Band Teacher Sees Footage Get Leaked, Forced to Face the Music

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A band teacher in Kent, Ohio identified as Kristin Sundman has been forced to quit after videos were discovered on the internet of her in compromising situations. Once the Roosevelt High School instructor’s secret life came to light, she was either going to have to resign or get fired — and she decided to pull the plug herself.

If you want to see why Kristin Sundman didn’t have any other options, see the naked footage in the album below. At the end of the gallery, click on the link in order to view the video in its entirety. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

The 31-year-old was initially placed on paid leave. While thinking about it this weekend, she decided to send in her resignation letter. While it’s unfortunate that she lost her day job, it’s very safe to state that she has a bright career in front of the camera. She’s a natural performer and will make much more money in her new full-time industry.

Without further delay, here are the pics and film you’ve been waiting for:



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      because of his age , it is elephant nose and peanuts !!!

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    maybe they should be better paid as teachers?

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    i dont see a vid…and the pics are blurred. Perhaps I’m missing something

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