Soldier Asked To Leave Chicago Restaurant Over Service Dog

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PTSD affects many soldiers. Through therapy, veterans can get help to lessen the effects, but one amazing method of recovery is through the use of service dogs.

A service dog accompanies the vet everywhere, even where dogs are typically not allowed, thanks to the Americans With Disabilities Act. This includes restaurants. However, Major Diggs Brown from Fort Collins Colorado was told to leave when he brought his service dog with him into a Chicago restaurant. And though he informed the waitress that he was well within legal bounds, the waitress continued to pester him until he was force to leave.

Major Diggs Brown and service dog
Source: Major Brown via CBS Chicago

He returned to Fort Collins and posted about his experience on Facebook, where it then went viral.

Thankfully, when the restaurant had heard of Major Brown‘s complaints against the establishment, they responded by not only apologizing vehemently for the incident, but have said they will donate to Puppies Behind Bars.

Vet with service dog
Source: Facebook

“They’ve stepped up to the plate and they are going to make some changes at the restaurant so I’m happy in my mind that it is resolved,” says Brown.

Major Brown also says he holds nothing against the waitress who forced him out, and hopes that she isn’t fired, only further educated to make sure this kind of occurrence doesn’t happen again.

Indeed, education on the law should be very common knowledge for any establishment. A service dog to those who use them are the equivalent of a right hand. Their importance cannot be understated. Hopefully this incident, and Major Brown’s actions, will raise awareness.

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