was then promptly expelled from Amherst.

Despite evidence that proves Doe did not initiate the sexual encounter, or in any way commit sexual assault on his fellow student, Amherst refused to reopen Doe’s case.

You can read more of Ashe Schow’s article here.

The article in question was posted to Reddit on the r/NotTheOnion subReddit and quickly made it to the front page, garnering some 3300+ upvotes. It was then quickly taken down under the excuse that it was “tabloid news.”

I reached out to Schow for a comment.

“I was really excited when I realized my article was on the front page of Reddit, but within minutes it was gone. The reason given was that the article was considered ‘tabloid news’. There are other articles in the r/nottheonion subReddit that are similar in content,” she told me.

While other articles from the Washington Examiner, a respected news source, still remain on the site itself, this article from Ashe Schow, a respected reporter who focuses on campus assaults and radical feminism, is the only one to be taken down. That her article of female-on-male sexual assault was labeled as “tabloid news” does not speak well of the direction the website has taken.

As of late, Reddit has undergone a transformation that leans more toward the politically correct. Where the site was once a bastion of free speech, no matter how obscene and hateful that speech was – under the new guidelines laid down by CEO Ellen Pao – the site has targeted certain articles and subReddits for deletion due to their “offensive” nature.

Pao was brought on as CEO of Reddit last January, and has since set out to make Reddit a more social justice friendly place by setting a new set of rules for Reddit users.

“Systematic and/or continued actions to torment or demean someone in a way that would make a reasonable person (1) conclude that Reddit is not a safe platform to express their ideas or participate in the conversation, or (2) fear for their safety or the safety of those around them.”

This has resulted in the deletion of such subReddits as r/fatpeoplehate, which mocked the overweight. Even the subReddit r/whalewatching was banned, as it was suspected of being an offshoot of r/fatpeoplehate, but was actually a subReddit community of actual whale watchers that had existed for two years.

“It’s not our site’s goal to be a completely free speech platform,” said Pao in response to a question from Business Insider about deleting offensive subReddits. As pointed out by the publication, subReddits that call for actual violence are still allowed to exist, such as r/gasthekikes, an anti-Jewish subReddit.

Pao has not been received well by the Reddit community, and many have called for her to step down as CEO. A petition was created by a Reddit user on which has so far reached 7.5k signatures, calling for her dismissal. Users have given her nicknames such as “Chairman Pao” and have made Chinese Communist style propaganda art in reference to her, as well as political cartoons. Some users have been banned for merely speaking out against Pao.

Ellen Pao has a history of making trouble, including a failed three year long case against silicon valley firm, Kleiner Perkins, for discrimination. The amount Pao sought was $144 million for punitive damages.

Perhaps not coincidentally, $144 million is around the same amount her husband, Buddy Fletcher, is being sued for by three Louisiana public pension funds.

Long story short, Pao is quite possibly in financial trouble and was very likely trying to use the momentum of today’s social justice movement to get her and her husband out of it.

Pao’s belief in social justice goes beyond deleting content and legal actions. She uses it to judge who will work at Reddit. She has eliminated salary negotiations due to a study that shows women don’t do as well as men do in this area. She even will reject hiring employees based on their feelings about social justice.

As reported in an article in the Wall Street Journal: “Ms. Pao, who said she wants to stay long-term as Reddit’s CEO when a one-year interim period ends, said she has removed salary negotiations from the hiring process because studies show women don’t fare as well as men. She has brought in well-known Silicon Valley diversity consultant Freada Kapor Klein to advise the company. And she has passed on hiring candidates who don’t embrace her priority of building a gender-balanced and multiracial team. ‘We ask people what they think about diversity, and we did weed people out because of that,’ she said.”

Pao has a clear social justice bias. It’s a bias that has strong roots in the radical feminist movement of today which tends to be blatantly anti-male.

So is it any wonder that Schow’s piece – an article that flies in the face of popular feminist narratives – was removed from the site? Did this story run afoul of Reddit’s new social justice friendly mentality, and thus needed to be discarded? Schow seems to think so.

“The article, which challenges preferred narratives about rape accusations, was pulled down just when it reached the front page. Given the state of Reddit and the claims of censorship floating around the site, this could have been the latest example. Because it certainly wasn’t ‘tabloid news’,” says Schow.

Editor’s note of disclosure: The author of this article is personal friends with Ashe Schow.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brandon Morse has been writing about politics and culture across many websites for the last six years, with a heavy emphasis on anti-authoritarianism. Aside from writing articles, he is also known for voice acting and authoring scripts. He is an avid gamer, dog person, and has a bad habit of making vague references to things no one has heard about or seen. Follow him at @TheBrandonMorse on Twitter.

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  • TylerG

    Wow what a disaster. The current radical feminist “movement” is against free speech, and here is a hallmark move of theirs, getting control of one of the largest open forums in the world and curtailing free speech. And please no-one paint this as a left v right issue- these are a subset of opinions from one radical group enabled by political correctness and over reaching title ix litigation powers.

    • monteboss

      They are not against free speech because for them free speech mean saying anything to destroy man. Anything against woman is not free speech for them. Those Jewish insects must burn in hell.

  • Denardo Monroe

    Absolutely retarded. General Pao must be fired by the parent company of Reddit, Advance Publications.

    • monteboss

      SHe is only following order by the jewsish power. (they assasinated one of the founder of reddit)

  • Sigma

    I’m far from being a conspiracy theorist, but there’s only so many times you can read about incidents like this without seeing a clear pattern.

    I am a strong supporter of equality, but when I see “feminists” (at least, the third wave ones) openly mocking male victims on Twitter, saying that men should be “guilty until proven innocent” when accused of rape and what have you, it makes me less sympathetic to their cause as they come across as completely illogical extremists, but they don’t seem to realise that their actions are actually detrimental to the very causes they claim to be supporting.

    • Aidan Harper

      I always refer to them as Feminazis, because they’re not true feminists.
      The word “feminism” has a misdirecting apparent female focus, but feminism is not sexist, feminism is about true equality, if someone can’t see that then they are not a feminist, they’re a bigot.
      Everyone should be a feminist, no one should be a feminazi.

    • gwallan

      Feminist devotion to equality…

      Feminists also tried to prevent similar changes in my part of the world when the law to that point enabled women to rape little boys with complete impunity.

      Yeah, tell us some more about how feminists are such standard bearers for equality.

    • Aidan Harper

      Feminism is being misrepresented in third-wave feminism, it’s as simple as that.
      True feminism is about equal rights, opportunities and duties for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, etc.

    • JW%

      Third-wave feminism is the current feminism and the one with the highest amount of active members, as well as having more political influence than the rest of feminism combined(though this is hard to measure, as Third-wave feminism co-opts the political power of all other feminists by using the name).

      So to say that it’s as simple as the largest, most active, and most powerful part of a movement “misrepresents” the whole, seems to be a poor statement. Instead you could say that third-wave feminism has corrupted the movement, or perhaps that it has taken over the movement. Maybe even it does not represent the movement you wish to be a part of, but that is for you to judge.

      There have been interesting books about who stole feminism and why what we see of feminism these days is not about equal rights, opportunities and duties, but that it should be and we should go back to having feminism represent such noble goals. Of course, there have been efforts to censor those books and the authors of such books, in order that third-wave feminism be the only voice of feminism.

      That leaves feminists who are “misrepresented” by third-wave feminism in a pretty tight spot, doesn’t it? On the one hand, they can try to fight third-wave and suffer censoring and being declared anti-feminists. On the other hand they can abandon the ideology, which has been a part of their life for so long. Or… they can continue to support Third-wave Feminism by saying that “true” feminism is still about equal rights and it’s just one or two misguided souls representing the movement and even they deserve our support because, after all, they’re still feminists, just a minority “misrepresenting” the rest of the group.

    • Paul

      No it’s not because if it was it would advocate for men’s rights as well and it blatantly doesn’t by definition.

      There are other words for true equality, like egalitarian or humanist.

    • Paul Johnson

      Or Men’s Rights.

    • NettHater

      We have an “ism” for that. It’s calls humanism…

    • Joshua Tree

      Lose the “isms”. Think for yourself.

    • Eric Marsh

      Maybe we should be judging people by their actions, not by some idealised version of “feminism” which is actually rarer than rocking horse droppings.

    • Partridge

      You should ignore feminism’s ‘equality’ dictionary definition. If feminism was truly about equality, it would be called egalitarianism or some similar name, and it would not ignore the issues adversely affecting men and boys. By their deeds ye shall know them.

    • gary959

      Petition to Change Definition of Feminism to Accurately Reflect its Values, Actions, and Goals

    • wordsIVue

      How come you get to decide what “true” feminism is?

    • Seth Price

      Say third wave one more time, I dare you:

      In August 1914, at the start of the First World War, Admiral Charles Fitzgerald founded the Order of the White Feather with support from the prominent author Mrs Humphrey Ward. The organization aimed to shame men into enlisting in the British Army by persuading women to present them with a white feather if they were not wearing a uniform.[2][3]

      This was joined by prominent feminists and suffragettes of the time, such as Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughter Christabel. They, in addition to handing out the feathers, also lobbied to institute an involuntary universal draft, which included those who lacked votes due to being too young or not owning property.[4][5][6]

    • Joshua Tree

      Amen brother. I’m tired of people saying only 3rd wave fem is a hate movement and letting the entire flawed ideology off the hook.

    • Dennis M

      Right, and true Nazism (National Socialist German Workers Party) was about help for the poor and workers rights. It was totally misrepresented by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

      So let’s stop calling them Nazis and start calling them…err…Nazinazis.

    • Joshua Tree

      Not really feminism is and always has been social marxism aimed at benefiting only-liberal-feminist women at the expense of literally anything and everything. It’s just more obvious how bad it is now because crazy leads to crazier.

    • Laffing Now

      LIke they say, Neurotics build castles in the sky while Psychotics live in them and feminists collect the rent.

    • karen straughan

      I will add to Seth Price’s comment below by saying that when first wavers won women “equal property rights” in marriage, they did nothing of the sort. They emancipated women’s property and income from the marriage (made it untouchable by the husband), yet his legal obligation to financially support her and provide her all the necessities of life remained intact.

      Women’s property in marriage became a case of “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is ours, honey.”

      This was the case even if the wife earned more than the husband, as in the case of Dr Elizabeth Wilkes and her schoolteacher husband Mark. Mark Wilkes was imprisoned for tax evasion in 1911 when his wife refused to pay her income taxes–an expense her husband could not afford after paying for the entire household out of his schoolteacher’s salary. Indeed, if she had paid her taxes out of her own income, she’d have had cause to sue him for reimbursement.

      Dr. Wilkes was an active suffragette, and encouraged other suffragettes, whom she claimed tended to be women of property and means, to follow suit (and advised that their husbands should be encouraged to cooperate and allow themselves to be imprisoned) as part of a “tax resistance” campaign, with the slogan “no vote, no tax”. Which is amusing, since the law at the time did not require married women to pay any taxes at all–the tax burden on their incomes and property belonged to their husbands.

      Mr. Wilkes was released early on humanitarian grounds, owing to his poor health, and died some months later.

      This, of course, was the reason women found it very difficult to take out loans or mortgages without male cosigners. Though women had the right to earn income and own property, as well as to take out contracts with any willing individual or institution, as with their tax burden, repayment of loans was not legally the responsibility of the woman, but that of her husband (or, if she had no husband, her son, brother or father).

      This state of affairs was the norm in NY state law from around 1870, and did not fully change until after the ERA was defeated. In fact, Phyllis Schlafly convinced many states to back out of ratification based on the fact that the ERA would force women to be responsible for their own financial support and repayment of their own debts, would equalize financial responsibility in marriage, and would potentially subject women to conscription, while granting them no legal rights they didn’t already have.

      Feminists have a very easy time convincing the state to give women rights, but are somehow less successful with the duties, even when they attempt to gain them (as with the ERA, or Christabel Pankhurst’s campaign for mandatory war work for women–a form of conscription).

      The duties and responsibilities, if they come at all, usually follow 50 to 100 years later as a result of case law and minute adjustments to statutes.

    • Darklight
    • Graham

      You’re confusing feminism with egalitarianism. Feminism=equality about as much as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea=democracy.

    • Lecram Hernández

      no they aren’t what is your problem? do you really see them treating males fairly and fighting for them? give me a break, Aidan, don’t believe all the lies the feminists tell you. Just because they sell it very well doesn’t mean it’s true. The are the cause of men and women’s problems nowadays, they have corrupted women and fooled many men like yourself

    • Muktarth

      So true feminism is actually equalism, but we call it by a queer name?

    • euronímusz
    • Aidan Harper

      3Edgy5Me pal, I do go out and represent.
      Get back in your shithole you peasant, trying to undermine a worthy cause.

    • Partridge

      Personal abuse is not a valid argument.

    • Joshua Tree

      Do you prefer the term Mangina or White Knight?

    • Aidan Harper

      My girlfriend calls me a white knight *sigh*
      That’ll do. :/

    • Joshua Tree

      Women aren’t into feminists man. Most of them know its bullshit, and it makes you weak in her eyes (and in the eyes of most other men). Just be yourself but don’t lower yourself fighting battles for psychotic victim mentality rude ass women. Trust me it pays off to act like a man in life, certainly no exception when it comes to dealing with women.

    • Aidan Harper

      Of course right, I should be a man and tell my girlfriend that she belongs in the kitchen. Tell her that she can’t do a scientific degree because that’s a man’s job, and while I’m at it I’ll tell her that if children ever become a thing in our lives she has to look after them, because men are the hunter gatherers and women stay at home and look after the children.
      You’re a neanderthal, Josh.

    • Joshua Tree

      Actually I’m about to be getting married in a few months, have a great relationship (neither of us are feminists of course so we avoid unnecessary drama). She’s a PHD, I’m a web developer. She makes a bit more than me. We share the cooking, etc etc. She also submits to me on certain important matters I know best, and I submit to her on other matters she can handle better.

      So yeah, your world is small Aidan, if you think there’s only two extremes of being a feminist (female chauvisnist) or male chauvinist. Somewhere in the middle is called being human.

    • Laffing Now

      Whatever happened to Cpt. Save a Hoe?

    • euronímusz

      u w1t m9

    • Paul Johnson

      “True” feminist shows his true colors. Way to represent.

    • kris

      That link is really the biggest issue with the article when you think about it. Unless one wants to say that Pao is afraid of a bunch of dickless spoiled children.

    • Minerverse

      “The word “feminism” has a misdirecting apparent female focus…”

      You can’t even see the irony can you. The female focus is in the damn word itself. Feminism has never been about equality. It has always been about seeking privileges for women without the reciprocal responsibilities.

    • Laffing Now

      “seeking privileges for women without the reciprocal responsibilities.” Correct, feminism does not seek Equality – it has always been about acquiring Power.

    • Eric Marsh

      That is the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.

    • Josh Lzk

      No it’s not. The definition of feminism is:

      “A social theory or political movement which argues that legal and social restrictions on women must be removed in order to bring about equality of both sexes in all aspects of public and private life.”

      Does that say anything about transferring those restrictions from females to males? No, it doesn’t. Therefore a feminist is someone who wants females to have the same rights as males, i.e. equal rights for both sexes.

      Now what do the “feminists” nowadays seek? They want women to have absolute dominance over men, and clearly have great hatred for men. That’s not feminism, that’s misandry – they merely claim to be feminists.

    • Alan Dunaway

      Feminism is better judged by the words and actions of those who describe themselves as such rather than the dictionary definition.

    • JW%

      Uh, I think Josh Lzk replied to the wrong post. It seems in reply to Aidan Harper, not Eric Marsh, despite how the line of replies goes.

    • Horatio Caine

      The point is that if a big (and loud) portion of the group associates with the group, then you have a PR problem. You can’t just define them away, you have to call out specific actions/people… which I guess is difficult if there’s no organized leadership.

    • Paul Johnson

      “Real” feminists never, ever call out those “unreal” feminists for their wrong doing. They ALWAYS just come to their defense, face the public, and engage in apologia for the movement as a whole.

    • Seax

      Feminism: Nothing less than equality for women, nothing more than equality for men.

    • Chester Field

      Now THAT is the funniest comment I have seen all month.

      SJWing and feminists are repugnant leftists. The vast majority of them are bullies. Rather than live and let live, it’s their way or the highway. They’ll boycott anything they don’t agree with. Anyone with Grade 8 education, with a little bit a research can see that feminism is hurting families and particularly boys. The number of statistics out there than are conveniently omitted because it doesn’t agree with feminist ideology is troubling. Lately all feminists do is talk about rape like it is some sort of epidemic. The 1 in 5 statistic has been debunked many times. Most of the public would be utterly shocked to know that more MEN are raped in the US than women. But how often do you hear feminists even mention male rape? Uniformed people like you just perpetuate their lies and ommissions. Do you hear even a whisper of this in the Ontario ads on TV about sexual violence? Male victims are pretty much left on their own. Compare the number of shelters for abused men vs. abused women. Oh that’s right, there are NONE for men.

    • Laffing Now

      “Lately all feminists do is talk about rape like it is some sort of epidemic.” Touché, they do this because it’s all they have Left. Their blatant lies, agit-prop and ends-justifies-the-means philosophy are being exposed daily.

    • Paul Johnson

      Nobody cares what the dictionary (or the institutional media, or public schools, of feminists) says feminism is. The non-feminist world judges feminism by its actions first, then by how its words align to those actions and intentions.

      Feminism is a violent cult of hatred, replete with original sin, orthodoxy, faith-based values, utopia, and weapons-grade propaganda.

      Feminists are known for sexual assault, arson, battery, theft, denial of movement, invasion of private space, and almost always without criminal prosecution.

    • Roland Strauss

      You didn’t read the small print. It sais, that women are oppressed by men as a class. That gives them the right to be sexiest and lash out without fear of repercussion. It’s psychopathy at its finest.

    • Partridge

      Ignore feminism’s ‘equality’ dictionary definition. If feminism was truly about equality, it would be called egalitarianism or some similar name. By their deeds ye shall know them.

    • chizwoz

      If it’s about equality for both sexes, why is it defined in terms of women? The label itself seems to predispose people to a female-centric view of things.
      If someone were to start a movement called “white rights” and say it’s about equality for all races, people would rightly be suspicious.

    • Estwald

      The use of the word “gender” to replace the word “sex” is an example of how radical feminists have influenced the dialogue. The term “sexual egalitarian” would be more appropriate.

    • chizwoz

      Yeah, you’re right there. I often forget and use them interchangeably. I do mean sex rather than gender equality.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      There is a saying…”Know them by their works”

      And BTW Feminazi as a word is insulting to Nazis. Nazis only wanted to kill 5% of the population. Feminazi’s are ten times worse

    • Laffing Now

      More specifically, Orders of Magnitude worse. Look up SCUM Manifesto and RadFem Hub for an eye-opening taste of what society these feminazis really want. Please note that it may challenge fragile belief systems.

    • John

      Hint: there are no ‘true feminists’.

    • Joshua Tree

      Why would I be a feminist? I’m not an anything-ist. Ideologies are for those who can’t think for themselves. Imagine if men demanded women identify as “masculinists”. Makes just about as much sense.

      Feminism never was about true equality but it’s true that originally it had a timely purpose. But it soon turned into bringing down men and destroying the nuclear family. Modern feminazis are going to keep pushing the hate envelope. Just be yourself, you were born into this world just like everyone else.

    • DestroyErase

      If your grief is with man-hating legbeards calling themselves Feminists, then unfortunately you’re a few decades late to the pick up. Feminist academics have been pulling stunts of this nature since the 70′s. The only reason you’re aware of them now is due to their growing legion of hipster iconoclasts. Feminism has been dead for years.

    • Paul Johnson

      For Christ’s sake, stop it with the sermon on feminism. Nobody buys that shit anymore.

      Feminism was crap from the declaration of sentiments in 1848.

      The only difference between first, second wave feminism and third-wave and post-modern feminism is that the first and second waves got some things right and had some good outcomes. But its intention was always to destroy the family unit by demonizing men as a demographic. And it was always built on lies.

    • dirtysteve

      Thing is the ‘No True Feminist’ notion is being horrifically abused as a defence too.

      They ARE Feminists, they support and make up the numbers for Feminism. They are only censured in the mildest terms, but very little is actually done to weed them out beyond the afore-mentioned label.

    • Laffing Now

      Agreed. Also, it’s a good idea not to capitalize the word “feminazis” because you generally capitalize proper nouns and feminazis aren’t a proper anything.

    • Dennis M

      Conspiracy means a bunch of people working together in secret. This is a bunch of people screaming down males victims separately in broad daylight. Very different. There’s nothing “tin foil hat” about seeing a pattern here.

    • towelgirl21

      They probably have a hive mind. Like bees, who have a queen… because bees have liberated themselves from the patriarchy! LOL

    • Eddie Smith

      Doesn’t stop that queen bee from living off the work of that “patriarchy” now does it. i wonder how well the queen would do if she had to do it by herself, build the hive, collect honey.

      In fact a bee colony is a great example of females living off the work of males, I’m not surprised and idiotic feminist would choose that example.

    • towelgirl21

      I looked up bees. Worker bees are female, out getting the pollen. The male bees (drones) are nothing but stinger-less breeding fodder that gather around the fatass queen to get her pregnant. That way, they can have a continuous supply of strong independent women bees who go out and do the work, and the male bees who are basically just buzzing dicks. Just like the “feminists” want the world to be like.

    • Eddie Smith

      That will teach me not to research. I suppose bees would be a bad example considering the Queen determines the gender of every egg she produces.
      I do know that I hate feminists though, lol!

    • towelgirl21

      I hadn’t looked up bees til after I said that, but the female chauvinists (better known as feminazis) are driving me nuts. I’ve become somewhat anti-feminist at this point.

    • Jack Strawb

      It’s also the case that they are very dangerous. “Affirmative consent” laws, which feminists have made clear they wish to bring into the mainstream of criminal jurisprudence, give female victims a special status for whom ordinary rules of evidence do not apply while turning males accused of sexual assault into a distinctly inferior class of criminal defendants for whom long time Constitutional due process protections also do not apply.

    • ThomasER916

      Equality is a lie. You’re a strong support of lying.

    • Paul Johnson

      Essentially, yes. Not that equality itself is a lie, but the notion of equality without being clear about what the equality is of and about is deceitful and can always be twisted to restrict people.

  • TylerDurden

    Anyone remember Digg?

  • reuvenavram

    Elaine Pao is a cunt.

    • Dennis M

      Someone should punch her in the face and say “Pow!”

  • David

    Modern feminism is about gaining privileges for women, not equality.

    • Jack Strawb

      True. It has become mere special interest advocacy. Can anyone cite even a single example of an area where women hold a clear advantage, and where women’s or feminist groups thereupon moved in the direction of equality for all concerned?

      Feminists for decades have been fighting against equality. NOW’s record of relentlessly fighting a default of shared parenting or joint custody in the event of divorce is only one, obvious example.

  • Draugo

    I recommend that people move from Reddit to Voat as soon as they get their servers in order. There has been an intense influx of assumed redditors who are jumping ship in the last days and the site was not prepared for that.

    • JW%


      I do hate this though, it feels a lot like just jumping ships to stay ahead of a rising tide.

  • KnxGuy MGY

    “modern feminism” this and “third wave feminism” that, ffs stop with that, its just FEMINISM . since inception its been like that… prohibition, the ban men in cafes, white feathers, NOW, UN women. all of them, censor, blame, ignore and oppress. its not a modern thing, its not a 3rd wave thing. its a feminism thing from the get go.

    • JW%

      I’m not exactly in disagreement there. It was a ban on coffee houses, not cafes, wasn’t it? The whole point being that men were getting together, talking and sharing their feelings, and the British women actively made a push to shame the King into banning such establishments by demonstrating that other nationalities of men, who were not drinking coffee, were more manly and better able to service their wives… was that the instance you were referring to, or were you thinking of a gender segregation thing where men are banned from womens only cafes? I hadn’t heard that point before and would be interested in knowing more.

      Still, I also think that NOW has had some good people rise out of it’s ranks, including it’s prestigious presidential slot. They’re currently censored and shamed and declared anti-feminists(or even MRAs or worse still Republicans), but I can’t say that the organization is entirely and completely wrong, just that it’s done(is doing, and will continue to do if things continue) some very wrong things(dismantling due process in law, focusing on victimization of women, etc) and not worthy of my support.

      Which means I do my best to remain diplomatic when dealing with people I don’t know who support Feminism. It’s entirely possible they’ve been exposed predominately to Feminists like Warren Farrell or Christian Sommers and don’t even know that people who pushed for equality between the sexes are officially “anti-feminist”. Hell, as much as I’ve seen it, I could see “anti-feminism” as yet another branch of Feminism, like SexNegative Feminism or InclusiveFeminism. It’s no less contradictory than some other branches(both those two branches have their own branches dedicated to contradicting them) of the ideology.

      If someone demonstrates the awareness that “modern feminism” and/or “third wave feminism” and/or “Social Justice Warrior Feminism” is harmful, then I prefer to encourage that awareness. It means that that person and I am in agreement on one point. It’s my job to gently allow that awareness to expand from the one point of enlightenment they’ve already reached.

  • phaidros52

    So, another female that made it into a CEO job by quote and pussy pass and not hindered by any knowledge.

  • Eddie Smith

    I am very curious to see the impacts of the “Hyper-Victim” ideology on future marriage rates and how this will affect America’s future.

    • JW%

      Given the already steady decline in such rates, I’m seeing marriage as an institution of the past for the majority of the citizenry in the future, should the trend continue.

      As for how this will have an effect on the nations future depends on numerous other factors, not all of which I have suitable knowledge to make any wide spread guesses on.

      The best I can tell is that there will be a bachelor tax instituted(likely under a different name, I could easily see it called a ‘fine’), with a continued increase in government control, size, and spending to maintain this new system. Relationships between diverse communities will worsen(as ‘othering’ becomes more and more enforced, likely in a backhanded manner of trying to increase diversity through measures that only increase discrimination) under this system so crime rates will probably stabilize(it has been going down), but abuses of power will continue with large spread caste riots breaking out with ever increasing frequency. Protests(such as the Occupy Wallstreet thing) will be subverted from the inside before they reach a critical mass to cause change and thus amount to no changes. This frustration will likely also lead to further violence and only add to the number of caste based riots.

      Likely this will eventually lead to a standing armed forces to be used against the citizenry. I’ve heard various theories on how this will come about, but most of them are too conspiratorial to seem likely in my mind. Still, I see more things like the Fergison riots happening in the future.

      I had a professor tell me that America was like a party of rich people, lounging in a posh limousine, dining on fine foods while outside the tinted starving people are looking in with envy and hatred. That someday there would be the first brick thrown at the window, and it should wake up the fat rich people there in to the world outside. Unfortunately from my perspective the metaphor is perhaps a little off. I’m not one of the party goers eating caviar inside the limousine, I’m one of the faces pressed against the glass who can see but not reach the 1%ers wealth(nor can I get away from the slowly rolling car that might run over me, at least not without pushing back against my brothers and sisters), and the first couple of bricks thrown from the truly outraged are going to hit my head before they break any windows.

  • FunnyFaceKing

    It’s not really oniony.

  • Charlie Red

    Pao is a bane to our society. Using her position as a political platform to push her anti-freedom of speech agenda.

  • TheGeneral

    thats why i pointed out how feminists stop and hurt men constantly and victims in general

  • Adam Gulledge

    So Pao’s being discriminatory in hiring, salary negotiation, and site moderation. Figures.

    Makes one wish there were a set of rules built into Reddit itself to reel in petty dictators like her, and their actions towards the site.

  • FunnyFaceKing

    The title is not oniony, at all. You also do write for a tabloid. There are rules in that subreddit. Ellen Pao is not a moderator there. I’ve had lots of things removed from there. Stop being butthurt. Your victim mentality is showing.

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